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The Book of Lost Things
Part fairy tale and part psychological study, I found this to be an engrossing and powerful book. Recommend to everybody, particularly those who have ...more
Jan 2008
Jan 08, 2008
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland, #1)
Nothing less than 5 stars for this gem.

It’s really really hard for me to write a review because I was inundated with so much to say about every page,
Nov 18, 2011
May 03, 2011
Anno's Journey
This book is amazing, outstanding, and its pictures and storytelling via those illustrations are exquisitely done; they’re just beautiful. I need to r ...more
Dec 20, 2010
Dec 20, 2010
Princess Academy (Princess Academy, #1)
I found this to be a very pleasant story. I’m not exactly sure why some people hate it and a lot of people unreservedly adore it but I did enjoy it, a ...more
Jan 22, 2010
Feb 17, 2008
Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly Swamp
This is a delightful tale that has a strong female protagonist, Liza, and has a lot of humor. My only quibble is why did Liza’s mother send her into k ...more
Aug 05, 2010
May 17, 2009
Maneki Neko: The Tale of the Beckoning Cat
I’m not sure why this tale touched me so much, but it did. I believe in coincidence, not superstition, and I wasn’t particularly in the mood for a fol ...more
May 07, 2012
Apr 25, 2012
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale
The illustrations are magnificent, with lovely depictions of the people and animals.

This tale is fairy tale like predictable but very entertaining.

Mar 16, 2011
Jul 09, 2010
The Selfish Giant
I own many books by Oscar Wilde, including a book of stories that contains a version of this story, but I haven’t read that book since my childhood ye ...more
Dec 12, 2010
Dec 12, 2010
Snowbear Whittington: An Appalachian Beauty and the Beast
Much to my surprise I loved this folk tale, a version of Beauty and the Beast, supposedly from Appalachia, though I saw little Appalachian in it. I wo ...more
Aug 06, 2010
Jul 29, 2010
The Foggy, Foggy Forest
There isn’t much to this book but it is cute, and for kids it might be fun to guess/know what’s on the next page. For each double page there is a silh ...more
Jun 09, 2012
May 25, 2012
The Malachite Palace
The ending felt a bit abrupt to me, but that’s my only quibble with this otherwise wonderful original fairy tale.

It’s a wonderful story about a lonely
Dec 11, 2011
Dec 10, 2011
Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse
These reverso poems (read the same going down as going up) are clever. They don’t always work 100% but they work well enough and they’re very impressi ...more
Jan 29, 2011
Jan 13, 2011
The Tales of Beedle the Bard
I didn’t enjoy the other 2 Harry Potter companion books by J.K. Rowling, probably because I was waiting for the more preferred yet to be published boo ...more
Dec 26, 2008
Jul 31, 2008
The 13 Clocks
A wonderful introduction by Neil Gaiman and and an interesting foreword by the author got me excited to read this book, but I admired it more than I e ...more
Sep 16, 2014
Aug 09, 2008
Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate
I LOVE chocolate. I love that the recipe at the end of the book for Mexican hot cocoa is for the traditional, “accidentally vegan” version, even thoug ...more
Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012
The Ordinary Princess
Charming book. This would have been one of my favorite books had I read it as a kid. I found it both enchanting and fun to read, reading it for the fi ...more
Dec 2007
Dec 24, 2007
The Rajah's Rice: A Mathematical Folktale From India
I recently read One Grain Of Rice A Mathematical Folktale by Demi and my Goodreads friend Krista told me of two other versions of the same tale, inclu ...more
Oct 15, 2009
Oct 09, 2009
The Wishing of Biddy Malone
I wasn’t really in the mood for folk or fairy tales, but this is the last book I must return tomorrow to the library, so I read it.

I loved the illust
Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013
Little Red Riding Hood
Where do I start?

With the bad: I was most disturbed by Hansel and Gretel as a child, but I was disturbed by many, many fairy tales, and Little Red Rid
May 03, 2010
Apr 20, 2010
The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale
The illustrations are period perfect and full of detail. I especially love the cat sleeping on the same bed as the baker.

I’ve been familiar since chil
Dec 17, 2011
Dec 12, 2011
Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella
I read my Goodreads’ friend Abigail’s review of this book and immediately reserved the book at the library. I’ve been very interested in the Hmong cul ...more
Mar 27, 2011
Mar 22, 2011
The Mitten
Ooh, I am so glad I read this. I’m a huge fan of McClintock's illustrations and I have been wanting to read all of her books. Over at the Children's B ...more
Dec 08, 2010
Sep 16, 2009
The Duchess of Whimsy
Well, through the first half of this I was laughing so much I wondered how I could ever read it aloud to children.

This is actually one of the best lov
Feb 20, 2010
Sep 08, 2009
Stone Soup
This is the fourth version of the tale Stone Soup that I’ve read. I also gave four stars to the versions by Jon J. Muth, Marcia Brown, and Ann McGover ...more
Jun 2010
May 24, 2010
The Egyptian Cinderella
Well, I have 4 more picture books to read in 2010, two illustrated by Ruth Heller and two both written & illustrated by her. I’m glad that I’m rea ...more
Dec 30, 2010
Dec 27, 2010
One Grain Of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale
I really love stories for children that address that magic of numbers/mathematics. It’s one of many reasons why I so enjoy The Phantom Tollbooth by No ...more
Oct 08, 2009
Apr 12, 2008
Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale
I read this version, illustrated by Sieglinde Schoen Smith, in the form of a quilt that she made. The original book appears to have an edition illustr ...more
Nov 15, 2010
Nov 01, 2010
I was not in the mood to read a fantasy book but I wanted to participate in this month’s Goodreads online YA Book Club discussion and this was the boo ...more
Sep 02, 2008
Dec 09, 2007
Luba and the Wren
This is a Russian-style (as are some other Polacco books) take on the Grimm Brothers’ tale of The Fisherman And His Wife. I knew what was coming but i ...more
Dec 29, 2009
Dec 29, 2009
Three French Hens
This book is utterly delightful. The three French hens are from the Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas, one of my favorite Christmas songs, a ...more
Dec 10, 2010
Dec 24, 2009
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