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The Broken Shore
When I finished this novel I realized two things: first, that I'd just read something outstanding and second, that (as it says on the dustjacket blurb ...more
Sep 29, 2010
Sep 29, 2010
Midwinter Sacrifice
A solid 3.5 opener of a mystery series.

If you'd like a longer review, click on through; otherwise, here's a brief look.

While some of the plot was ea
Dec 08, 2011
Nov 05, 2011
The Dark Winter (Aector McAvoy, #1)
not quite 4 stars -- like 3.5, but only because I felt the epilogue in this novel was so not necessary. The rest of the novel, for the most part, was ...more
Nov 03, 2012
Nov 03, 2012
The Last Policeman (The Last Policeman, #1)
for a longer look at the first two books in this series, and the series in general, click here; if you're content with a brief look, keep reading.

Jul 2013
Jul 24, 2013
The Beast (Grens & Sundkvist #1)
Oh dear god. This may be one of the most graphic crime novels I've ever read, and one of the most unsettling books as well. I read a lot, and this one ...more
Mar 08, 2010
Mar 08, 2010
The Quiet American
The Quiet American is a somewhat metaphorical novel which should be read in the context of the political scene in Vietnam before 1954. At the time in ...more
Apr 11, 2010
Apr 11, 2010
Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America
a much longer version of what I think about this book can be found here. Here's the uber-short version:

Ms. Leovy reveals in her book that African-Ame
Feb 21, 2015
Feb 16, 2015
Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny
read 2/04/2004

If you are planning on reading this, let me give you a heads up. What's between the covers of this book is NOT for the squeamish...I tho
Feb 02, 2004
Jun 12, 2009
The Good Spy: The Life and Death of Robert Ames
Since I'm into history and the publisher mailed me this book a while back, I've just finished Pulitzer-prize winner Kai Bird's The Good Spy: The Life ...more
Jun 15, 2014
Mar 18, 2014
The Woman in Black
like a 3.8 rounded up.

I am surprised at a number of reader reviews here, but I guess as with everything else, my life motto à chacun à son goût appli
Oct 2014
Feb 12, 2008
The Collected Ghost Stories of E.F. Benson
The blurb on the back of my copy of this book states that this edition is "one book that no fan of Benson or of good storytelling can afford to miss." ...more
Feb 2013
Feb 13, 2013
Cell 8
I do hate the inflexible star-rating procedure here ... I would give this book a 3.75 (like it, didn't love it) but here it's a 4. And this is the sho ...more
Oct 05, 2011
Sep 26, 2011
Involuntary Witness
Involuntary Witness is the first novel in Carofiglio's series featuring attorney Guido Guerrieri. Currently there are four books -- this one, A Walk i ...more
Feb 12, 2012
Feb 12, 2012
He Wanted the Moon: The Madness and Medical Genius of Dr. Perry Baird, and His Daughter's Quest to Know Him
3.5 stars
out in February

If anyone in the US would like my arc of this book, just leave a comment and I'll send it to you.

[my thanks to LibraryThing a
Jan 15, 2015
Dec 22, 2014
Dead Girl Walking
I will just say up front that I do not particularly like thriller novels, but the story in this one kept me reading.

Starting the story of the main ch
May 08, 2015
Feb 06, 2015
Andrew's Brain

Let me just say at the beginning here that I loved this book, but I didn't realize how much I liked it until it was over. Add this one to your list of
Jan 28, 2014
Jan 25, 2014
Our Lady Of Pain
While I hate and detest star ratings because what a particular number means to me may not mean the same to anyone else, for my own purposes I'll give ...more
Nov 28, 2014
Oct 05, 2014
The Anatomy of a Moment: Thirty-Five Minutes in History and Imagination
Jorge Luis Borges once wrote that "every destiny, however long and complicated, essentially boils down to a single moment -- the moment a man knows, ...more
Mar 31, 2011
Mar 31, 2011
The Leopard
It is just a crying shame that this novel is not going to be available in the U.S. right away, because really, American readers of Jo Nesbø are missin ...more
May 21, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
Holy Orders (Quirke #6)
4.5 stars

Thanks to Librarything's early reviewers' program, I received a copy of this book from the publisher -- my many thanks to LT and Henry Holt.

Aug 21, 2013
Aug 20, 2013
The Engagement
for the longer version (which I mistakenly just left long here earlier - my apologies), you can go here; otherwise, read on.

The murder of a call gir
Apr 06, 2015
Mar 30, 2015
There's a subtle elegance to this particular story, considering it's a novel of crime fiction. There are no raging maniacs with axes hanging about, no ...more
Apr 27, 2010
Apr 27, 2010
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (Serpent's Tail Classics)
Most definitely a no-miss book, despite the fact that it was written in the 1930s. They Shoot Horses, Don't They is short (only 127 pages) but incred ...more
Jan 04, 2013
Nov 20, 2012
The Light Between Oceans
I'm passing on giving this book a star rating -- I think I am not its perfect or even its intended audience. Lately I've been such a nattering nabob o ...more
Dec 12, 2012
Dec 06, 2012
The Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir
I seemed to have enjoyed this book much more than a number of readers did; a 3.75 rating rounded to a 4. Some people see it as "whiny," and one Amazo ...more
Nov 19, 2012
Nov 19, 2012
The Feast of the Goat
A simply stellar novel of which the author states the following:

"It's a novel, not a history book, so I took many, many liberties. The only limitation
Jan 14, 2013
Feb 12, 2008
Gould's Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish
The writing in this book is sheer genius; I don't care what anyone says...I absolutely loved this book. It might be off-putting for a lot of people... ...more
not set
Feb 12, 2008
Oscar and Lucinda
no spoilers; just synopsis

a) don't see the movie unless you read the book...something gets really lost between the two

b)Excellent, simply excellent!!!
May 2006
Feb 12, 2008
Detroit: An American Autopsy
Detroit: An American Autopsy is a combination of gritty reportage and personal memories punctuated with a vein of dark humor that tells the author's s ...more
Feb 25, 2013
Feb 16, 2013
The Snack Thief (Inspector Montalbano, #3)
As I work my way through this series, Andrea Camilleri is quickly becoming one of my favorite crime fiction authors, and Salvo Montalbano one of my fa ...more
Jun 2011
Jun 03, 2011