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Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair
The response to this book was determined in part before it was even released, and I suspect many potential readers will dismiss it on hearsay about th ...more
Oct 21, 2016
Sep 22, 2016
Wanting in Arabic
really liked it
This book is referentially and structurally dense which isn't typically my preference for poetry, but I think there is good reason for it here -- it w ...more
Jan 27, 2016
Dec 27, 2015
Erratic Facts
it was amazing
It's trite to compare Ryan's work to physical craft but it's still like little carvings with intricate details you don't always notice the first time ...more
Jun 2016
Mar 30, 2016
The Maltese Falcon
really liked it
The Maltese Falcon is a story about Sam Spade, a man beset on all sides by threats to his good-old American masculinity: shameless women, homosexual f ...more
Nov 20, 2016
Nov 17, 2016
High Fidelity
did not like it
'It's a book about a man who's obsessed with pop music, fears women, and is completely insufferable.'

'Cool, so it's about the ways memorization of obs
Jan 06, 2016
Dec 30, 2015
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, Volume 1
really liked it
I haven't been into Transformers since I was a kid but this series is so great. Roberts takes the already-absurd premise of robots that turn into cars ...more
Jun 26, 2017
Jun 25, 2017
She of the Mountains
A lot of the prose didn't work for me -- too much telling, summarizing, distance. But I enjoyed the dual structure of the narrative, and things really ...more
Jan 23, 2017
Jan 20, 2017
really liked it
It would be easy to dismiss this book as a misogynist portrait of a shallow girl artist, but basically everyone in the book is shallow, mean, manipula ...more
Apr 19, 2016
Apr 16, 2016
The Big Sleep
really liked it
The plot is a little circuitous but the dialogue is so good and Marlowe is incredibly likeable as a noir protagonist, rising above a lot of imitations ...more
Feb 24, 2017
Nov 26, 2016
The People of Paper
it was ok
There were a bunch of things I liked here (the mechanical turtles, the lemons, the descriptions of rot and decay) but I got a little over halfway thro ...more
Nov 15, 2016
Jun 25, 2016
The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination
it was amazing
This book is one gut punch after another -- even if you think you know what happened in the plague era of American AIDS history, you truly don't know ...more
Jul 10, 2017
Oct 03, 2016
The Sun Also Rises
really liked it
People characterize Hemingway as all about manly directness and action but most of this book is actually very floaty and almost aimless-feeling, in a ...more
Nov 17, 2016
Nov 04, 2016
Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent
it was amazing
Galeano distanced himself from the prose of the book -- a detailed and history of colonialism in Latin America -- later in life but I found it lively ...more
Sep 25, 2016
Jul 03, 2016
Pussy, King of the Pirates
it was ok
Given that I'm into pirate stories and experimental lesbian writing I feel like I should have liked this more. Maybe I've just been too close to the k ...more
Feb 12, 2017
Feb 03, 2017
Snotgirl, Vol. 1: Green Hair Don't Care
really liked it
Visually it's amazing -- beautiful character designs, outfits, and settings. And it's a pretty charming narrative too, about glamor, superficiality, a ...more
Mar 04, 2017
Mar 03, 2017
How to Win Friends and Influence People
liked it
There is genuinely a lot of useful stuff in here -- broad lessons on dealing with people that are widely applicable. Carnegie has some unfortunate sym ...more
Aug 31, 2016
Aug 14, 2016
Avoidant: How to Love (or Leave) a Dismissive Partner
liked it
Okay, so: there is some really useful information about attachment type theory here. Ironically, the best part of this book is that the author doesn't ...more
Jun 23, 2016
Jun 15, 2016
The Masker
This book might seem to be incredibly modern given the setting (Los Vegas) and subject matter (crossdressing and transition) but actually feels like s ...more
Jun 10, 2016
Jun 09, 2016
When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times
really liked it
I wanted to throw this book across the room at least a half dozen times while reading it and had it been written by someone without Chödrön's compassi ...more
Apr 03, 2017
Mar 20, 2017
Chelsea Girls
it was amazing
Myles' abrupt sentences and meandering narrative structures might not be for everyone, but I really feel like this book is an essential part of lesbia ...more
May 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Time's Arrow
it was ok
Book-length 'but do you get it, though.'
Jul 26, 2016
Jul 19, 2016
The Crown Ain't Worth Much
it was amazing
Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib is such a versatile and skilled poet -- he covers a range of tones, topics, and forms here that's truly incredible. I usually ...more
Feb 18, 2017
Sep 28, 2016
Our Lady of the Flowers
it was amazing
Loved it, less for any value re: existential philosophy and more for its unshrinking depiction of a certain kind of dirty, glamorous, criminal queer l ...more
not set
Nov 26, 2016
The Postman Always Rings Twice
liked it
It's about fate and passion and BDSM and murder and absolutely everyone dies in about 100 pages.
Jan 18, 2017
Nov 26, 2016
Can't and Won't: Stories
it was amazing
A lot of the stories here are a few sentences or even just a single line long -- they feel like tweets, clever little stories or snippets of poetry: " ...more
Jan 06, 2016
Dec 27, 2015
The Good Soldier
really liked it
What starts off as a story of a guy getting cucked and the fundamental unknowability of other people turns out to be a complicated tale told by an unr ...more
Jan 07, 2017
Nov 04, 2016
Latest Readings
it was ok
Some good reading recommendations I guess (though almost exclusively limited to the 20th century white English & American canon), but a lot of the ...more
Nov 05, 2016
Nov 02, 2016
Prostitute Laundry
Shane is an incredible writer and has a real skill for discussing topics like intimacy, money, and sex in ways that dodge the tropes surrounding them. ...more
Mar 21, 2016
Feb 01, 2016
Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work
Sharp, persuasive, and well-researched -- absolutely essential for anyone who wants to understand the contemporary state of sex work as work, and the ...more
Oct 24, 2016
Oct 14, 2016
Double Indemnity
it was ok
It's an enjoyable, brief story but there's a lot afterwards that isn't entirely convincing -- Huff's sudden decision to defraud his company and commit ...more
not set
Nov 26, 2016
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