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Love Is a Mix Tape
it was amazing
Oh man, shucks.
I loved this book.
I could say that the story arc could have been stronger or that he could have talked about mixtapes more (even though
Jul 08, 2009
Aug 26, 2007
The Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia
really liked it
Like Laura Miller asserts, even in her title, and sticks to very evenly throughout the book, one usually comes with a prejudiced eye to the Chronicle ...more
Jan 12, 2009
Dec 27, 2008
What's Wrong with the World
really liked it
Oh Chesterton.
You are pretty freaking clever guy, and I love how much you love the poor and think women are glorious generalists and men have sort of
Aug 03, 2008
Apr 02, 2008
Heaven to Betsy (Betsy-Tacy, #5)
liked it
This book is just fine. But there's too much change! Ah!
First of all, Betsy moves! And then, because of that...

My main qualm is that there is way way
Sep 15, 2012
Sep 12, 2012
Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love
it was ok
Eh. Ok, the concept is great, the book layout is great (picture with pithy quote, summary, another pithy quote) , the serendipity of finding it on the ...more
Aug 14, 2011
Jul 26, 2011
Silhouette of a Sparrow
really liked it
Tipping the Velvet PG! In Minnesota! Written by a Grinnellian!
The story of a bird-lover and the flapper she befriends/loves while in the resort town o
Oct 23, 2012
Oct 12, 2012
Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul
really liked it
Apparently my papa read this book on a 3-day silent retreat and came home and raved about it. I vaguely remember this and thinking it sounded weird. S ...more
Oct 25, 2009
Oct 22, 2009
That Hideous Strength (Space Trilogy, #3)
it was amazing
That Hideous Strength is the final book in the C.S. Lewis's Ransom trilogy. The first two books find Ransom on Mars and then Venus, exploring their fl ...more
Aug 2007
Jul 25, 2007
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (Rats of NIMH, #1)
really liked it
So this book is about 1) how great the love of a mom is, 2) the evils of technology, and 3)Excellent animal names. I mean..Mr. Ages? Nicodemu
Feb 20, 2015
Mar 30, 2013
Swimming with Scapulars: True Confessions of a Young Catholic
really liked it
This book is basically about my family.
Ok, maybe Matthew's a little more orthodox, but I really appreciated the voice of someone who is smart and crit
Apr 06, 2008
Jan 13, 2008
Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There
liked it
My feelings on this book are mixed, though I think I maintain my affection for David Brooks. He explores the culture of bourgeois bohemianism and it's ...more
Feb 22, 2009
Feb 01, 2009
Betsy-Tacy (Betsy-Tacy, #1)
it was amazing
So I had heard about this in passing many times up in Minneapolis, I think there are things in the Children's Department named after Lovelace or somet ...more
Aug 11, 2012
Aug 10, 2012
Welcome to Utopia: Notes from a Small Town
really liked it
Aw heck yeah, small town America. More specifically, small town Texas. Valby's book started out as a long article for Entertainment Weekly on this lit ...more
Oct 15, 2013
Apr 23, 2013
Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules
really liked it
Full disclosure - I am an extremely monogamous,very married, fairly Catholic-ish now mom of a lovely baby, who has only ever dated one person in their ...more
Nov 15, 2014
Jul 03, 2014
Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life
liked it
Well, Ms. Norris.

The not so great: as she admits early on in the book, this is a subject that she wanted to write about for a very long time, and it s
Feb 27, 2009
Feb 05, 2009
Rabbit, Run (Rabbit Angstrom #1)
liked it

I am sitting next to the Mississippi and I have a mind to throw this book in it right now. I tend to yell at frustrating tv shows, but I found myself
Jun 17, 2011
Dec 08, 2009
The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time
liked it
So yeah. I need to take a rest from things that have been recommended to me by relatively mass media. Fresh Air, you had a pretty good interview with ...more
Jul 27, 2010
Apr 03, 2010
Virtually Normal
really liked it
I wouldn't say I "really liked this", but it was indeed quite well written and fairly reasoned. He lays out different camps --

1) Prohibitionist -- fo
Jul 21, 2012
Apr 20, 2010
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment
liked it
I can't fight it! I really want to read this!
I saw a lady reading it on the bus and the girls at my work talked about it! And I never read this sort o
May 11, 2009
Apr 08, 2009
Face2Face: Using Social Media to Make Great Customer Connections
really liked it
This book was pretty great for a professional development on social media sort of thing. It didn't get bogged down in technicalities but it also didn' ...more
Nov 12, 2012
Nov 11, 2012
really liked it
You know I love the Internet as much as the next guy. And I don't worry myself to much about the devolution of language. And I'd probably watch a show ...more
Jul 16, 2012
Apr 23, 2011
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
liked it
Blahhhhh. This took me FOREVER to get through. I read a Large Print copy of it and I think that made it feel even longer. So, yeah. I basically view m ...more
Nov 11, 2012
Sep 05, 2012
The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
really liked it
This was a damn good book.
Maybe "good" isn't the right word for it, but, well, Roddy D. was spot-on at getting a regular woman's voice to come through
Dec 18, 2011
Dec 13, 2011
The Sisters Brothers
really liked it
Alright! I picked this one out for my book club with the sole reason for choosing it being that it was a book I would never choose to read on my own. ...more
May 21, 2013
May 10, 2013
Wooden Shoe Hollow: Charlotte Pieper's Cincinnati German Novel
really liked it
Huh. This book chronicles the life of a Cincinnati German community, around the turn of the century and their adventures in gardening, family-raising, ...more
Aug 31, 2008
May 11, 2008
The Cloister Walk
it was amazing
I got the chills approximately every 5 minutes reading this book. Norris meanders through her stays in a Benedictine monastery in Minnesota, her t
Jan 2008
Jan 05, 2008
Guarding the Moon: A Mother's First Year
really liked it
What I wanted Tori Amos's book to be, really. Mystical, practical, honest, yet artful. FLB is kind of like a less totally mean version of Tori anyway. ...more
Jan 29, 2009
Jan 06, 2009
Blood Roses
really liked it
Ah the darker FLB stuff. I like you so much. I loved the story about the girl who kissed a boy which turned her into a giant and how the story didn't ...more
Jan 24, 2009
Jan 24, 2009
Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood
really liked it
This method-ish was mentioned by the moms in my church group, and it's easy to see why -- it's got a slightly old-fashioned tone that probably resonat ...more
Mar 10, 2015
Mar 19, 2015
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems
really liked it
From skimming this tome, I learned that my kid basically does not have sleep problems and I should calm the hell down. :) I can see it being useful, a ...more
Jan 30, 2015
Jan 30, 2015
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