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Meeting Destiny (Destiny, #1)
I loved the first 98% of this book. I really like how i was hook with just the first page i could not put it down. The charaters are awesome, the plot...more
Feb 07, 2012
Feb 07, 2012
Hide & Seek (Games of Zeus, #1)
I love this book. It has wonderful characters you just cant help but love and the story its self is not one that you have read over and over again in...more
Feb 02, 2012
Jan 19, 2012
Maycly (Hidden Earth, #1) (Maycly the Trilogy, #1-3)
This book was not for me I just could not get into it but i read the whole thing. This book seemed to me like it would have been i good story if the c...more
May 03, 2012
Apr 23, 2012
Betrayal's Shadow (The Guardians of Eden, #1)
wow that is the word for this book. It blow my socks off. It's a nail biter that captured my attention from the very first. I love the Characters the...more
Mar 11, 2012
Mar 08, 2012
This book is great fast paced and has a great ending. I just wish it was longer. I hope that Shirelle Higgins writes more about this world that she ha...more
Apr 09, 2012
Apr 09, 2012
Soul Protector (Soul Protector #1)
First this book is a very emotional book. Not alot of Romance in it. I really liked the characters I wish we had seen more about sp and csp. To me it...more
May 03, 2012
Apr 23, 2012
My Enchanted Life
I Love this book it is wonderful. Great characters , wonderful plot it flows very well. I picked this book up and could not put it down. I Hope there...more
Feb 09, 2012
Feb 09, 2012
The Legacy of Kilkenny (Legacy of Kilkenny, #1)
This book has the potential to be really good. I liked the plot it was the characters that kept me for giving this book a better rating. They came off...more
Jan 23, 2012
Jan 14, 2012
The Apocalypse Gene
I Love this book. It is so different from what a normally read. I was hook on the very first page i just could not get enough i hope that there are mo...more
Feb 21, 2012
Feb 19, 2012
Desperate Betrayal
I really liked this book i had a hard time putting it down to cook dinner. and I can't wait to read more of Hildie McQueen's books so far this is the...more
Mar 29, 2012
Mar 28, 2012
Immortal Desires (Well of Souls)
Laura Eno dose is again another book i just could not put down. By the end of the this book i was laughing and crying. the plot and characters are won...more
Mar 22, 2012
Mar 22, 2012
Visions of Skyfire (Awakening, #2)
When i frist started this book i thought it would take time to get into but no i was sucked in from the frist.
I really love the way this book sets up...more
Jan 02, 2012
Dec 31, 2011
Wicked Sinners (Sinners, #2)
I so Wanted to love this book but i just could not get into it. It so short and compact i felt like it has missing key pieces of the story. I did like...more
Feb 08, 2012
Feb 08, 2012
Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire, #1)
I liked this book it is different from other vampire books i have read but its different in a good way. i like the way heroin has to deal with things...more
Jan 09, 2012
Jan 09, 2012
Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #12)
there are not enough words for how good his book is it made me laugh and cry. all i can say is thank you Sherrilyn Kenyon for this wonderful book. It...more
not set
Nov 03, 2013
Temptation's Trail (Texas Series, #1)
i love this book i want this in ebook form so bad i have worn out 2 paperback copys it is one of my favorite books i will read it over and over again
May 10, 2012
Jun 23, 2012
Darker After Midnight (Midnight Breed, #10)
I love this series this book is one of the best i just hope that its not the end of this series i need more there just to good to let go.
Feb 03, 2012
Feb 03, 2012
The Hellion Bride (Brides, #2)
This book was good but i dont think it was as good as some of her others it just didn't capture the magic of the other. But it is still a good read
Jan 02, 2012
Dec 30, 2011
Hidden Path Oracle Kit
this is a wonderful set that goes with The Well Worn Path set i love them both and use them togeather
not set
Jan 05, 2012
Shepherd's Moon (The Shepherds, #1)
I realy liked this book the charters are so full of life and the plot just sucks you right in I hope to see more of this charters. this book is great.
Mar 21, 2012
Mar 14, 2012
Devil's Bride (Cynster, #1)
i'm hooked on this family i can't belive i had this on the book shelf and had not read them yet so good
Jan 16, 2012
Jan 15, 2012
Vampire Moon (Vampire for Hire, #2)
Im so loving this series it is a true nail biter will sam play nice or is some one going to die.
Jan 10, 2012
Jan 09, 2012
American Vampire (Vampire for Hire, #3)
These book keep pulling you in now i have to read the next one to see what happens next
Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012
Wild Cat (Shifters Unbound, #3)
I love this books Jennifer Ashley knows how to write must read books. They pull you in from the first page.
Jan 09, 2012
Jan 06, 2012
Darkness Dawns (Immortal Guardians, #1)
Love this book kinda reminds me of sherrilyn kenyons books. This book grabs you from the start. Great read
Jan 03, 2012
Jan 01, 2012
Redeeming Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy, #3)
this book is so wonderful it made me laugh and cry at the same time. i highly recommend this book
Feb 29, 2012
Feb 28, 2012
Highland Shifter (MacCoinnich Time Travels, #4)
this book is so good. Please Please Please Catherine Bybee Write more books in this series
Mar 2012
Feb 29, 2012
Moon Child (Vampire for Hire, #4)
I didnt like this book in the begining but as i read on it all worked out.
Jan 11, 2012
Jan 10, 2012
Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians, #2)
Great book it has some cool twists. Dianne Duvall is a new favorite.
Jan 04, 2012
Jan 03, 2012
The Curse of Gremdon
loved it i fell for the characters right form the start. the writing has great flow. the Plot kept me on the edge of my set. i hope there are more boo...more
May 03, 2012
Apr 23, 2012
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