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Final Crisis
Everybody's been complaining about this series since it started. So I waited till it hit the library. There was so much potential there and Morrison b ...more
Jun 21, 2009
Jun 21, 2009
I don't know what I was expecting going into this but what I read wasn't it. It was pretty good in a post-Watchmen sense. While it lacks the political ...more
Feb 11, 2009
Feb 22, 2009
All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, Vol. 1
This was a mile curiosity I picked up from the library. I dropped it after the first issue. Somewhere between the second Sin City arc and now, Miller ...more
Jul 13, 2008
Jul 14, 2008
The Alcoholic
I liked this one. The art and flow are really smooth. I think it's the best thing Dean's done to date. This is one of my top ten favorites for the yea ...more
Nov 29, 2008
Nov 29, 2008
Bottomless Belly Button
3.5 rating. Another library read. At times the overuse of descriptions of sound, movement, etc. got irritating. Bordering lazy on the part of Shaw. Al ...more
Aug 03, 2008
Aug 03, 2008
Northlanders, Vol. 1: Sven the Returned
This was a pretty good library read and an alright kickoff for the series. What made me hesitate from following it or buying the trade was the interio ...more
Dec 25, 2008
Dec 25, 2008
The New York Four
This is by far the best I've read from the Minx line so far. Wood doesn't coddle the audience any. Which is why the writing on this surpasses the Plai ...more
Oct 16, 2008
Oct 18, 2008
No Dead Time
I'm the artist on this book. No Dead Time is a surreal romantic comedy about office work, record shops, and spitting in the face of corporations. One ...more
Aug 2003
Jan 20, 2008
Beasts! Book One
This is the most bizarre ideosyncratic collection of art I've ever seen. I safely checked this out of the library before buying it and I can assuredly ...more
not set
Jul 02, 2008
King-Cat Classix
I first happened upon John's stuff at S.P.A.C.E. and it was a revelation. He marvels in the mundane and those little minutes. It's almost akin to goin ...more
not set
Jun 23, 2008
Three Shadows
Wish I could rank this 2.5 stars. The art is pretty much what's sold me on this book. It is stunning. The page flow at times is confusing and jarring ...more
Jul 27, 2008
Jul 27, 2008
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 (Mouse Guard, #1)
picked this up from the library and was disappointed. The pacing and flow were too jaring. Leaving me confused at times. The line art was fine. The co ...more
Mar 19, 2008
Mar 22, 2008
I'm one of the artists on this book. This book collects some of Dara's earlier shorts that ran on Komikworks as a webcomic. I think it's interesting a ...more
Oct 2005
Jan 20, 2008
The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt
I was researching something else at the library and came across this gem. This is some great fringe reading. I don't know if I really believe the guy ...more
Jul 2004
Jan 21, 2008
Demo: The Collected Edition
This is probably my favorite's from Wood's catalog of amazing. I own the entire run. He's grown so much since then with DMZ. Merging what he's learned ...more
not set
Jun 18, 2008
Catwoman, Vol. 1: The Dark End of the Street
As of this series, Brubaker in my mind is the go-to guy to revive dead characters. I have no idea how he does it but he's done it with Captain America ...more
not set
Jun 18, 2008
MOME Summer 2005 (MOME, #1)
Like all the Mome's: would vastly improve without the inclusion of Robert Crumb's daughter in every bloody edition. Sucking the life out of what would ...more
not set
Jan 21, 2008
Y: The Last Man, Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons (Y: The Last Man, #8)
I read volumes 1 through 8 straight through. It really sucks you in. It's by either 7 or 8 that the gag started to get a little stale. I wanted to sla ...more
not set
Jun 18, 2008
The Hero With a Thousand Faces
Another great book for writers as well as armchair mythologists. Campbell distills the myth/story down to it's basic elements. Siting numerous example ...more
Mar 1996
Mar 20, 2008
Speak of the Devil
This is the one that won me over on Gilbert. I always found Love & Rockets intimidating because it's so long. By the time I was aware of it, the s ...more
Jun 18, 2008
Jul 26, 2008
No Formula: Stories from the Chemistry Set, Volume 1
One of hopefully many collections of stories collected from the Chemistry Set group. This anthology collects some of the webcomics from the group. I'v ...more
not set
Jun 22, 2008
The End of Print: The Graphic Design of David Carson
I loved this designer in the 90's. Looking upon his stuff now, it seems so dated. Probably because he was so imitated that it obliterated his work. Th ...more
not set
Jun 23, 2008
This book was a really smooth read. I read this book before I was aware it was initially a british tv show that Gaiman had done. The book was better. ...more
Aug 1999
Jan 20, 2008
Get a Life
This book read so smooth. I became an instant fan. I do love a good breezy turn at european comics.

Now if only D&Q could get the rights to print C
not set
Jun 25, 2008
Monologues for the Coming Plague
I enjoyed it as a library read. It's highly amusing but the art and the pacing make it an incredibly fast read for the price. I love Nilsen's work but ...more
Sep 2006
Jan 20, 2008
The Tourist
I really liked this one. Aside from what I've written before about him, he alway's picks interesting artists to pair up with. Very different stylistic ...more
not set
Jun 18, 2008
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
I thought this book was better than Blankets. Seriously. Fun Home's a wonderful memoir of Allison's coming to terms with her father's sexual orientati ...more
Nov 2006
Jan 20, 2008
24seven: Volume 2
I'm one of the artists on this book. One of many in this wonderful anthology set in the world of Ivan Brandon's NYC Mech. High concept- robots behavin ...more
Jun 2007
Jan 20, 2008
I'm slowly becoming a Gilbert Hernandez fan. I'm still not completely sold on the art but it's the writing that sells it. Speak of the Devil was the t ...more
Jul 26, 2008
Jul 26, 2008
Curses: Glenn Ganges Stories
Kevin's one of my favorite cartoonists working today. I personally think he's better than Chris Ware. Curses collects some of his work that's appeared ...more
Aug 2006
Jan 20, 2008
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