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Dragon Rider
I tried very hard to get into this book, but like Ink Heart it just didn't catch me. Something about the way Funke writes puts a distance between me a ...more
Feb 24, 2008
Feb 14, 2008
The Mysterious Benedict Society (The Mysterious Benedict Society, #1)
Reynie, Kate, Sticky, and Constance are four very gifted children with a mission. They call themselves The Mysterious Benedict Society and together th ...more
Apr 14, 2008
Feb 24, 2008
Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)
I fell into this book so thoroughly that I both wanted and dreaded the ending. So frustrating! I want the fourth book to be out now and it's killing m ...more
Feb 16, 2009
Feb 16, 2009
What is the story? Elsewhere is an idea spun into a book and then left floundering as the author seeks to fill pages. There is no story here - no cohe ...more
May 17, 2008
May 18, 2008
The Black Tattoo
Jack's best friend Charlie has been sucked into a demon-fighting secret brotherhood and Jack's just along for the ride. Charlie suddenly has super-pow ...more
Apr 19, 2008
Feb 07, 2008
Raven's Gate (The Gatekeepers, #1)
Fourteen-year-old Matt Freeman is an orphan in a lot of trouble. After he's caught stealing he is funneled into the LEAF system, a new program that En ...more
Apr 10, 2008
Feb 24, 2008
Jean Honeychurch, also known as Jinx thanks to her rotten luck, has just moved in with her Aunt & Uncle in New York. From small town preacher's da ...more
Feb 2008
Jan 26, 2008
Little Brother (Little Brother, #1)
Like many books, this one started with a lot of promise and quickly fizzled. I followed through until the end, however, hoping for some redeeming fact ...more
Jun 03, 2008
May 01, 2008
The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, #1)
I got about a quarter through this book and then had to put the thing down. The story itself has some promise but the writing is too clunky for me. Th ...more
Apr 30, 2008
Mar 24, 2008
The Sweet Far Thing (Gemma Doyle, #3)
In the final book of the Gemma Doyle trilogy, the Order, the Rakshana and the creatures of the realms all want one thing - the magic. Gemma is caught ...more
Feb 05, 2008
Jan 13, 2008
Something from the Nightside (Nightside, #1)
I made it halfway through this book before having to abandon it. I just couldn't get into the story and the characters had me rolling my eyes and impa ...more
Jan 21, 2009
Jan 21, 2009
Blue Noon (Midnighters, #3)
In the final book of the Midnighter's trilogy, the blue time is beginning to fracture and fall apart. The five Midnighters, Dess, Jonathan, Jessica, M ...more
Apr 11, 2008
Feb 25, 2008
Stormbreaker (Alex Rider, #1)
I picked up Stormbreaker on impulse, based on the popularity of the book. I didn't really expect to enjoy it as I've never been a big James Bond fan a ...more
Sep 23, 2008
Sep 23, 2008
Heir Apparent (Rasmussem Corporation, #2)
I'll be honest, I mostly picked up this audiobook because it was narrated by Carine Montreband and I was so in love with the Uglies books by Westerfel ...more
Mar 28, 2008
Mar 24, 2008
Jumper: Griffin's Story
Griffin is a jumper, he can teleport from one place to another. It's a handy trick, but also a dangerous one. Griffin's family is in hiding from a mys ...more
Mar 17, 2008
Feb 27, 2008
So Yesterday
This is one of Westerfeld's earlier YA novels. That shows in the writing. So Yesterday lacks the fast pace, engaging characters and tight plot typical ...more
Feb 19, 2008
Feb 14, 2008
Cat o' Nine Tales: The Jane Yellowrock Stories
A collection of 13 short stories from the Jane Yellowrock series, including several new stories and several previously published pieces. I love all of ...more
Dec 15, 2013
Dec 18, 2013
This was my first Gaiman book and I went in with high expectations given all the praise I've read about the author. This is one of his earlier novels ...more
Feb 14, 2008
Feb 06, 2008
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
This is my second time reading Twilight. I really liked it the first time and eagerly read the second and third books. Time and distance jaded me a bi ...more
Jan 26, 2010
Jan 29, 2010
Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle, #2)
In this is sequel to Libba Bray's excellent YA fantasy novel, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Gemma, Felicity and Anne venture to London over the Christm ...more
Jan 31, 2008
Jan 13, 2008
Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1)
I wanted to like Sirantha Jax and March. I tried desperately to like them but from beginning to end they feel like shallow cardboard characters withou ...more
Nov 19, 2010
Oct 21, 2010
This Will Kill You: A Guide to the Ways in Which We Go
The authors approached the heavy topic of death with a very light hand and lots of dark humor. This book is presented as a reference manual with secti ...more
May 26, 2009
May 06, 2009
Blue is for Nightmares (Blue is for Nightmares, #1)
Stacey's friend and roommate, Drea, is being stalked by a killer. It's up to Stacey to help Drea survive by using the witchcraft and simple spells her ...more
Oct 28, 2009
Oct 08, 2009
The Night Circus
The Night Circus is the new hot book that everyone just has to read. I was intrigued by the book jacket so willing to give it a try despite the hype a ...more
Mar 02, 2012
Sep 09, 2011
Fly by Night (Fly By Night, #1)
Mosca Mye and her goose Saracen are certainly an odd couple of heros, but charming ones none the less. The underlying story is a good one with lots of ...more
May 21, 2008
Feb 25, 2008
The Seer of Shadows
I've heard really good things about Avi and the premise of the book was intriguing so I decided to give it a try. The writing was competent if lack-lu ...more
Mar 30, 2009
Mar 30, 2009
Wyrd Sisters (Discworld, #6)
In Wyrd Sisters we're introduced to Granny Weatherwax. Granny and two other witches have formed a tiny coven, and though witches are largely anti-soci ...more
Apr 24, 2008
Apr 24, 2008
Poison Study (Study, #1)
Yelena escapes execution for the crime of murder only when she agrees to become the new food taster for Ixia's Commander. With each bite she risks dea ...more
Aug 13, 2008
Apr 29, 2008
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street (The Penderwicks, #2)
In this second Penderwick book the Penderwick children are faced with a horrible prospect: their dad starting to date again.

The plot was quite obviou
Oct 04, 2009
Jun 19, 2009
Jellicoe Road
I rarely give out five stars, that is reserved for books that really, really catch me. Books that make me look at the world differently or that just s ...more
Jun 12, 2009
Feb 11, 2009
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