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Clarity (Clarity, #1)
A decent entry in the YA paranormal genre. Clarity, or Clare as she is known, comes from a family of psychics. Her parents lived and grew up in a psyc...more
Jun 02, 2012
Jan 08, 2012
The Ice Limit
Another read through of the great Preston/Child novel (earlier in their careers), Ice Limit. A rousing adventure of Cape Horn, just north of the roari...more
Jun 27, 2012
Oct 07, 2011
Deep Storm
Lincoln Child is of course part of the writing team of Preston/Child, who wrote the Pendergast series, including Relic and Cabinet of Curiousities, bu...more
Jun 24, 2012
Oct 07, 2011
A great book - set all over, it still retains some of the flavor of it's Scottish writer and character. It involves some old research at Los Alamos an...more
Oct 12, 2011
Oct 11, 2011
Scarecrow Returns
Once again Matt Reilly delivers a seat-of-your-pants thriller. A laugh out-loud at the sheer glorious outlandishness of it all. The third I believe in...more
Mar 28, 2012
Mar 26, 2012
Virtual Destruction
Not really SF, more thriller, it involves a group of people working on VR at LLNL. There is the usual assortment of characters, and various plot lines...more
Dec 26, 2011
Dec 21, 2011
Primeval (Event Group Adventure, #5)
This was another great one in the Event Group series. Taking place in the wilds of British Columbia, he combines a "natural" myth from that area, alon...more
Dec 2011
Nov 28, 2011
Variant (Variant, #1)
An interesting book about a young foster kid who apples for a prestigious boarding school's scholarship and gets it A little glossed over as to how he...more
Jan 16, 2012
Jan 15, 2012
Ghost Country (Travis Chase, #2)
Well, this is one of the most inventive books I have read in a long time. As James Rollins put it : Brilliant!, and uses words like awe, and inspiring...more
Sep 27, 2011
Sep 26, 2011
Silent Thunder
Another outing for this mother-son duo - this time about a submarine. The brother and sister are hired to do an overhaul on the sub, making sure that...more
Jan 2011
Sep 09, 2011
Everfree (Idlewild, #3)
Last book in the Idlewild trilogy. This book focused on the core group of post-humans, somewhat on a few on their children, and the communities of pop...more
Oct 22, 2011
Oct 21, 2011
Threshold (Chess Team Adventure, #3)
Great addition to the Chess team. This one brought in new characters, new emotions and deeper backstories, and ranged all over the world, including br...more
Sep 20, 2011
Sep 18, 2011
Havoc (Philip Mercer, #7)
It was a great story, one of his best. Rousing Mercer and Co. adventure, and people you really care about. He has a nice way of delineating his charac...more
Sep 18, 2011
Sep 16, 2011
Earthquake Games (Eileen Reed, #2)
Another great book -I read the first one in te series over 10 years ago, so i didn't recall it, but this was a good, old-fashioned thriller, with abou...more
Jan 26, 2012
Jan 23, 2012
Cold Vengeance (Pendergast, #11)
decent entry in the trilogy started by Fever Dream - a look, actually a large crack into the protective shell surrounding Pendergast. From the cool,...more
Aug 27, 2011
Aug 26, 2011
I enjoyed this genetic experiment gone awry book. It's cast of characters weren't the typical good guys, evil scientist, and megamastermind, but a gro...more
Sep 21, 2011
Sep 20, 2011
The Vault (Tyler Locke, #2)
Nice easy thriller book - based on the King Midas legend. Very nicely blends fact with fiction, and myth with truth. Lots of action, across Europe and...more
Oct 18, 2011
Oct 16, 2011
I might have read this book a number of years ago,since I was able to predict certain scenes, although maybe I just read too many thrillers? Anyway, t...more
Oct 16, 2011
Oct 12, 2011
Pandora's Curse (Philip Mercer #4)
Nice entry in the Philip Mercer series, although this one takes place on the high seas, and you miss the supporting cast, although one of his later fr...more
Sep 26, 2011
Sep 23, 2011
The Last Ember
Finished this book at 3:30am. I told myself I wouldn't do it - stay up that late, but the book kept drawing me in. Every night, I stay up late, trying...more
Nov 14, 2011
Nov 10, 2011
Tremor (John Taft, #2)
Dirgo has written on the Oregon Files with Clive Cussler, so he comes from a solid thriller/adventure background. This one involved some little known...more
Dec 19, 2011
Dec 17, 2011
The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, #3)
Another great Fargo adventure with the husband and wife team this time spending much of their time in Nepal. Fascinating setting, a great historical m...more
Oct 24, 2011
Oct 23, 2011
The Furies
Another good read by Napier, this one dealing with a secret bio-weapons program the Nazis were working on. Using real history, extrapolating for the n...more
Nov 20, 2011
Nov 16, 2011
Great story -about urban explorers, or "creepers," who explore, illegally, abandoned buildings, tunnels, hospitals, just about any structure or maze t...more
Aug 2011
Aug 27, 2011
Patient Zero (Joe Ledger, #1)
This is the first "Joe Ledger" books, a special forces guy with a large skill set, sent to work for a shadowy organization called the Dept. of Militra...more
Jan 29, 2012
Jan 26, 2012
The Games
This was a really good book - reminded me in a way of Masello's The Bestiary. The basic premise is that a group of scientists, in the near future, are...more
Aug 02, 2012
Aug 30, 2012
This is an enjoyable thriller - a little different from her Eve Duncan series. In this one, a new character is brought to life - Emily Hudson, a UN ar...more
Jan 03, 2013
Jan 15, 2013
Fire and Ice
A solid thriller about a man and his doctor wife who sailed the south China seas on their small yacht with their daughter, stopping at al the local is...more
Aug 15, 2012
Aug 13, 2012
Kill Decision
This is an explosive novel. Like his two previous novels, Suarez takes onto the cutting edge of technology and gives you a what-if scenario. Starting...more
Jul 31, 2012
Jul 27, 2012
Freedom™ (Daemon, #2)
Amazing finish to Suarez's Daemon. The first book set up the architecture of the game and society, while the second book dealt with questions on wheth...more
Oct 27, 2011
Oct 24, 2011
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