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Ghost Ocean
This might be one of the best-written urban fantasy novels I've read recently. It's approach to the urban fantasy setting, and without giving away any ...more
Jul 05, 2009
Jul 07, 2009
Let the Right One In
I was really impressed by this book. It's a dark and disturbing tale that is beautifully written. The characters are complex, and the novel manages to ...more
Apr 05, 2009
Apr 05, 2009
The Third Claw of God (Andrea Cort #2)
A decent follow-up to the first book in the series, although not quite as strong. I can't put my finger on it, but while I read the books and enjoy th ...more
Feb 28, 2009
Feb 28, 2009
Total Oblivion, More or Less
I had mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand, I appreciate the absurdity of DeNiro's imagined post-apocalyptic United States, and he takes a ...more
Dec 23, 2009
Jan 07, 2010
Daemon (Daemon, #1)
I really enjoyed this book. At the very beginning of the book, I felt like some of the characterization was a little forced, or possibly just done in ...more
Jun 06, 2009
Jun 06, 2009
Old Man's War (Old Man's War, #1)
I enjoyed this book, which actually surprised me a bit. Typically with sci-fi I tend to prefer heavier fare, but Scalzi's light touch with his prose w ...more
Oct 17, 2009
Oct 19, 2009
Little Brother (Little Brother, #1)
I get that this book is being treated well because it is so topical, and I love the kinds of thinking it's presenting.

That being said, the book fails
May 08, 2008
May 08, 2008
The Jennifer Morgue
I've tried to read Stross in the past, and this is the first one I've finished. Others I've started and then gotten distracted from, and after complet ...more
Feb 2009
Feb 01, 2009
Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)
I was really impressed by this book. The characters are vividly drawn, and the story is wonderful. The world-building that Sanderson has done is excep ...more
Mar 03, 2009
Mar 03, 2009
The Invisibles, Vol. 3: Entropy in the U.K.
The plot accelerates quite a bit in this volume, and the metaphysical portions of the story come into greater focus. I almost expected some sort of Ph ...more
Mar 2009
Mar 01, 2009
The Invisibles, Vol. 1: Say You Want a Revolution
An interesting work, filled with dark and mystical themes. It's a little hard to get into, there's a unique rhythm to the narrative that the reader ne ...more
Feb 28, 2009
Mar 01, 2009
The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)
I was quite pleased with this final book in the Mistborn trilogy. Sanderson manages to pull together all the threads and conclude the novel in an extr ...more
Mar 08, 2009
Mar 10, 2009
Saturn's Children
Charles Stross' work can be really hit or miss for me. This book was enjoyable, but seemed almost rushed. I don't mean rushed in terms of pacing, but ...more
May 31, 2009
Jun 05, 2009
The Child Thief
I admit that I approached this book with trepidation. In the past, I have encountered a number of attempts to retell the Peter Pan story, most of them ...more
Oct 12, 2009
Oct 19, 2009
The Blade Itself (The First Law, #1)
An outstanding debut novel and start to a trilogy. Abercrombie does a wonderful job of introducing all of the complex characters and manages to make t ...more
Jun 14, 2009
Jun 14, 2009
Last Argument of Kings (The First Law #3)
An excellent conclusion to the trilogy, that left me yearning for more, which I'm sure will come someday, as this world is too rich to be abandoned at ...more
Jun 27, 2009
Jul 04, 2009
The Magicians (The Magicians, #1)
Lev Grossman has written a very clever book, one that plays with the tropes of fantasy without falling into the trap of reiterating them. It's fun mat ...more
Nov 29, 2009
Dec 03, 2009
Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim, #1)
Reposted from my site:

What do you get when you combine the genres of hard-boiled detective noir, spaghetti-western and urban fantasy set in L.A.? You

Mar 18, 2010
Mar 19, 2010
Among Others
While I was reading this book, my wife asked me what I thought of it so far. I told her I didn't know yet, which was true. This is the sort of book th ...more
not set
Jan 01, 2013
I enjoyed Warbreaker, but not as much as I had hoped to. Sanderson sets a high standard for his work with the Mistborn trilogy, which this novel does ...more
Jul 29, 2009
Aug 11, 2009
Scenting the Dark and Other Stories
I was disappointed by this book. I had heard the author on a few episodes of Writing Excuses and had been impressed with what she had to say, particul ...more
Jan 06, 2010
Jan 07, 2010
Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century, #1)
This was my first experience with Priest's work, and it was a pleasure. I found it to be a brilliantly imagined steampunk novel set during an extended ...more
Oct 15, 2009
Oct 19, 2009
Memories of the Future - Volume 1
I really enjoyed this book. I laughed so much while reading Memories of the Future, more than I have for any other book in recent memory.

The episode r
Oct 21, 2009
Oct 22, 2009
Gun Machine
I really loved this book. It's a police procedural (which is a genre I don't usually enjoy), but laced with the kind of intricate thought, dark wit, a ...more
Jan 03, 2013
Jan 02, 2013
Sunken Treasure: Wil Wheaton's Hot Cocoa Box Sampler
I quite enjoyed this chapbook collection of essays from Wil Wheaton, the uber-geek. His style is very personal and approachable, and I quite enjoy the ...more
Feb 28, 2009
Feb 28, 2009
War for the Oaks
I discovered this book after attending Odyssey Con where Emma Bull was one of the Guests of Honor. It's an enjoyable book, and holds the position of b ...more
May 09, 2009
May 09, 2009
The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)
A very strong follow-up to the first book in the series. It starts a bit slowly, but quickly ramps up in speed. Excellent characterization and develop ...more
Mar 07, 2009
Mar 07, 2009
Before They Are Hanged (The First Law, #2)
This is an excellent continuation to the series, picking up where book one left off. Abercrombie delves deep into his characters and moves the plot fo ...more
Jun 18, 2009
Jun 25, 2009
I have enjoyed much of Christopher Moore's work in the past, but something felt missing in this book. It had several moments that were laugh-out-loud ...more
Jul 12, 2009
Aug 11, 2009
His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire #1)
An enjoyable book, with a unique take on dragons as intelligent beasts who bond with their handlers to serve as beasts of war. It may sound familiar, ...more
Jun 10, 2009
Jun 14, 2009
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