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Shutter Island
The night I finished this, my mind was left reeling from it for a couple of hours and the next day I was unable to get it out of my head.

Shutter Isla...more
Jan 02, 2004
Feb 05, 2008
Dark Places

I am modifying this review because since I finished it, I have read and loved Sharp Objects. This lady is a can't-miss read.

Back to the review (a...more
Sep 17, 2012
Sep 06, 2012
Joyland (Hard Case Crime #112)
I don't know if it's my middle-age sensitivities ramping up or if King is just resonating with me more and more, but I'm becoming very emotionally inv...more
Aug 11, 2013
Jun 20, 2013
Every Dead Thing (Charlie Parker, #1)
This really hurts. My mother bought me this for my birthday, on a recommendation from a local bookstore here. I know she's going to feel badly if she...more
Feb 2002
Feb 04, 2008
Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, #1)
Some very minor spoilers in this...

Okay, I don't get it.
There is mass appeal for the Jack Reacher series, there's been a movie made, Lee Child is maki...more
Mar 25, 2013
Mar 18, 2013
Gone Girl
I hadn't heard of Gillian Flynn before hearing Michael Kindness rave about this book on their Books on the Nightstand podcast (which is highly recomme...more
Aug 07, 2012
Jun 21, 2012
The Big Picture
Back in 2002, I receive an email from a visitor to my website imploring me to read The Big Picture. In fact, he had admitted to confronting complete s...more
Jul 08, 2011
Jul 04, 2011
The Treatment (Jack Caffery, #2)
Holy crap.

Mo Hayder has just moved into my number 1 slot for crime fiction. The Treatment closely follows Birdman, so be sure to read her awesome deb...more
Sep 03, 2011
Jun 07, 2011
Grifter's Game (Hard Case Crime #1)
After plowing through about 1500 pages of the last two Dark Tower novels, Grifter's Game was exactly what I needed: A 200 pager cut-to-the-chase no no...more
Dec 17, 2011
Dec 12, 2011
The Guardians
I had first heard of this book by reading a glowing review for it in a newspaper, perhaps The Globe and Mail.
So I got on to Goodreads and added it to...more
Aug 30, 2013
Jan 10, 2011
Sharp Objects
Attention! I'm starting this review off with a blanket recommendation:
In order to enjoy the full impact Gillian Flynn's novels, it is imperative that...more
Nov 19, 2012
Oct 31, 2012
Into the Darkest Corner
I may not have read this book at the right time.
After a couple of Gillian Flynn novels, I seem to have over-saturated on the old suspense formula.
Sep 27, 2012
Sep 10, 2012
The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller, #1)
It's been a very long time since I last read Michael Connelly. Way back
when he was virtually unknown I had somehow heard about him and loved
his first...more
Oct 14, 2011
Dec 10, 2009
Lost Girls
This is the third novel from Andrew Pyper I have read, which was his first.
The Guardians still remains my favourite of his, and one of my best reads o...more
Jun 06, 2014
Jan 17, 2014
Prayers for Rain (Kenzie & Gennaro, #5)
I don't have many regrets, but one that I do have is having watched Mystic River when I did.
I had been very familiar with Dennis Lehane at the time, a...more
May 02, 2013
Jan 04, 2013
Birdman (Jack Caffery, #1)
Man, what is it about female mystery writers that makes them come up with the most heinous of crimes? From her bio and picture, Mo Hayder seems like s...more
Mar 03, 2011
Sep 18, 2010
The Bottoms
Joe R. Lansdale is predominantly known as a horror writer, but lookie here: The Bottoms won the Edgar Award (Mystery) for best novel.
Now, despite bei...more
Jan 12, 2011
Feb 08, 2008
The Hunter (Parker, #1)
My first Parker novel!

Ever since reading The Ax by Donald Westlake, I've been interested in reading more of him, and of his alter-ego Richard Stark. E...more
Mar 15, 2013
Nov 08, 2012
A Simple Plan
Excellent escapism!
A man, his brother, and his friend discover a downed single-engine plane in the woods outside of town. The lone pilot is dead and...more
Jan 1995
Feb 07, 2008
Speaks the Nightbird (Matthew Corbett, #1)
I had been looking forward to reading this for some time. Speaks the Nightbird heralded Robert McCammon's return to writing after a 10-year absence, a...more
May 13, 2011
May 11, 2010
Ritual (Jack Caffery, #3)
I'm sorry to say that Ritual was a disappointment for me.

Mo Hayder hit two grand slams with Birdman and The Treatment. These were two crime thrillers...more
Jul 27, 2012
Jun 06, 2012
One of Us
This is only the fourth MMS (including The Straw Men, by his alter ego, MM) that I've read.
The great thing about this guy is that he has such a rich i...more
Feb 07, 2014
May 18, 2011
Headhunter  (Special X, #1)
Michael Slade is a ghostname for two Vancouver lawyers who specialize in the criminally insane.
Small wonder.

When I finished this novel in the wee hour...more
Jan 1990
Feb 07, 2008
I'm sitting here trying to figure out a way to start this review in much the same way I was staring off into space after finishing the book.

For the fi...more
Jul 22, 2013
Jun 17, 2013
Rules Of Prey  (Lucas Davenport #1)
Years before reading this I had received Shadow Prey as a gift. It was a pretty good read but nothing really special.
In fact, when I first started my...more
Apr 24, 1999
Feb 07, 2008
Night Film
About two hundred pages into this, I had already started to write a review.

It went a little something like this:

Let's get this out of the way right no...more
Feb 24, 2014
Aug 18, 2013
Too Close to Home
This is the second Linwood Barklay novel I've read. I very much enjoyed No Time for Goodbye.

As a whole, I enjoyed this one almost as much, but I found...more
Oct 28, 2013
Sep 16, 2013
The Poet
For years I've been following Susan Dennis' mystery reviews website.
It was through there that I had first heard of Michael Connelly. His Heironymous B...more
Jan 1996
Feb 04, 2008
Postmortem (Kay Scarpetta, #1)
This is the only Cornwell review I'll put here.
This one, her first in the series, is excellent. The story was very good, the forensic investigations w...more
Feb 24, 1998
Feb 04, 2008
No Time for Goodbye
Well, this was very entertaining.

For some reason I had never heard of Linwood Barclay, until some of my Goodreads friends started raving about his lat...more
Sep 15, 2013
Aug 26, 2013
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