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The Grim Company (The Grim Company, #1)
The Grim Company, by Luke Scull, will not, at least at first, stun you with originality. You’ve got your basic world-weary, gruff, aging Northern warr ...more
Sep 12, 2013
Sep 12, 2013
I tell you, once upon a time kids had to walk to school barefoot. And not just barefoot, but naked. In snow and rain. Uphill. And they had to not get ...more
Oct 18, 2013
Oct 18, 2013
The Human Division (Old Man's War, #5)
The Human Division is a fast-paced roller coaster of a book. At the Nebula Awards this weekend in San Jose, California, John Scalzi politely informed ...more
not set
Jun 01, 2013
Emperor of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #3)
King Jorg, at the ripe ol’ age of 20, rules over seven nations, but that’s not enough — it’s never enough. He’s now ready to make his bid for emperor ...more
Sep 11, 2013
Sep 11, 2013
When It's A Jar (YouSpace, #2)
When It’s a Jar is Tom Holt’s sequel to last year’s Doughnut. It can stand alone, but you probably want to at least read about Doughnut first (here is ...more
Feb 18, 2014
Feb 18, 2014
If you took The Canterbury Tales, Ship of Fools, The Origin of Species, and And Then There Were None, mixed them all up and added a pinch of Asimov, B ...more
not set
Sep 04, 2013
Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch, #1)
Hype is an untrustworthy thing, which has led me astray before. It either ratchets my hopes so high that they’re bound to be disappointed (see: A SONG ...more
Jan 13, 2014
Jan 16, 2014
The Bone Clocks
Fans of David Mitchell (of which I am definitely one) will feel right at home with his newest work, The Bone Clocks. You’ve got your chameleon-like ab ...more
not set
Oct 18, 2014
Lost Covenant (Widdershins Adventures, #3)
Note to self; Get the first two books in Ari Marmell’s WIDDERSHINS series, so that I am current on this fascinating character. If Lost Covenant is rep ...more
Jan 06, 2014
Jan 09, 2014
Daughters of the Nile (Cleopatra's Daughter, # 3)
Daughters of the Nile concludes Stephanie Dray’s trilogy about Selene, the daughter of Cleopatra, who survived the fall of her mother’s kingdom and we ...more
Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013
J.M. McDermott’s Maze is about a maze. Or possibly the maze: An unending series of stone halls and corridors which lurks in our primordial past, popul ...more
Jan 16, 2014
Jan 16, 2014
Sorrow's Knot
Sorrow’s Knot had some big footsteps in which to follow, since Erin Bow’s debut novel Plain Kate was pretty terrific. But I’m pleased to report that S ...more
Dec 2013
Dec 09, 2013
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Reviewed by Rebecca, Marion, Kelly:
not set
Jun 18, 2013
Fireblood (Whispers from Mirrowen, #1)
I usually give books sent for me to review a lot more of a chance than books I pick up on my own, having some sense of obligation. And that was the ca ...more
not set
Sep 10, 2013
The Thousand Names (The Shadow Campaigns, #1)
4.5 stars
The Thousand Names is incredible. Yes, right out of the chute I am saying that I loved this book. It’s not going to be for everyone because i
Jul 05, 2013
Jul 05, 2013
The Half-Made World (The Half-Made World, #1)
The Half-Made World, by Felix Gilman, is a strikingly original book that, though it has its flaws, is a fascinating opening to a new world and charact ...more
not set
Jan 20, 2014
Steelheart (Reckoners, #1)
Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart is a young adult novel, it has a post-apocalyptic setting, and it’s about superheroes (super villains, actually). It’s ...more
Oct 16, 2013
Oct 18, 2013
Pillar to the Sky
While reading William R. Forstchen’s Pillar to the Sky, I kept thinking this is what would have happened if, back in the 1960’s, NASA had commissioned ...more
Apr 2014
May 06, 2014
Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl (Gideon Smith, #1)
As one might perhaps be able to tell from the title, Gideon Smith and the Mechanical Girl, by David Barnett, is a paean to the pulp adventure novels o ...more
Oct 08, 2013
Oct 10, 2013
Nicola Griffith’s Hild: A Novel is something rare. It’s a historical fantasy, but it’s not a magical adventure, a bodice-ripper, a military drama, or ...more
Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013
Vicious, by V.E. Schwab, is another offering in the ever-more popular folks-with-powers genre, and fits as well in the equally popular sub-genre where ...more
Jan 17, 2014
Jan 18, 2014
Maddigan's Fantasia
Early in the 22nd century, the world underwent a vast and radical change, in which the tectonic plates of the Earth shifted and a series of devastatin ...more
not set
Oct 21, 2014
He Drank, and Saw the Spider (Eddie LaCrosse, #5)
Eddie LaCrosse and his tough girlfriend, Liz, are back in Eddie’s fifth adventure by Alex Bledsoe. I’ve enjoyed each one of these stories, especially ...more
Jan 16, 2014
Jan 16, 2014
Hexes and Hemlines (A Witchcraft Mystery, #3)
Lily Ivory has only been in San Francisco for a couple of months, but she’s starting to feel like it’s home. She’s made friends with some fellow shopk ...more
not set
Dec 03, 2013
Mistress of the Wind
“East of the Sun, West of the Moon” is a Scandinavian fairy tale that’s a bit like “Beauty and the Beast,” and even more like “Cupid and Psyche.” It’s ...more
not set
Jan 09, 2014
Bitter Greens
4.5 stars

Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth is a marvelous re-telling of Rapunzel, woven together with historical fiction that gives the reader a glimpse i
not set
Oct 21, 2014
Sailor Twain: Or: The Mermaid in the Hudson
So while I keep saying that I appear not to be the person for whom graphic novels are created, as I have hardly ever found one I strongly respond to, ...more
not set
Apr 12, 2014
Night Watch (Discworld, #29)
Sam Vimes of Ankh-Morpork’s City Watch has all but arrested Carcer, a serial killer who specifically targets members of the Watch, when they are throw ...more
not set
May 03, 2014
I Was the Cat
I've just found a great book for cat lovers: I Was The Cat by Paul Tobin tells the story of Burma, a cat who seems to be on his ninth life and is fina ...more
not set
Aug 16, 2014
Moth and Spark
Moth and Spark, Anne Leonard’s debut novel, is a member of a very specific and well-populated fantasy subgenre: a classic tale of high romance, sword ...more
Feb 20, 2014
Feb 20, 2014
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