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Other People's Shit
Well, this one takes rather a strong stomach--but it's totally worth it. I don't know if C.V. Hunt has done time in retail but judging by her descript ...more
Nov 07, 2014
Oct 03, 2014
Amazing. The best way I can describe C.V. Hunt's books so far is that they are like those amazing chocolate espresso beans or a small piece of extreme ...more
Nov 04, 2014
Oct 03, 2014
Double Dexter (Dexter, #6)
Probably the weakest of the Dexter novels for me--I adore them, devour them like candy and I love their cleverness and wit. I have read them all and t ...more
Feb 20, 2012
Sep 03, 2011
Baby Hater
Amazing. My first comments after that will be this--you need a good sense of irony and humor to really get this book. This is my first C.V. Hunt book, ...more
Nov 04, 2014
Oct 03, 2014
Creep House: Horror Stories
Excellent. I am a fan of Prunty's work in general and when I saw the cover of this one in my Goodreads newsletter I was super excited--not only is it ...more
Oct 13, 2014
Sep 30, 2014
Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)
Well, not that it is unusual for me to stay up until 4:30 am reading just because I don't sleep, but I did stay up til 4:30 to finish this book. As is ...more
Apr 11, 2013
Apr 10, 2013
True Grit
Exceptionally good--well written, involving--extremely quick paced. The character of Mattie Ross is much more fleshed out as a person--and honestly th ...more
Aug 04, 2011
Jul 24, 2011
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Well, I have to say this is the first review I have written where I really, really wanted to get it right. To describe this book and how it made me fe ...more
Jan 20, 2012
Jan 19, 2012
Elephants Can Remember (Hercule Poirot, #37)
Fantastic as always. I've decided to collect all of Agatha's books recently so I am reading and checking them off as I go. I have about 10 or 12 in my ...more
Dec 11, 2014
Jul 24, 2011
Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)
I enjoyed this volume quite a bit more than the first one, though I did not adjust the star ratings because I believe that is mostly due to the fact t ...more
Apr 10, 2013
Apr 10, 2013
Red Harvest
Another success! Dashiell Hammett's Continental Op to the rescue once again! This time, the Op is cleaning up a mining town called Personville (aka Po ...more
May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012
Despite owning this and most of Kerouac's other work, I am still working my way through everything. This book had been on my shelves for years and on ...more
Jun 09, 2013
Jun 07, 2013
Krampus: The Yule Lord
Utterly enthralling. One of the best accidents I have ever had in my life. While going through the yearly book orgy that comes with a gift card from B ...more
Dec 29, 2013
Dec 26, 2013
Ham on Rye
I have never wanted to give someone a hug so bad. This was my first Bukowski novel, and it's incredible. I loved his poetry and of course this caused ...more
Apr 26, 2013
Apr 23, 2013
The Other
Fantastic book. I love Thomas Tryon's work so much. It's very interesting how it varies both in subject and style. I am particularly fond of the Gothi ...more
Jan 10, 2013
Jan 07, 2013
Third Girl (Hercule Poirot, #35)
Spectacular. I think this might be one of my favorite Agatha Christie books ever (well, so far :). The plot was so interesting and so convoluted (in a ...more
Dec 19, 2014
Dec 14, 2014
Farewell, My Lovely
Well, I am a lover of noir film. A big lover of noir film. I love everything about it and one of my favorite things is the language. Despite this, I h ...more
Feb 09, 2012
Feb 03, 2012
The Italian Secretary: A Further Adventure of Sherlock Holmes
I picked this up in paperback at the thrift store recently (our thrift has a huge book selection and is dirt cheap). I enjoyed The Alienist a lot and ...more
Mar 28, 2013
Mar 18, 2013
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter / The Member of the Wedding
As I so often do, I became quite obsessed with Carson McCullers on a bit of a whim--in some ways--having worked at a used bookstore for 12 years I sav ...more
Dec 17, 2012
Dec 07, 2012
The Killer Inside Me
Excellent addition to my current noir novel obsession. Interestingly, as happens so often with me as I am such a huge movie fan, I read this novel aft ...more
Apr 05, 2012
Mar 25, 2012
Pop. 1280 (Crime Masterworks)
So this was my second Jim Thompson in almost as many days---I enjoyed this book===like the first I read, The Killer Inside Me, it has a unique and eas ...more
Apr 06, 2012
Mar 25, 2012
The Haunted Life: and Other Writings
I was super excited when I found this in the library--it's not every day you come across "new" work by Kerouac. The book is a collection of sketches, ...more
Jun 04, 2014
May 21, 2014
Satanic Summer
Ah, Mr. one understands living in the midwest like you do...I am fortunate enough to have a stack of Andersen Prunty's amazing books just ...more
Nov 28, 2014
Nov 11, 2014
Well, this book is probably the biggest reason Bukowski is considered a misogynist and women hater. I finished the book last night and immediately che ...more
May 08, 2013
Apr 23, 2013

A dear friend loaned me this book with the caveat that I would want to read it all in one sitting. That is very true
Mar 13, 2011
Feb 17, 2011
The Long Goodbye
Another beauty--I am a completely infatuated Chandler fan. This particular one was so excellent--not just for the gorgeous language, but a fantastical ...more
Mar 21, 2012
Feb 26, 2012
True Confessions
This novel was the definition of the phrase "slow burn" was definitely a bit slow in the beginning--mainly trying to get all the lingo down. I ...more
Jul 20, 2011
Jul 11, 2011
Utterly and beautifully charming. I will truly miss reading this lovely book. I am a huge Thomas Tryon fan. I did not ever think I would be--I remembe ...more
Jan 24, 2014
Dec 29, 2013
A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories
This is my first Flannery O'Connor read, and I have to admit I went into it pretty much blind. I am familiar with her name and her status, but unlike ...more
Mar 20, 2013
Mar 14, 2013
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Once again, I am on the outside when it comes to popular books. The boyfriend read this series quite some time ago and I was only sort of interested-- ...more
Apr 07, 2013
Mar 30, 2013
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