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The Book of the Forsaken (The Game, #1)
Disclaimer: I received a free ebook in exchange for my review.

I was really excited for this book. The premise sounded different and interesting and I
Aug 23, 2013
Aug 23, 2013
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
**spoiler alert** I struggled with this book. The premise behind the world (the different factions, that is) was really hard for me to swallow. Not ev ...more
Aug 14, 2013
Aug 16, 2013
The Necrophiliac
An example of how even a distasteful subject can be written beautifully.
Jul 29, 2014
Jul 29, 2014
Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #21)
I felt there was a LOT of repetition in this book. The same things explained several times, occasionally in the same chapter, repeating descriptions a ...more
Jul 20, 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Empire (In Her Name: Redemption, #1)
I got this book on my Kindle while downloading a bunch of other things and quite honestly, when I started to read it I hadn't read the synopsis and ha ...more
Jan 06, 2012
Jan 09, 2012
Once Forbidden (The Hunted, #1)
Once Forbidden is a quick read that definitely fits into the 'Guilty Pleasure' category. Vampire Devlin sets his sights on Sarah, one of the Chosen an ...more
Jul 27, 2012
Jul 27, 2012
Gone Girl
It took a while for this book to hook me. I was over 60% finished before it finally had that moment where I realize I won't be able to put it down unt ...more
Nov 11, 2013
Nov 12, 2013
AfterDark Chronicles: Survival
AfterDark Chronicles: Survival is a captivating read that drew me in from the first few pages, connecting me to the characters and making me invested ...more
Apr 18, 2012
May 15, 2012
The Haunted House: A True Ghost Story
This book was an easy 20 minute middle of the night read. BUT it's one that might help you fall asleep rather than keep you up. The author writes this ...more
Sep 14, 2013
Sep 14, 2013
The Choosing (Blood and Brotherhood, #1)
I was given a copy of this book on exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoilers may be revealed.

The Choosing was a story with a good plot, though t
Oct 02, 2012
Oct 02, 2012
Doctor Sleep (The Shining #2)
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Perhaps more so than I did The Shining. The life than Dan lived was so full of tragic closely tied to ...more
Oct 03, 2013
Sep 25, 2013
Hollowland (The Hollows, #1)
This story captured my attention from the opening line. Though not more than a novella, I was still drawn in by the storyline and the characters came ...more
Nov 22, 2011
Nov 22, 2011
Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid, #6)
While it wraps up the story in a neat little package and is an entertaining and at times amusing read, the chosen storyline was somewhat cloying in th ...more
Nov 28, 2011
Nov 23, 2011
The Dark of Deep Below (The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle #2)
Just got The Adventures of Princess and Mr. Whiffle for my ten year old daughter. She LOVED the book. Her favorite scene was the goblin on the bridge ...more
Jan 19, 2014
Jan 19, 2014
Refuge on Crescent Hill
**spoiler alert** This book was like an over-thought recipe-too much going on to be able to enjoy it. There was a mashing of subplots that never flowe ...more
Aug 08, 2013
May 21, 2012
This is my second reading of Mr. Hill and I was not disappointed. This is the rare type of thought-provoking book that alternates between making your ...more
Mar 2014
Mar 01, 2014
The Litigators
I won the book in a contest held by the publishers and was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. An all out win in my opinion and a read I ...more
Nov 25, 2011
Nov 22, 2011
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1)
The Name of the Wind is day one of Kvote relating the story of his remarkable life to the Chronicler, a story that has evoked legends from truth and t ...more
Jul 27, 2012
Jul 15, 2012
Heart-Shaped Box
Couldn't put it down! Thrilling, scary and thought provoking.
Oct 04, 2012
Oct 04, 2012
Matched (Matched, #1)
I had a really hard time getting into this book and enjoying it because there was nothing happening besides the awkward teen love triangle. There was ...more
Aug 17, 2013
Jun 28, 2012
The Dark Before Dawn
This was a great read. I was left feeling totally disturbed and creeped out... something I've been waiting for a book to do for me!
Jul 03, 2012
Jun 04, 2012
The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2)
This book was such a pleasure to read, I savored it for as long as I could. The mastering with which Mr. Rothfuss crafts his words leaves me insatiabl ...more
Apr 26, 2013
Jan 07, 2013
The Handmaid's Tale
A fantastic read - captured my attention, kept me intrigued and made my heart ache at the end. I highly recommend this read.
Jan 08, 2012
Jan 09, 2012
Prodigal Son (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, #1)
A deep and well thought retelling, I am very much looking forward to continuing this series.
Mar 03, 2014
Aug 20, 2013
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
This was an unexpected story that I enjoyed reading.
Jan 14, 2014
Dec 03, 2013
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Oz, #1)
A great escape into a simpler time. The use of language is refreshing and inspiring.
Aug 12, 2013
Nov 22, 2011
Déjà Vu: A Technothriller (The Saskia Brandt Series, #1)
not set
Jun 12, 2012
The Chronicles of Riddick
Dec 15, 2011
Nov 28, 2011
The Firm
not set
Mar 13, 2012
Digital Fortress
not set
Jul 08, 2013
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