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Journey to the End of the Night
Where to start? Probably at the beginning. The edition I picked is not the one I read (mine was in Dutch), but it WAS the edition that got me to readi...more
Jan 2001
Jul 06, 2008
Tintin au Tibet (Tintin, #20)
A wonderfully gripping story about friendship and love. That is the simplest and best description I can come up with, even though zillions of books fi...more
Sep 19, 2009
Sep 18, 2009
Der Zauberberg
So, I finally finished Der Zauberberg. And even though it took me over a year, with many stops and reading other books in between, it was a wonderful,...more
Aug 21, 2009
Aug 01, 2008
Survival in Auschwitz
I read this as preparation for a visit to Auschwitz. Both the book and the visit affected me in a very profound way; they enhanced eachother, so to sp...more
Jul 2005
Feb 19, 2008
По дороге к концу
I only read Nader tot U, the other one, Op weg naar het einde, is still just sitting on the shelf (as so many are...). But it just blew me away. It's...more
Jan 2006
Feb 19, 2008
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
Awesome :)

Ah what a moving ending... And what a story! Plus the details Mitchell puts in are just amazing. At times his style was a bit too obvious f...more
Jul 17, 2011
Jul 09, 2011
Great and fun fantasy story that I really liked, and I'm usually not into stuff like this. But what made me like it was the blending of reality and fa...more
Jan 2003
Jul 03, 2008
Een tijdje later
Dit boek, gepubliceerd ihkv de Kinderboekenweek van 1984, heb ik ergens rond mijn tiende gelezen. Het centrale thema - een geheimzinnige schuur brengt...more
Jan 1990
Dec 28, 2008
Dreams Of Rivers And Seas. By Tim Parks
This book got me hooked from page one, and kept me going like that till the end. It has a pace and a believability I always look for in a book. As the...more
Jan 02, 2009
Dec 15, 2008
In Harm's Way
Thought-provoking account of a war time correspondent. The writing itself is not very special, sometimes even a bit hard to get through, but some of t...more
Dec 28, 2009
Dec 17, 2009
De Doden Zijn Niet Dood: Rwanda, Een Ooggetuigenverslag (Dutch Edition)
Net niet helemaal uitgelezen, maar vooruit. Schokkende taferelen worden afgewisseld met soms verwarrende passages over wie wat deed, althans ik merkte...more
Jan 18, 2010
Dec 17, 2009
Die Erzählungen und andere ausgewählte Prosa
(Actually I am reading a different (and shorter) collection, called Erzählungen und kleine Prosa, the first volume of Gesammelte Schriften, published...more
Oct 08, 2008
Oct 03, 2008
Tintin en Amérique (Tintin, #3 )
Love the drawing style, early Tintin is not as gorgeous as the later ones but I like how you can see the development. It is nostalgic and yet still st...more
Sep 18, 2009
Sep 18, 2009
The Complete Poems
I first got in touch with the poetry of Anne Sexton by a Dutch television program called Dode Dichters Almanak: short clips of deceased poets performi...more
Jan 2002
Jul 06, 2008
Written on the Body
My favourite Jeanette Winterson book - and also Brian's, the singer of punk/metal-heroes Catharsis (r.i.p.), favourite one. It's just this really hear...more
Jan 2002
Feb 18, 2008
Nog nooit zo snel een boek uitgelezen (anderhalf uur?). Af en toe moest ik stoppen met lezen en mijn ogen sluiten in pure verrukking over een magnifie...more
Oct 31, 2008
Oct 31, 2008
I expected to really like this book, because of its subject matter, but it turned out it had a will of its own. People complain that this book is writ...more
Apr 2008
Apr 27, 2008
The Portable Dante
What I learned from this book is that I need to read it again! Actually, I "only" read The Divine Comedy, and just bits and pieces of the rest. But go...more
Jul 2006
Jul 05, 2008
100 Selected Poems
Cummings acted like an alchemist of language, truly a master of his craft, not simply adapting ideas to words but re-shaping language to breathe life...more
Jun 21, 2009
Jun 21, 2009
Selected Poems 1956-1968
Found this for 8 euros at a second hand bookshop! It's 40 years old and pretty torn but has a really fancy '60s style cover, that Goodreads unfortunat...more
Aug 14, 2009
Jul 05, 2009
Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (Tintin, #1)
This must be the craziest Tintin story of them all, with so many unbelievable escapes and coincidences, and Tintin (and Milou) actually showing someth...more
Sep 18, 2009
Sep 18, 2009
Miracles Of Life: Shanghai To Shepperton: An Autobiography
Very entertaining read, a book that touches on a very wide range of subjects, like growing up in a war and the workings of the modern literary and art...more
Sep 28, 2009
May 02, 2009
The Waves
The Waves, even though it fits into the rest of the books by Virginia Woolf, stands on its own and therefore I guess you;d have to give it either 1 or...more
not set
Jul 01, 2008
Poems Selected by Himself
Some of these poems are stunning, but some hardly keep my attention. I always have to convince myself of why I kept this book all along and end up sav...more
Jan 2003
Sep 24, 2009
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)
The first thriller I ever read, and what an experience. I started reading it on a 9 hour flight (I had bought it mainly for that purpose) and the firs...more
May 14, 2010
May 03, 2010
Coke en stock (fac similé)
A rapid, adventurous tale with a good dose of humour thrown in. Not sure I understood it all the way, but enough to keep me going without any problems...more
Sep 14, 2009
Sep 18, 2009
At Swim, Two Boys
July 30: Haven't finished it yet, but already I give this 5 stars just for the goosebumps I got half an hour ago from reading the ending of chapter 17...more
Jul 30, 2008
Jul 05, 2008
Heads On and We Shoot: The Making of Where the Wild Things Are
I haven't seen the movie yet (it opens in the Netherlands on January 14) but this book is just as much fun on its own. It has absolutely gorgeous pict...more
Nov 26, 2009
Nov 26, 2009
A Passage to India
A gripping story that takes its time, and explores each character like the landscape of India. The narrative is from a detached point of view, so you'...more
Jan 2007
Jul 01, 2008
Cloud Atlas
Astonishing work, putting six novels into one and managing to tie them together by theme. Every part has its own distinctive voice and style. The dete...more
Jan 2004
Jul 04, 2008
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