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The Waste Land
i think this might make me an anti-intellectual, but i enjoyed this poem so much more when i read this outside of the classroom and infused it with my ...more
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Feb 16, 2008
Valley of Silence (Circle Trilogy, #3)
I avoided this trilogy for more than a year because I thought that they sounded terrible, and I was annoyed at Nora for jumping on the vampire bandwag ...more
Oct 2008
Nov 03, 2008
what to say about this book. i picked it up with shelly at random at daltons in the valley which was closing down and having a crazy sale.
i thought a
Jan 2007
Mar 25, 2008
a fascinating, disturbing read. the ending is a complete shock and surprise. i was fully immersed in the story as a science fiction work and then was ...more
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Apr 04, 2008
On Beauty
**spoiler alert** While i think she is a brilliant author objectively, the subjective experience of reading the story of a marriage falling apart was ...more
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Aug 03, 2008
I am super disturbed that a YA book would close with a high-achieving student who has worked her whole life to get into stanford, choosing to forego t ...more
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Jul 01, 2013
Poetry and Prose (Library of America)
This work has a lot more of Whitman than one is traditionally exposed to in high school. There are poems about masturbation, about homosexuality, abou ...more
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Feb 10, 2008
Predatory Game (GhostWalkers, #6)
the worst of the ghost walkers series so far, which means that the series that started with so much promise is probably just going to continue making ...more
Mar 14, 2008
Mar 17, 2008
Mackenzie's Mountain (Mackenzie Family, #1)
infinitely re-readable. the first of the mackenzie books and arguably the best. howard takes trashy romance to a new level - bringing in real emotion, ...more
not set
Mar 11, 2008
The Elvenbane (Halfblood Chronicles, #1)
convincingly created a whole new world for the reader with a complicated hierarchy and fascinating gender dynamics. sexy, traumatic, enchanting, and m ...more
Jan 1997
Mar 06, 2008
The Final Solution
after his epics, a 100 page chabon was a relief. i was dreading the read cuz of the audacious title, but enjoyed the book. it was too short and too de ...more
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Jan 02, 2009
The Book of Lost Things
**spoiler alert** i loved the cover and the title. the book itself was magical, and delved into the dark imagination that originally created fairytale ...more
Mar 20, 2008
Feb 10, 2008
Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)
**spoiler alert** while i disturbingly really liked all the other books in this series, and this one was alright through most of it- the end actually ...more
Jan 18, 2009
Jan 08, 2009
Winds of Salem (The Beauchamp Family, #3)
scattered, overly ambitious, draggggged, boring, patchwork narrative, no forward plot movement. trying too hard to be too many things (biting social s ...more
not set
Sep 08, 2013
Sin and Sensibility (Griffin Family, #1)
Enoch clung fiercely to a spice-girls esque girl power message - our protagonist struggled against the domineering men in her life, all the while year ...more
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Dec 07, 2008
Tender Morsels
hornby's 10 years in the tub has made me leery of blaming the book - its sometimes more the place you are in when reading it. put simply, I was not re ...more
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Apr 14, 2014
Everything Is Illuminated
The only criticism I have heard of this work is that the alternating chapters written by the tour guide, in his transliterated accent, are disorientin ...more
Jan 2004
Feb 10, 2008
Before the Scandal (Notorious Gentlemen, #2)
i liked the spiderman twist (girl falls for both protagonist and his highwayman alter-ego without knowing); but ultimately the plot just got too invol ...more
not set
Dec 07, 2008
Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America
Though I had heard a lot of hype about this book, I really couldn't get into it - and in fact only got about halfway through. The problem with it is t ...more
Mar 2007
Feb 12, 2008
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
I resisted reading this book for a long time because of all of the trendy hype around it. Don't do that. It honestly is exactly what the title describ ...more
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Feb 10, 2008
Then Comes Seduction (Huxtable Quintet, #2)
really enjoyed this book until half-way through it descended into an overly-angsty, overly-drawn-out, artificial stupid conflict. i also kept rolling ...more
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Apr 22, 2009
Eclipse (Twilight, #3)
look, i still have love for this series just for being so engaging and compelling. but but but, i will say that by the third book i just really found ...more
Apr 28, 2008
Apr 02, 2008
Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)
loved.loved.loved. cannot stop thinking about it. for starters, it was honestly a pleasure to read something so beautifully written. the world creatio ...more
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Sep 03, 2013
The Wind Blows Backward
A dark dark book written for a teenage audience. It plays on a familiar theme but does so in a haunting and original way. Middle school best friends w ...more
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Feb 10, 2008
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
I thought that this was an important work, but I'm disappointed that the author took the easy way out with the unrealistic approach taken by Ari's par ...more
not set
Mar 19, 2014
Tell the Wolves I'm Home
beautifully written and special but the uncle-incest-love felt like a gimmick and the comparison between that love and the uncle's love with his partn ...more
not set
Jan 10, 2015
Why We Broke Up
crawled inside of me and broke my heart all over again. heartwrenching, heartbreaking, searingly accurate, uncanny, beautiful perfection. hurtsogood.
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Apr 06, 2014
Frozen (Heart of Dread, #1)
compelling and imaginative but way way way too ambitious. tried to do too much and as a result did way too little.
not set
Sep 30, 2013
The Shining Girls
masterfully done, creepy and unsettling. despite the superb craftsmanship, i wish i hadn't read this.
not set
Oct 22, 2013
Modern Iran: Roots and Results of Revolution
Wouldn't you like to know why the Iranian revolution occured? This book was used in a History of Iran course, and essentially gives a history of revol ...more
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Feb 10, 2008
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