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Splendor (Luxe, #4)
Stupid, stupid ending to the series. I wasn't that invested in the series and I still managed to be dumbfounded by how poorly it ended....more
Dec 2009
Feb 03, 2010
The Princetta
ZERO STARS. One of the worst books I have ever read (bottom 10 for sure, probably even makes bottom 3). Poorly written and paced, cliche and pointless...more
Jun 2009
Jun 16, 2009
The Forgotten Locket (Hourglass Door, #3)
This isn't really a review because I just don't have the energy to think about and articulate everything that was wrong with this book. Usually I devo...more
Nov 2011
Nov 29, 2011
Devil's Kiss (Devil's Kiss, #1)
I roll my eyes at this book. Plot holes, but even more plot opportunities left untaken (not exactly to the level of a "Chekov's gun", but he could hav...more
Oct 19, 2009
Oct 20, 2009
The Dragon Heir (The Heir Chronicles, #3)
**spoiler alert** A huge disappointment. Writing was choppy and jumped all over the place. Spent too much time writing about stuff that would end up b...more
Nov 27, 2008
Nov 12, 2008
Meridian (Fenestra, #1)
2.5 stars. Interesting concept, original idea. Looks like it will be a series and I would be curious about the sequel. On the downside, not enough cha...more
Oct 23, 2009
Oct 20, 2009
Storm Glass (Glass, #1)
Author has a pretty good sense for storyline plot ideas, but execution is weak at best. Character development is especially lacking (at least for seco...more
Sep 08, 2009
Sep 10, 2009
Immortal (Immortal, #1)
This book started out quite good. Different from most of the young adult lit I've been reading lately (has that more traditional gothic romance vibe)....more
Sep 28, 2009
Oct 01, 2009
The Off Season (Dairy Queen, #2)
**spoiler alert** I thought this was a good follow-up to the first book. The author uses a unique voice/ style of writing that I liked. I think the is...more
Jan 2008
Jan 07, 2008
Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (and America, Too!)
A good book about a very important topic. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that it gave FAR too many graphic examples of the sex-obsess...more
Jul 2010
Jun 16, 2009
A decent read. Well-written, one of the better takes on this fairytale-- quite original. Many of the pages devoted to the middle of the story should h...more
Oct 31, 2009
Nov 02, 2009
The Amaranth Enchantment
I really enjoyed this one, which is saying something considering I've been in kind of a crusty mood when it comes to critiques. Ending could have been...more
Nov 2009
Nov 02, 2009
City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2)
Not for K, at least not yet. Probably 15+. At least the same content/darkness level as Twilight and probably more. Shadier portrayal of character's mo...more
May 2009
Jun 16, 2009
City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)
Not for K, at least not yet. Probably 15+. At least the same content/darkness level as Twilight and probably more. Shadier portrayal of character's mo...more
not set
Jun 16, 2009
Wondrous Strange (Wondrous Strange, #1)
Dawnetta-- brief strong language (1 s-word and 2 b-words, I think...) but otherwise probably okay for K. I'm getting this book mixed up with another o...more
Sep 2009
Oct 01, 2009
Queen of Babble in the Big City (Queen of Babble, #2)
Read this book after someone told me that it didn't have the sexual content that bothered me in the first book. It's true that it was milder than in t...more
Jun 2009
Aug 07, 2009
Ruined (Ruined, #1)
A surprising read. I would have like the ending to be slightly different, but overall I really liked it. Different from my normal fare.

Dawnetta-- som...more
Oct 2009
Oct 01, 2009
Sabriel (Abhorsen,  #1)
2.5 stars?? It's not that I disliked this series-- it was alright. I also really enjoyed the unique world Nix creates. For the most part I liked the c...more
Feb 2007
Jan 08, 2008
The Lady and the Lion
Beautiful pictures
Aug 2009
Aug 28, 2009
The Magic Thief (Magic Thief, #1)
Fun story. Good low-level (age, not ability) reader. Best for grades 5-8?
Nov 04, 2009
Nov 02, 2009
Not for K. It's a dark fairytale to start with and the whole book has a rather dark tone/disturbing events. Descriptions of medieval witchcraft/ritual...more
Jun 13, 2008
Jun 24, 2008
The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus, #1)
I really liked this series, but it is definitely darker/ deals with hard concepts. Some of the story was hard to read (like in a sometimes-I-can't-sta...more
Jul 2007
Jan 03, 2008
The Merchant of Death (Pendragon, #1)
This book was OK... I don't really think the way he narrates it is the most effective way to tell the story, but improves towards the end. I deals wit...more
Jan 2008
Jan 03, 2008
I Am the Messenger
Adult content, disturbing situations, some language. Plain language discussions of sexual acts, including a rape. Not played up for titillation, but s...more
Jun 2009
Feb 01, 2008
Dragon's Keep
3.5 stars. Some talk of witchcraft/sorcery. Some medieval flavor-of-life material (like Catherine Called Birdy but not as much). OK for K and R, I thi...more
Nov 2007
Jan 04, 2008
Queen of Babble Gets Hitched (Queen of Babble, #3)
Complete crap. Lizzie Nichols was a pretty fun character in the first two books, but she just goes to pieces in this one. Biggest turn off (other than...more
Jun 2009
Aug 07, 2009
I don't remember much about this book except that I did like it (sad what more than a decade passing will do, isn't it). It's kind of a historical fic...more
not set
Jan 09, 2008
You Know Where to Find Me
Manymanymanymany drug references (including HOW to use them), most glorying in the wonders of prescription-abuse highs. A drug induced suicide, one mi...more
Jul 2008
Jul 07, 2008
The City of Ember (Book of Ember, #1)
I really liked this one. It's young adult, but it actually discusses some pretty complex questions about society, politics, psychology etc. I think th...more
Dec 2006
Jan 08, 2008
The Book Thief
Amazing book. Beautifully written. A fair bit of language (quite a bit of it not in English, the rest of it mostly the lord's-name-in-vain variety), d...more
Jan 2008
Jan 04, 2008
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