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The Gold Coast
John Sutter is a lawyer living off of his wife's family fortune on the Gold Coast of Long Island. These people and their friends are snobs. John is a...more
Nov 2008
Jan 25, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii. 1890. Rachel is seven years old. She lives with her mother, father, sister and two brothers. She goes to school. She plays jokes on...more
Jun 06, 2008
May 17, 2008
Like Water for Chocolate
The tradition in Tita’s family is to keep the youngest daughter unmarried so she can care for her mother until she dies. Tita is the youngest daughter...more
Apr 07, 2008
Apr 06, 2008
Plum Lucky (Stephanie Plum, #13.5)
I’ve already said this… I am not a fan of these In-Between Novellas. They simply don’t fit. It almost feel like the author said “Let me write a little...more
Aug 2008
Aug 01, 2008
The 39 Steps (Richard Hannay, #1)
I gave this one a try. I got about a third into it, and just completely lost interest.

A young man in search of adventure and excitement is approached...more
not set
May 05, 2008
To the Nines (Stephanie Plum, #9)
In the ninth book of the series, Stephanie Plum is after Samuel Singh, a Indian man living and working in Jersey on a visa bond. He seems to have gone...more
Jun 2008
Jun 01, 2008
The Gargoyle
When the narrator finds himself in the hospital’s burn unit, after a terrible car accident, he is convinced his life is over. While he should be hopin...more
Oct 25, 2008
Sep 19, 2008
Lulu in Marrakech
Lulu (not her real name) is flying to Marrakech to work on literacy programs (not her real mission), where she will be staying with the English lover...more
Oct 12, 2008
Sep 24, 2008
Four to Score (Stephanie Plum, #4)
Imagine finding yourself burnt, or getting beat up or even shot at! All of this comes with Stephanie Plum’s job’s territory. It’s occupational hazard....more
May 06, 2008
May 05, 2008
Diary of a Radical Mermaid (Waterlilies, #2)
69: Diary of a Radical Mermaid by Deborah Smith

I won this book through GoodReads giveaways. So… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, GOODREADS!

In the se...more
Oct 13, 2008
Oct 01, 2008
Eleven on Top (Stephanie Plum, #11)
There is only so much a girl can take. And this girl has had enough! Enough of chasing bad guys, wrestling them to the ground, having them shoot at he...more
Jun 11, 2008
Jun 12, 2008
Twelve Sharp (Stephanie Plum, #12)
A crazy woman is looking for Stephanie Plum, Ms. Bounty Hunter and every auto insurance company's nightmare. When they come face to face, the woman pu...more
Jun 22, 2008
Jun 22, 2008
The Lion (John Corey, #5)
I have been waiting for this new installment in the John Corey series. Definitely worth the wait. I can't get enough of this main character. He is jus...more
not set
Dec 13, 2010
The White Tiger
An Indian entrepreneur writes a letter to the Chinese Prime Minister, as the latter has announced a visit to India. This young Indian man, the White T...more
Dec 2008
Jan 25, 2009
High Five (Stephanie Plum, #5)
I'm totally hooked!

Stephanie Plum does it again. Bounty hunting is a little slow at the moment. The only FTA available is a midget armed with a knife...more
May 10, 2008
May 06, 2008
The Tenth Circle
Not as good as Jodi Picoult's other books. Still enjoyable though.

When Trixie's boyfriend breaks up with her, her world falls apart. She becomes depr...more
Oct 2008
Oct 28, 2008
Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells, #1)
For anyone who ever wondered what would have happened to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson had they told their record label they no longer wanted to sing the...more
Sep 20, 2008
Sep 22, 2008
Rollergirl: Totally True Tales from the Track
Roller Derby, as seen and described by Melicious! Wow did I get into this book. Each bout was so exciting (and well written), I felt I was there and e...more
Mar 03, 2008
Mar 03, 2008
Alice at Heart (Waterlilies, #1)
Alice grew up different. She feels more at home under water, than on land. She can swim for long periods of time. The cold temperatures of an icy wint...more
Oct 05, 2008
Oct 01, 2008
Eclipse (Twilight, #3)
Bella has made up her mind... She'll join Edward's family and become a vampire after graduation. If she makes it until then. Victoria is still after h...more
Jun 28, 2008
Jun 06, 2008
Crazy Wild (Steele Street, #3)
Creed has just returned from a mission in South America. This mission was very personal, and not easy to recoup from. He’s become the SDF’s jungle boy...more
Jul 21, 2008
Jul 23, 2008
Crazy Kisses (Steele Street, #4)
Kid Chaos is finishing up his mission in South America. He’s been gone for seven months. Before heading back to Steele Street, he needs some R&R i...more
Jul 25, 2008
Jul 29, 2008
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
When Bella moves to Washington State to live with her father, she is not expecting much. She dreads being the new kid at the local high school. She qu...more
Jun 14, 2008
Jun 06, 2008
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Prendick finds himself on a small island in the Pacific. This island is deserted, except for Dr. Moreau, his assistant Montgomery (who saved Prendick’...more
Apr 04, 2008
Apr 04, 2008
Crazy Cool (Steele Street, #2)
The next installment in the Steele Street series. Still sexy and dangerous…

This time around, Hawkins finds himself face to face with Lady Luck, Lady B...more
Jul 18, 2008
Jul 15, 2008
Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously
Julie is almost 30, works a dead end secretarial job she does not like, and lives in a dirty apartment. She decides to challenge herself and cook all...more
Mar 23, 2008
Mar 18, 2008
Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, #2)
The second installment in the life of Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter extraordinaire. This time around, she is going after Joe Morelli’s cousin, Kenny M...more
Apr 18, 2008
Apr 15, 2008
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time
Greg Mortensen, an avid mountaineer, makes a 'wrong' turn after a failed attempt at climbing K2. This 'wrong' turn ends up being the best thing that e...more
Feb 25, 2008
Feb 21, 2008
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Did I miss something? This book is on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list. I don’t know why. I obviously didn’t get it.

In a few words… D...more
Apr 23, 2008
Apr 23, 2008
Oscar Season
Oscar season in LA's trendy Pinnacle hotel is busy and intense. Juliette is an important member of the hotel, working closely with the handsome GM. Bu...more
May 30, 2008
Mar 27, 2008
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