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Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity
This is much scarier than any STEPHEN KING novel. I KEPT ON ASKING HOW THIS COULD NOT BE FICTION. I knew that Mumbai was impoverished, in the past. Ye ...more
May 05, 2012
Feb 27, 2012
The Paris Wife
Hemingway was a great writer and a star to his generation. As I read The Paris Wife I never understood why Hadley married a boy who had a fling with h ...more
May 05, 2012
Apr 01, 2012
Beautiful Ruins
This sounds silly, but Pasquale had me from "Hello," so to speak as he heaved rocks, a Syssiphean task, to create a tennis court for his newly acquied ...more
Mar 06, 2013
Nov 13, 2012
A Constellation of Vital Phenomena
This novel deserves at least 6 or 7 stars out of 5. I can't stop thinking about the horrors of Chechnya, a country that I probably would have a hard t ...more
Oct 04, 2013
May 08, 2013
The Light Between Oceans
This is really a 3 1/2. I really enjoyed meeting Tom, the lighthouse keeper, a man who could tell no lies. His attention to the light house and Janus ...more
Mar 22, 2013
Mar 15, 2013
The Faraway Nearby
I loved this massive quilt of patchwork essays embroidered with new words, derivations, original ideas, folk lore, stories, and personal truths which ...more
Jan 04, 2014
Jun 15, 2013
I was walking in the pool lane and ran into Charlotte,a summer friend. We asked after each other. We hadn't seen each other for 10 months, and then as ...more
Jun 25, 2013
Apr 26, 2013
Started Early, Took My Dog (Jackson Brodie, #4)
Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosBecause of all the buzz about Kate Atkinson and the great reviews my GR friends gave this book, I decided to give Started Early, Took My Dog a spin. ...more
Apr 03, 2013
Mar 30, 2013
Mary Coin

Mary Coin, a novel by Marisa Silver, is one of my favorite novels. Silver takes base elements like poverty, homelessness,dust storms and love and tran
May 15, 2014
Apr 29, 2014
Life After Life
Life after Life is not an easy read. I've just read two of Atkinson's Brodie Case histories which were just great fun.
Life After Life is not fun. It b
May 04, 2013
Mar 21, 2013
The Space Between Us
The Space Between Us is set in Bombay, India. It is very far away. I am familiar with it only through literature and TV news snippets. Thrifty Umrigar ...more
Jul 02, 2013
Jun 26, 2013
Americanah is the dream of poor people all over the world. There the streets are paved with gold. Education is free and of high quality. How many poor ...more
not set
Apr 20, 2014

Middlemarch is perfect. I loved it! Why can't I write a review? Well, for one thing, every time I look back, I replay the whole wonderful experience.
Apr 02, 2014
Mar 16, 2014
Flight Behavior
I love and admire Kingsolver as an author. She had me at The Bean Tree. When I began Flight Progression, I was immediately taken with the names of cha ...more
Jan 07, 2013
Nov 10, 2012
Peter and Wendy
Barrie had me at page 1.
"All children, except one grow up. They soon know that they will grow up...Mrs. Darling cried,'Oh why can't you remain like th
Sep 12, 2012
Sep 09, 2012
Citizen Vince
I don't usually buy or read books about convicted felons, but I just discovered Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruins. I decided to give Citizen Vinc ...more
not set
Mar 15, 2013
In One Person
John Irving's newest novel has a strong voice. It reads like a memoir. I'm having a difficult time reviewing this book, though I've been reading it fo ...more
May 26, 2012
May 05, 2012
I really enjoyed this book. The description of the Hippies was just as I remembered them. I am a bit too young to have been one, but I remember meetin ...more
Jan 15, 2013
Dec 21, 2012
Pride and Prejudice
I just saw a photo of an exhibit of an exhibit of paintings which Jane Austen might have seen. It spurred me to check if I had reviewed this monumenta ...more
not set
Dec 05, 2011
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
My father was 17 when he enlisted in the Navy during WW II.. As an enlisted sailor he met my mother. They corresponded throughout his years at sea and ...more
Jul 27, 2013
Apr 05, 2013
The Dinner
The Dinner is a fascinating, but creepy novel which takes place in Holland. The Diary of Anne Frank also is set here and there are references to it an ...more
Jun 10, 2014
Jun 09, 2014
The Crimson Petal and the White
This novel transported me to the darkest dirtiest corners and sewers of London in the 1860's. The heroine of this novel is the brilliant jewel, Sugar. ...more
Jan 31, 2014
Apr 27, 2013
The Goldfinch

My 7th grade English teacher said there are only 9 plots. Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch has them all. This does not help it to soar to new heights. I be
Dec 07, 2013
Dec 07, 2013
Bitch In a Bonnet: Reclaiming Jane Austen From the Stiffs, the Snobs, the Simps and the Saps, Volume 1
This was a lot of fun. It takes a look at three novels and deconstructs them in an intelligent, sarcastic, opinionated and snarky way. Rodi has done h ...more
Aug 25, 2013
Jul 30, 2013
I'm ashamed to admit that Buddenbrook's: The Decline of a Family did not blow me away or resonate with me. The detailed descriptions of the feasts and ...more
Jun 13, 2013
May 16, 2013
Old Filth (Old Filth, #1)
I liked old Filth because it tells a story I never heard before. The main character is English, though born in Malasia. It seems that children were fr ...more
Aug 11, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Homeland and Other Stories
Kingsolver is nothing if not political. She writes stories with a purpose. Lots of poetry, but no puffery. Her characters are strugglers not straggler ...more
Jul 04, 2013
Jun 26, 2013
Tell the Wolves I'm Home
Sorry, but I'm not gushing over this first try by Carole Rifka Brunt. The 14 year old narrator, June, is quirky (she wants to time travel), lonely, gr ...more
Dec 22, 2013
Dec 21, 2013
The Woman Upstairs
The Woman Upstairs is a great book to read with others. Thing is, you might think that each of you have different books. The facts, illusions, dreams ...more
not set
Apr 29, 2014
The Luminaries
The Luminaries is a very long mystery novel which did not enlighten or move me. I am probably not a good judge because I rarely like this genre which ...more
Dec 06, 2013
Oct 22, 2013
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