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Rise and Shine
Although I didn't think it was as good as other books by Anna Quindlen, I thought it was a 'goodread'. An interesting premise and as an ex-New Yorker ...more
Oct 22, 2008
Aug 27, 2008
Gone Girl
I enjoyed reading this book, there were a lot of twists in the plot and some unexpected outcomes, particularly at the end! On the other hand, I also f ...more
Jan 29, 2014
Jan 07, 2014
The Cookbook Collector
This book caught my eye at the library and I generally like her work, it was a good summer read, pretty meaty with many underlying themes, including ...more
Jul 31, 2012
Aug 01, 2012
The Kashmir Shawl
I really enjoyed this book, as much for the story as for the description of the different parts of the India and life during the war. The premise was ...more
May 14, 2013
Apr 26, 2013
Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir
Although at times this was a difficult book to read, I felt it was a really good book and I was glad I had read it. What this poor woman and many oth ...more
Aug 23, 2009
Aug 14, 2009
I thought this was a well written book with a good story about knitting and the varieties of people who are affected by this craft in many different ...more
Jul 16, 2011
Jul 08, 2011
Living in a Foreign Language: A Memoir of Food, Wine, and Love in Italy
I enjoyed their story of moving to Italy and an insight into life in that country. This was also an interesting look into Michael Tucker's life and ho ...more
Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014
Girl Meets God
I really found myself getting annoyed, there seemed little depth to the decisions she made in the book. Major faith decisions seemed made with little ...more
Dec 25, 2010
Dec 27, 2010
Welcome To Shirley
Having lived on Long Island I was drawn to this book when I found it in Kelly's bookstore in Honesdale, PA. I did not really know anything about Shirl ...more
Feb 03, 2014
Oct 04, 2013
Home Front
This was a very good and timely story offering insight into the lives of today's military members and sharing the often forgotten effects on family me ...more
Aug 08, 2014
Aug 07, 2014
The Hopkins Touch: Harry Hopkins and the Forging of the Alliance to Defeat Hitler
This was an extremely well-researched and written book! David Roll brought history to life by sharing the behind the scenes stories of an important pe ...more
Apr 05, 2013
Feb 26, 2013
The Kings of New York: A Year Among the Geeks, Oddballs, and Geniuses Who Make Up America's Top High School Chess Team
This was a very interesting book, offering a look into the golden age of the Murrow Chess Team. The book also offered an insiders view of the world of ...more
May 20, 2014
Apr 23, 2014
Next of Kin

I thought this book was a good story with an interesting look at human nature and how people deal with tragedy. Although at times I felt the plot wa
Aug 2009
Jul 27, 2009
The Elegance of the Hedgehog
I listened to this book on CD and really enjoyed it. Although I did not find all the characters believable, I certainly found them memorable!

I am not
Dec 13, 2014
Dec 06, 2014
Yarn: Remembering the Way Home
A friend of mine who also knits gave me this book, and I thought it was very well written and a good read! The author's life story is a unique one, a ...more
Jul 03, 2010
Jun 25, 2010
The Execution of Noa P. Singleton
Although the premise was interesting I felt the book was too disjointed. There were some surprises as you read along.
I also think my low star rating i
Aug 16, 2014
Aug 10, 2014
Unaccustomed Earth
I enjoyed this collection of stories and found the threads interesting and unexpected. Also enjoyed the unusual glimpse into the Indian culture and l ...more
May 2012
May 01, 2012
House Rules
I liked the book and I think the author did a great job researching and describing Asperger.
However there were parts that did not seem plausible.
Oct 24, 2014
Oct 26, 2014
Caleb's Crossing
I really enjoyed this book, Geraldine Brooks has done it again! She really does a great job of fleshing out a topic to make it interesting and bring y ...more
Oct 20, 2012
Sep 24, 2012
The Girl from Foreign: A Search for Shipwrecked Ancestors, Forgotten Histories, and a Sense of Home
I have been wanting to read this and saw that Sadia Shepard is speaking at the JCC in two weeks. Fortuitously, Mollie came into my office holding thi ...more
Nov 11, 2008
Aug 10, 2008
Murder on a Kibbutz (Michael Ohayon, #3)
This was a good book that gave an up to date look at Kibbutz life today and the ramifications of this choice in today's Israeli society.
Oct 28, 2007
Jun 17, 2009
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency  (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency #1)
This was a good light read! I enjoyed the way the author managed to tie the stories together as she went. I'd recommend the book to anyone looking fo ...more
Mar 02, 2009
Feb 17, 2009
I enjoyed this book very much! A good story, well told of an Irish immigrant and the life she faces when she moves to America.
Jan 22, 2013
Feb 26, 2013
Voices Within the Ark: The Modern Jewish Poets
This is an amazing collection of Modern and Classic Jewish and Israeli Poetry, a must have for any poetry lover!
Dec 15, 2009
Mar 03, 2012
Twenty Wishes
My brain needed a rest, so I read this book as an 'intermezzo' for the brain. Like sherbet, it was sweet and easy to get through! I enjoyed the book, ...more
Jan 14, 2014
Dec 26, 2013
Jane Austen in Boca
Janet recommended this so I borrowed it from the TI library and brought it to the OBX to read. Parts of itwere REALLY funny, particularly for those of ...more
Jan 11, 2009
Dec 31, 2008
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace ... One School at a Time
Although the writing style is pretty poor and that takes away from the wealth of the story, I really enjoyed this book! Under the 'what one man can d ...more
Aug 29, 2008
Jun 20, 2008
The White Tiger
I thought this was a good book, and it offered an interesting look at what it takes to change your place in society. Clearly this is an extreme exampl ...more
Jan 07, 2014
Dec 18, 2013
The Mitzvah of Healing: An Anthology of Jewish Texts, Meditations, Essays, Personal Stories, and Rituals
This book is a great resource with good essays and nice prayers and readings for different life events.
Jul 2004
Nov 14, 2009
The Zookeeper's Wife
I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was beautifully written and it showed a perspective into life in Warsaw during the Holocaust that I had neve ...more
Dec 06, 2008
Oct 01, 2008
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