Pedro Páramo
In his novel "Pedro Paramo," Juan Rulfo manipulates the central theme of haunting memories to evoke the notion of a past that eternally lingers in the ...more
Jan 28, 2012
Jan 31, 2012
Krik? Krak!
Danticat offers a beautiful rendering of Haitian life, in a novel that utterly evokes the many shades of suffering. Tears, the author demonstrates, ar ...more
Mar 07, 2012
Mar 08, 2012
Miguel Street
Naipaul effectively pieces together the individual stories of various members of Miguel Street, as observed through the central narrator--a young man ...more
Feb 29, 2012
Mar 01, 2012
The Lost Steps
Update: March 2013
Though I read this a year ago, this second time gave me the chance to savor Carpentier's language in its original form. Though my op
Feb 20, 2013
Apr 01, 2012
Como agua para chocolate
En Como agua para chocolate, Laura Esquivel logra transmitir una historia de amor entre las recetas tradicionales de platos que influyen a las vidas d ...more
Mar 29, 2013
Apr 01, 2013
The House of the Spirits
La casa de los espíritus por Isabel Allende es una novela que enlace y une a los trozos históricos de las familias del Valle, Trueba y García. Este ar ...more
Mar 23, 2013
Mar 25, 2013
Del amor y otros demonios
Quizás sea mi parcialidad a las historias románticas que me haga decir esto, pero realmente siento que Del amor y otros demonios por Gabriel García Má ...more
Mar 12, 2013
Mar 25, 2013
El túnel
This novella is told in a stream-of-consciousness style by the character of Juan Pablo Castel, a psychologically disturbed painter who narrates the mo ...more
Jan 13, 2013
Jan 21, 2013
One Hundred Years of Solitude
With "100 Years of Solitude," Gabriel Garcia Marquez provides a novel that is texturally rich in language and description, with a literary fluidity th ...more
Mar 19, 2012
Mar 20, 2012
Gabriela, Clavo y Canela
In "Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon," Jorge Amado constructs a layered portrait of 1920's Brazilian culture and life in the frontier town of Ilheus, demo ...more
Feb 13, 2012
Feb 16, 2012
The Kingdom of This World
Though Carpentier richly portrays the history surrounding the Haitian Revolution and successfully describes the unending cycle of human suffering and ...more
Jan 22, 2012
Jan 24, 2012
Honestamente, no tengo mucho que expresar sobre esta novela. Solo pudiera hablar sobre lo único y lo interesante que fue leer un relato escrita comple ...more
Feb 03, 2013
Apr 01, 2013
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Mar 04, 2013