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Deschooling Society
This book challenged my views more than any book I've ever read. Illich's case for the need to deschool society is not only compelling it is transform ...more
Jun 23, 2009
Jun 15, 2009
The Missio Dei Breviary
A great way to start and end my day.
Apr 13, 2009
Mar 09, 2009
"Come Out My People!": God's Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond
Outstanding. Wes Howard-Brook paints a picture of the two prevailing and misunderstood religions present throughout the BIble; not Judaism and Christi ...more
Mar 29, 2011
Jan 02, 2011
Green Christianity: Five Ways to a Sustainable Future
I should have been warned by the title that the book was not about Christian Animism. I though it would, due to a recommendation of the author in a Je ...more
Feb 10, 2014
Feb 08, 2014
Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution
I believe he did not provide much evidence of how evolution and 'orthodox christianity' as he calls it can be merged. He clearly states that he believ ...more
not set
Dec 23, 2007
Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals
Simple. Beautiful. Takes what I already believe and transforms it into something that I can articulate to others.
Mar 13, 2008
Mar 13, 2008
What I Believe
Jacques Ellul impresses me every time. This book is a collection of his thoughts and beliefs on various issues including love, the nature of belief, t ...more
Mar 18, 2009
Feb 07, 2009
Calling the Rainbow Nation Home: A Story of Acceptance and Affirmation
This book was truly inspiring. It begins with the story of a female who was found by God first, then later accepted the fact that she was a homosexual ...more
May 04, 2008
Apr 27, 2008
The Holographic Universe
This book opened my mind to supernatural phenomenon in many different ways. The premise was that our mind may have more control over the material worl ...more
Apr 25, 2012
Apr 05, 2012
The Philadelphia Area Architecture of Horace Trumbauer
I am astounded by the grandiose accomplishments of Trumbauer in a single lifetime. The book paints a picture of his dedication and openness to practic ...more
Mar 18, 2009
Feb 16, 2009
The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
This book was remarkable, brilliant, and broad-scoped. It packed a bigger punch than I expected. I've read plenty of essays by Naomi Klein, but this w ...more
Jun 20, 2014
Apr 03, 2014
Revive Us Again: A Sojourner's Story
This is in my opinion a wonderful autobiography by Jim Wallis about his journey through faith. He was raised a evangelical christian who became disill ...more
Jan 20, 2009
Jan 12, 2009
Unveiling Empire: Reading Revelation Then and Now (Bible & Liberation)
The Book of Revelation is something that has always fascinated me. This book does an excellent job of putting the story of revelation into the correct ...more
Sep 04, 2008
Aug 17, 2008
What about Hitler?: Wrestling with Jesus's Call to Nonviolence in an Evil World
This book reminded me that the what about Hitler question, is pretty irrelevant for pacifists and followers of Jesus. The church should have dealt wit ...more
Feb 05, 2008
Jan 22, 2008
The Paradigm Conspiracy: Why Our Social Systems Violate Human Potential -- And How We Can Change Them
I wouldn't generally give a new-agy book four stars, but I also wouldn't exactly call this book strictly New-Age. The Paradigm Conspiracy did an excel ...more
Dec 15, 2010
Dec 27, 2007
Diagnosis Made Easier, First Edition: Principles and Techniques for Mental Health Clinicians
I'm fairly anti-diagnosis and had to read this book for class, but I must say that it was really good for what it was.
Apr 28, 2011
May 08, 2011
The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing
Is homework useful to kids? or does it take away from the desire to pursue learning. This book is an excellent resource that deals with this question. ...more
Sep 05, 2008
Aug 12, 2008
The Prophetic Imagination
The message of this book is as significant today as it was in 1979. I can see why they decided to reissue this book
Aug 17, 2011
Aug 10, 2011
The Screwtape Letters
I'm not the biggest fan of C.S. Lewis, This book was alright.
Aug 03, 2011
Jul 29, 2011
Finding God in Singing River
I enjoyed this much more than Green Christianity. Wallace dives deeper into animism and deep ecology with this one and doesn't mix it with too much "g ...more
Feb 28, 2014
Feb 12, 2014
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
Black men are the victims of a systematic racial undercast created by the "war on drugs" in the 1980s and fueled by the industrial prison complex. Mic ...more
Nov 2013
Sep 21, 2013
The Debt Resistor's Operations Manual
This is absolutely solid. Must read for anyone who lives in the stolen land that some call the United States
Dec 28, 2012
Dec 11, 2012
Developing Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Behavior Management and Conflict Resolution in Schools
Although I respect a great deal of the content of this book, I still feel like Reality Therapy is bogus, individualistic, dated, and ignores the deepe ...more
Feb 07, 2012
Jan 08, 2012
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
The author was a little too arrogant for my tastes, almost gave it a 3 star because of that; nevertheless, it was a great book.
Nov 30, 2010
Nov 09, 2010
Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!
This poetic critique of civilization is truly spectacular. I recommend this to anyone who wants to understand history from a birds-eye perspective.
Dec 10, 2009
Nov 28, 2009
Great serious of interviews with Noam Chomsky almost immediately after 9-11. He insists that a retaliation to the tragic events is what the attackers ...more
Feb 09, 2008
Jan 14, 2008
Stories: How Mennonites Came to Be
Great reflection on the history of Mennonites in society. Was very interesting. Gives a historical perspective of the rise of anabaptism as well as de ...more
Feb 26, 2008
Dec 23, 2007
The Quality School: Managing Students Without Coercion
I really enjoyed a great deal of this book. Especially where it dealt with attempting to bring education into students' quality world by changing your ...more
Jul 30, 2008
Aug 01, 2008
Chomsky On Anarchism
Simply amazing. Great example of how Chomsky sees anarchy as a long term vision. This is the first Chomsky piece that I have read that really shows wh ...more
Jan 2008
Dec 23, 2007
No Contest: The Case Against Competition
Great critique on competition. Really shows how co-operative learning can work within the classroom, giving examples of how the common problems with c ...more
Oct 2007
Dec 23, 2007
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