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Goldfinger (James Bond, #7)
**spoiler alert** What did I learn from this book? James Bond is a sexist alcoholic? Yes. James Bond is prone to flights of romantic fancy? Yes. James...more
Aug 25, 2009
Jul 07, 2009
The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro, #2)
Nora Roberts really excels at writing characters and extended families of characters that speak to the desire in all of us to belong to a strong, lovi...more
Nov 17, 2012
Nov 08, 2012
High Fidelity
I absolutely loved this book. Not only did it make me laugh out loud at least once every other page, but the emotional bumbling around that the main c...more
Jun 02, 2010
May 20, 2010
Bad to the Bone (Treasured Tales, #4) (Loveswept, #774)
I'm reading Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Debra Dixon, and wanted to see her advice in action. I can say this for her - she really walks the walk....more
Jan 25, 2013
Jan 19, 2013
Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)
Not as terrible as I thought it was going to be. Disappointed in the sex...maybe it gets more interesting in the sequels? Mostly, I was just annoyed b...more
Sep 25, 2012
Sep 20, 2012
Hell Gate (Alexandra Cooper, #12)
I really like this series, it's exciting and fun to read, since each one focuses on a different New York City historical landmark, or sometimes an asp...more
Jul 05, 2010
Jul 06, 2010
The God of the Hive (Mary Russell, #10)
Another wonderful book in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series. This one was extremely suspenseful and exciting and even emotional. The action scen...more
May 05, 2010
Apr 02, 2010
Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight (The Duke's Daughters, #3) (Windham, #6)
The first book I've read by this author. It took me a little while to get into her language and the rhythm of the story, and I was a tiny bit confused...more
Dec 24, 2012
Dec 20, 2012
Seduced by a Pirate (Fairy Tales, #4.5)
I liked this novella, but I kind of wish James made her heroes work a little harder to win back their loves. Lately, it seems like all they have to do...more
Nov 02, 2012
Nov 02, 2012
The Ugly Duchess (Fairy Tales, #4)
Eloisa James is a wonderful writer, but this one was not as amazing as some of her others. I liked the plot and the characters, but the romance was ra...more
Sep 03, 2012
Aug 31, 2012
The Car Belongs to Mother
Picked up a 1939 edition signed by the author in a used bookstore. It is a fun, short volume about the challenges faced by women drivers, namely chauf...more
Jun 22, 2011
Jun 25, 2011
Married by Mistake

Cute, well written. Minor annoyance-the main character spends a lot of time worrying about what her fake husband's stepmother will think when she lea...more
Sep 08, 2012
Sep 07, 2012
Dead and Gone (Sookie Stackhouse, #9)
**spoiler alert** Much more enjoyable than the previous novel in the series, even though the end was fairly heavy. A lot of the loose ends that had be...more
Dec 16, 2009
Dec 05, 2009
The Horse Whisperer
I read this for my book club and was kind of reluctant to start it, but ended up finding it an enjoyable read. It moved along quickly and had such bea...more
Nov 09, 2010
Oct 30, 2010
Rosie's Bakery Chocolate-Packed, Jam-Filled, Butter-Rich, No-Holds-Barred Cookie Book
Extremely consistent - everything I make from this book is a smash hit. A few of my favorites: Whole Grain Earthy Chocolate Chips, Rosie's Oatmeal Coo...more
Mar 20, 2012
Mar 20, 2012
Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Stephanie Plum, #15)
This entry into the Stephanie Plum canon reminded me why I'm a fan of this series in the first place. Plenty of laughs, screwball excitement and sexua...more
Nov 07, 2009
Nov 01, 2009
The Cookbook Collector
For some reason I didn't think I was going to like this book. I read Allegra Goodman's The Family Markowitz in college and don't remember loving it. B...more
Jun 17, 2012
Jul 23, 2011
Elegy for Eddie (Maisie Dobbs #9)
Another great read from Jacqueline Winspear. She never lets Maisie or the reader off easily, but this story was not as difficult to get through as som...more
May 24, 2012
May 15, 2012
Water for Elephants
**spoiler alert** I always think I'm not going to like humungous best-sellers, but the second time I tried to read this one it really grabbed me. It w...more
Apr 20, 2011
Apr 13, 2011
The Rules of Seduction (Rothwell #1)
This book finished strong after I almost gave up a couple of times. The characters were fairly interesting and the writing was good, but I'm not used...more
Apr 28, 2011
Apr 18, 2011
The Mapping of Love and Death (Maisie Dobbs #7)
The Maisie Dobbs novels keep getting better and better. This one's mystery was intriguing and exciting, the romance entertaining and the life changes...more
May 13, 2010
May 12, 2010
Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back
Amazing book! Everyone should read this book if you even have a hint of an issue with getting rid of things that no longer fit your life. Brooks Palme...more
Apr 28, 2010
Apr 24, 2010
Garment of Shadows (Mary Russell, #12)
Another riveting adventure from Laurie R. King. Was delighted with the return of Ali and Mahmoud, even though I had my heart in my mouth for a while a...more
Sep 30, 2012
Sep 25, 2012

Loved it. Great chemistry between the two leads. Mi and Lucas are hot together. The supporting characters were great, and I hope we get a book about...more
Aug 16, 2012
Aug 13, 2012
I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother
Kind of terrifying, but also funny and true. Not necessarily recommended for women who want to be working mothers, but a great read for anyone who wan...more
Mar 09, 2011
Mar 07, 2011
Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)
**spoiler alert** Poor Sookie. She never gets a break. This was a very entertaining entry in the series. I'm sorry to see things winding down with Eri...more
Jul 15, 2012
Jun 03, 2012
The Scarecrow (Jack McEvoy, #2)
I liked this new Michael Connelly. It wasn't too scary, and the Jack McEvoy character was more likable and compelling than I expected him to be. I lik...more
Aug 29, 2009
Jun 04, 2009
Mommy Millionaire
I skipped most of the technical stuff as I do not currently have a product-based business that I'm trying to launch, but I was fascinated by the autho...more
Aug 12, 2011
Aug 12, 2011
The Help
I read this quickly, enjoying the plot and characters quite a bit. Every page I was thankful for not being around in the early 1960s, and thankful to...more
Oct 18, 2010
Oct 12, 2010
Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor, #2)
Loved it! The magical elements were very light if you are not into that sort of thing. Sam was a very appealing hero. Looking forward to the next book...more
Aug 28, 2012
Aug 27, 2012
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