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Mere Christianity
What an astounding, impressive, fulfilling read. I am not normally a non-fiction reader unless it is a good historical piece or biography ... those I ...more
May 2007
Feb 06, 2008
Cyrano de Bergerac
YET ANOTHER READING, December 15, 2009

I forced my class to read this book for their reading time, which is usually reserved for personal reading time.
Dec 15, 2009
Feb 07, 2008
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)
Phew. I just felt as if I finally got the vaccine for a deadly epidemic going around. The epidemic, of course, would be all those people who want to t ...more
Aug 2007
Feb 06, 2008
Uncle Tom's Cabin
I knew that this was a book I would want to read because of its historical significance. I assumed that the story might be dated and perhaps uninteres ...more
Aug 06, 2013
Aug 07, 2013
A War of Gifts (The Ender Quintet, #1.5)
What is it with Orson Scott Card's Ender books, particularly the Battle School ones? Card is always an insightful author, but nothing ever rings as tr ...more
Dec 04, 2008
Dec 04, 2008
The Secret Garden

Thank goodness my eldest daughter is a girl. It's not that I'm especially averse to the male gender--I am a male myself, after all. But
Oct 17, 2014
Feb 20, 2008
The School for Scandal
Perhaps I was far too predisposed towards this play before I even set eyes on it. Of course, often high expectations can jade an experience when they ...more
Jul 22, 2011
Aug 16, 2011
Paradise Lost
It is quite possible that two years ago I would have shuffled through this book dutifully, though with a great bit of endurance on my part. Nearly 300 ...more
Apr 02, 2013
Feb 19, 2008
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)
For those who frequent my reviews (which would be, hmmmm, none of you), you might notice a common theme in my reasons for not reading certain books. M ...more
Jun 2007
Feb 06, 2008
The Hunt for Red October (Jack Ryan, #3)
It is a shame that one of Tom Clancy's first novels has to be his best. But that just goes to show how good his first one is when his others are still ...more
Jul 1997
Feb 20, 2008
The Power of One (The Power of One, #1)
Turns out this school year is when I have my (memoir-ish) reconciliation with my parents' taste in literature (see my review of And Then There Were No ...more
May 11, 2014
May 12, 2014
Service with a Smile
I read Galahad at Blandings a couple months ago to balance out the continent of words that is Les Miserables. Service With a Smile could serve no such ...more
Jan 17, 2015
Jan 21, 2015
Men to Match My Mountains: The Opening of the Far West 1840-1900
I don't remember who recommended this book to me. I know that it was years ago and they vividly described how the book contrasts the experiences of th ...more
Oct 28, 2014
Oct 30, 2014
Galahad at Blandings (Blandings Castle, #10)
What is the cure for over a thousand pages of French literature? Just a couple hundred of a solid P.G. Wodehouse tale.

Sorry, that was set up like a j
Oct 08, 2014
Oct 08, 2014
The Book of Mormon
There are a couple of reasons you might choose to read the Penguin Classics The Book of Mormon. Perhaps you are someone with an obsession for near pri ...more
Dec 12, 2014
Dec 21, 2014
The Kestrel (Westmark #2)
The second book in the Westmark Trilogy (see my review of Westmark for further illumination on this topic) is the one that I remember as being the lea ...more
Nov 02, 2010
Nov 02, 2010
The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, #3)
Modern thrillers these days are so hard to pull off. So hard, in fact, that I really don't like to spend my time reading them. There are so many diffe ...more
Apr 15, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
I was done with Shakespeare for the season, having had my fill with my book club’s own competition to read—as a team—all the works of Shakespeare befo ...more
Mar 15, 2013
Mar 18, 2013
The Inimitable Jeeves (Jeeves, #2)
Unsure of what to get me for a Christmas present, my wife decided to just search out a Wodehouse title that she thought she did not recognize and then ...more
Jan 11, 2013
Jan 19, 2013
The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, #2)
ANOTHER READING, 18 February 2012

Here The Lord of the Rings becomes the story it is meant to be. Whereas Fellowship stumbles from one adventure to ano
Feb 18, 2012
Feb 22, 2012
Little House in the Big Woods (Little House, #1)
I started to feel like my bedtime reading choices to my kids were leaning a bit much on the boy side. And since my 7-yearr-old daughter was basically ...more
Oct 18, 2013
Oct 25, 2013
The Return of the King (The Lord of the Rings, #3)

After getting through the masterfully concise and perfectly paced Two Towers, it was a bit jarring to move to the Return
Mar 09, 2012
Mar 10, 2012
Westmark (Westmark #1)
As a youth, someone directed me to Lloyd Alexander, and after my first experience with him, I had no choice but to clear out the library's--what I fel ...more
Oct 29, 2010
Oct 27, 2010
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I will forever love Tom Sawyer, if only because he brought me to one of my most cherished experiences in literature, which was reading
Apr 12, 2014
Apr 14, 2014
The Scarlet Letter
What a lesson The Scarlet Letter has taught me as a reader, with its own premise, no less. You must understand that I have never had a desire to read ...more
Apr 2010
Mar 22, 2010
Prince of Foxes
This reading experience is one for the ages. I found the book without a back or cover page, had NO idea what it was about, and sat down and read, enth ...more
Jan 2002
Feb 07, 2008
East of Eden
This is a part of my never-ending reconciliation process with all of my disdained high-school-assigned authors. John and I had met previously, with Th ...more
Oct 09, 2010
Sep 28, 2010
Henry IV, Part 1
It was a strange road that led me to King Henry IV, Part 1. I have many notable Shakespeare plays on my "to read" list and certainly I would have reac ...more
Feb 19, 2011
Mar 09, 2011
Twelfth Night
This has been on the list of "Shakespeare Plays I've been meaning to read for years now" … and finally, I've read it. (Sorry, Othello, you're up for n ...more
Jan 27, 2012
Feb 01, 2012
Speaker for the Dead (The Ender Quintet, #2)
ANOTHER READING 28 November 2012

About half way through Speaker for the Dead I began to wonder if it was really as good as I remembered it when I first
Jan 1996
Feb 07, 2008
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