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As some of you may know, a few years ago I set myself the challenge of reading all the books that had ever won the booker prize. I had at that point a
May 27, 2012
May 25, 2012
“Because now there's time enough not to hurry, to light the lamp and open the window to the moon and take a moment to dream of a great and broken city ...more
Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012
How to Be a Woman
If it hadn't been for the fact that this was chosen by someone at my book group, I would never have read it. I knew it wasn't my kind of book. I am qu ...more
Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011
These Foolish Things
I am glad that finally after a very long time on mnt toobie - I have got around to reading this novel. It is a real delight, and it I have discovered ...more
Jan 2008
Jan 20, 2008
The Blind Man's Garden
Having read each of Nadeem Aslam’s previous novels with great enjoyment, I bought this one in hardback almost as soon as it was released. His novel Ma ...more
Mar 2013
Feb 25, 2013
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
“Mrs Palfrey first came to the Claremont Hotel on a Sunday afternoon in January. Rain had closed in over London, and her taxi sloshed along the almost ...more
Nov 10, 2012
May 30, 2009
Elizabeth and Her German Garden
Described as a novel, Elizabeth and her German Garden has the feel of a memoir. Written in the form of a diary, it was Elizabeth von Arnim’s first nov ...more
Jul 2015
Jun 28, 2015
The Two Mrs. Abbotts
When I finished reading Miss Buncle Married – I felt I wanted to read the next book – The Two Mrs Abbotts right away. I found out that Persephone are ...more
Nov 03, 2012
Oct 31, 2012
The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters
really don't know where to begin in reviewing this stupendous work. I am fascinated by the Mitfords - and I have read several books about them or by ...more
Jun 30, 2010
May 21, 2010
Sapphira and the Slave Girl
Sapphira and the Slave girl was my classic club spin book result. I am currently on something of a Cather kick, this is the second Willa Cather novel ...more
Mar 24, 2014
Mar 22, 2014
The Magician
This is certainly a novel worth persevering with. The beginning is dare I say dull, and for a little while it drags, but then suddenly it develops int ...more
Sep 2008
Jan 25, 2009
Orlando was chosen by my book group – and although we don’t meet to discuss it until the 26th I wanted to avoid the usual last minute rushed reading t ...more
Feb 10, 2015
Feb 07, 2015
Drawing heavily on what is known about Thomas Hardy’s later years and the first production of the play ‘Tess’ –Christopher Nicholson has written a nov ...more
Mar 08, 2014
Mar 04, 2014
I won’t be at all surprised if ‘Perfect’ isn’t the book that gets people talking this summer. Rachel Joyce’s first novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Ha ...more
Jun 29, 2013
Jun 27, 2013
The Woodlanders
The Woodlanders is the latest read in my on-going Hardy challenge. Several friends and I have been reading (or re-reading in my case) all of Hardy’s f ...more
Mar 04, 2013
Mar 01, 2013
Absent In The Spring
Having read so many Agatha Christie novels - I have not (untill now) read any of the Mary Westmacott books. I know from a biography I read recently th ...more
not set
Apr 11, 2010
Dimanche and Other Stories
Persephone publishes a number of collections of short stories – and they are generally the kind of short stories I love. Dimanche and other stories we ...more
Dec 07, 2013
Dec 04, 2013
A Song for Issy Bradley
Received from the publishers in return for an honest review

I seem to have been hearing people talk about this book on Twitter for months – and it’s no
Jun 15, 2014
Jun 14, 2014
Wessex Tales
By now I think I must have made it fairly obvious that I love Thomas Hardy, and so I was looking forward to my re-reading of this superb collection of ...more
May 13, 2013
Dec 12, 2010
Jamaica Inn
What is it about tales of smugglers, wreakers and pirates that is so deliciously compelling? Even now, in a landlocked city in the 21st century, these ...more
May 18, 2013
May 15, 2013
The Soul of Kindness
I read this book a couple of weeks ago in fact – and have simply saved this review to post now. Hopefully I have avoided any spoilers – as I know a lo ...more
Aug 21, 2012
Aug 19, 2012
The Twelve Clues of Christmas (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #6)
As I came to the end of the last week at school – I was so exhausted I needed something undemanding and cosy to read – I had been planning to read Aga ...more
Dec 22, 2013
Dec 18, 2013
Hons and Rebels: The Classic Memoir of One of Last Century's Most Extraordinary Families
It's quite surprising that I hadn't read this book before - as I have become a little addicted to reading about the mad bad Mitfords. This is a really ...more
Dec 31, 2010
Dec 31, 2010
On the Side of the Angels
During the Second World War Betty Miller’s husband was commissioned as a Major in the RAMC – a war office posting which lead Betty to write On the Sid ...more
Jan 29, 2014
Jan 26, 2014
Quartet in Autumn

When I first read Quartet in Autumn I think I found it a little sad – veering towards depressing. Maybe this is the kind of book that one needs to be
Jun 21, 2013
Jun 18, 2013
The Moorland Cottage
Prior to coming upon this book recently, I had thought I had read all Elizabeth Gaskell’s novels and most of her short stories years ago, I re-read Cr ...more
Oct 09, 2012
Oct 07, 2012
This novel is very different to any of Elizabeth Taylor's work. I have only read 3 of her novels - and have another 2 TBR - but this stand out as bein ...more
Jul 07, 2012
Oct 03, 2010
Queen Lucia
I’m not quite sure how I have managed to make it to my advanced age without ever having read any of E F Benson’s Mapp and Lucia books - but there it i ...more
Apr 09, 2013
Apr 06, 2013
Lost and Found
For some reason I wasn’t sure I would like this book all that much, which only goes to prove that prejudging things is never good idea. Of course I wa ...more
Feb 22, 2013
Feb 20, 2013
Careless People: Murder, Mayhem and the Invention of The Great Gatsby

Following my recent re-read of The Great Gatsby this newly published book – which is really the biography of that novel – was crying ou
Aug 23, 2013
Aug 20, 2013
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