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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)
Disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist is hired to solve the decades-old murder of Harriet Vanger, member of one of the wealthiest families in Sweden. ...more
Feb 21, 2012
Feb 15, 2012
Dark Places
When person or persons unknown murdered her entire family, seven year old Libby Day managed to escape and fingered her brother Ben as the killer. Now, ...more
Sep 22, 2014
Sep 04, 2014
Knockemstiff is a collection of 18 short stories set in Knockemstiff, Ohio.

Reviewing a book of short stories is a tricky business, especially if you h
Jun 14, 2012
Feb 28, 2012
The Big Sleep
The 2011-2012 re-read...
A paralyzed millionaire, General Sternwood, hires Los Angeles private eye Philip Marlowe to have a talk with a blackmailer wit
Jan 03, 2012
Feb 07, 2008
Mystic River
Once upon a time, three boys were fighting in the street when two men claiming to be plainclothes cops show up. One kid gets in the car, the others st ...more
Nov 14, 2013
Mar 25, 2013
Winter's Bone
Ree Dolly's father has jumped bail, leaving their home forfeit unless Ree can find him before his court date. Will she be able to find her father befo ...more
Mar 11, 2012
Feb 28, 2012
The Last Child
A year after his twin sister disappeared, thirteen year old Johnny Merrimon is still looking for her. His father has ran out on the family out of guil ...more
Jul 16, 2013
Jul 12, 2013
The Killer Inside Me
Ever meet someone at a party and think they're pretty cool until they let something slip and you realize they may in fact be bat-shit psycho? That's h ...more
Sep 16, 2010
Aug 14, 2010
The Little Sister
A woman from a small Kansas town hires Philip Marlowe to find her missing brother. What Marlowe finds is himself ensnared in a web of drugs, blackmail ...more
May 09, 2012
Apr 18, 2012
The Thin Man
An inventor goes missing and his mistress winds up dead. Former detective Nick Charles wants nothing to do with the case but keeps getting drawn in. W ...more
Sep 26, 2013
May 23, 2013
US Marshal Raylan Givens investigates a kidney stealing ring, acts as a bodyguard to a beautiful coal mining executive, and tracks down a missing coll ...more
Feb 04, 2012
Oct 04, 2011
The Talented Mr. Ripley
When Tom Ripley is offered a handsome reward to go to Italy to retrieve Dickie Greenleaf, he accepts and soon finds himself living the good life in Na ...more
Oct 31, 2013
Mar 25, 2013
Gun, With Occasional Music
When down and out private inquisitor Conrad Metcalf's last client turns up dead, Metcalf takes up the case to find out who killed him. Can he find the ...more
Apr 20, 2011
Mar 21, 2011
In a former United States devastated by economic and political collapse, former police officer Nick Bottom, a Flashback addict like much of the countr ...more
Jun 20, 2011
Feb 28, 2011
The Girl Who Played With Fire (Millennium, #2)
Three people are dead and Lisbeth Salander's finger prints are on the murder weapon. Can Mikael Blomkvist clear her name before the police find her? A ...more
Mar 09, 2012
Feb 25, 2012
The Maltese Falcon
2012 re-read...
Sam Spade's partner is murdered and Sam is determined to find his killer. But what does Miles Archer's murder have to do with the clien
May 19, 2012
Jul 14, 2008
Dead Skip
When repo man Bart Heslip is found in a coma in a wrecked, repossessed Jaguar, his college, former cop Larry Ballard, can't shake the idea that someon ...more
May 30, 2014
Jul 11, 2013
The Devil All the Time
Willard Russell prays over a prayer log for his cancer-ridden wife with his son, Arvin. A spider-eating preacher is convinced he can bring back the de ...more
Nov 18, 2012
Jul 23, 2012
Reformed criminal Pike's life is turned upside down when his estranged daughter dies and a twelve year old granddaughter he never knew existed is toss ...more
Feb 24, 2012
Jan 31, 2012
A Hell of a Woman
Down on his luck salesman Frank Dillon meets a girl named Mona who's being abused and practically put on the street corner by her elderly aunt. When D ...more
Dec 04, 2011
Nov 21, 2011
Claws of the Cat (Shinobi Mystery, #1)
When a retired samurai is found murdered in a tea house, his son demands his honor be satisfied and he is bent on killing the tea house girl his fathe ...more
Jul 2014
Mar 03, 2013
Farewell, My Lovely
Philip Marlowe is looking for a woman's missing husband when he encounters Moose Malloy, a brute fresh out of prison, looking for his lost love Velma. ...more
Jan 21, 2012
Sep 30, 2011
Backflash (Parker, #18)
When a retired bureaucrat told Parker about the job, it sounded like a good score; rob a riverboat casino and take nearly half a million dollars, cash ...more
Mar 25, 2011
Apr 05, 2010
The Cut
When an imprisoned drug dealer hires Spero Lucas to find out who's been stealing his product, Spero takes the case. Can Spero recover the stolen weed ...more
Mar 12, 2013
Dec 27, 2012
He Died With His Eyes Open
A man of little consequence is found brutally murdered and the Detective Sergeant of the Department of Unexplained Deaths is given the case. It seems ...more
Jan 02, 2014
Dec 27, 2012
Mildred Pierce
Mildred Pierce divorces her out of work, philandering husband and struggles to find a way to support herself and her two daughters. Too bad she attrac ...more
Aug 21, 2012
Aug 03, 2012
The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Gun runner Eddie Coyle is facing jail time for some hijacked booze. While trying to procure some guns for a friend of his for a string of bank robberi ...more
Jan 2014
Dec 25, 2013
The Mexican Tree Duck
When a biker buddy hires him to find his birth mother, Sughrue takes the case, only to find himself ensnared in a web of drugs, sex, drugs, likes, dru ...more
Dec 27, 2012
Nov 10, 2012
Bury Me Deep
Marion Seeley is left in Phoenix by her doctor husband as he goes to Mexico to kick his smack habit. Marion gets a job at a hospital and falls in with ...more
Jun 06, 2012
Dec 25, 2011
Hit Me
When his finances get into trouble, Keller finds himself back in business with Dot and dispatching targets in the only way he knows how.

In the interes
Nov 29, 2012
Jun 11, 2012
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