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The Revenant
I have never reviewed a book written by a friend and colleague before. I taught with Sonia, and felt like I identified most deeply to Willie's struggl ...more
Apr 20, 2011
Feb 16, 2010
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
Yay! Finished. 807 pages, with maps and family trees...I did it!

The more I think about this book, the more intrigued I am about what Martin has accom
Jul 16, 2011
Jul 01, 2011
Before I Fall
I bawled all through first hour as I finished this. Luckily I've trained my students to just ignore me when I cry. What an original book! Sam and her ...more
Mar 04, 2011
Jan 09, 2011
The Right to Learn: A Blueprint for Creating Schools That Work
This book is almost too big for me to wrap my mind around, so I'm only going to respond to a couple of threads: the effect of good intentioned but mis ...more
Mar 28, 2011
Mar 16, 2011
Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit
Still thinking about this one...many things I did NOT like: the Socratic dialogues really got to me...I called it too preachy...but the insights, the ...more
Nov 30, 2011
Jul 16, 2008
Through Violet Eyes
Scary -- in this future time, 'Violet Eyes' have special powers to contact the dead. They use this power to become 'expert witnesses' at trials for vi ...more
Apr 27, 2011
Apr 25, 2011
Second Star to the Right
It's my guess, with its 1981 copyright, this is one of the first novels to tackle anorexia. As Leslie tries to balance all the parts of her life, she ...more
Jan 27, 2011
Jan 26, 2011
In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad, #1)
Tana French has created a taut story within a story here that kept me in suspense, hopeful, excited, and finally, heartbroken. She's so honest about t ...more
Sep 19, 2011
Sep 12, 2011
Between Shades of Gray
We know SOME about the Holocaust against the Jews in WWII, but we know very little about the deportation and murder of people from countries overrun b ...more
Apr 18, 2011
Dec 01, 2010
Never work harder than your students
I was drawn to the title, because I often say I shouldn't be the one working hard in class, 'cause I've already learned this...the hard work of learni ...more
Jun 13, 2011
May 09, 2011
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (The Herdmans #1)
Oh, I'd forgotten how wonderfully funny this book is! I must have read it when it first came out, because I remember so vividly the passage that expla ...more
Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011
Right Behind You
Giles does such a good job of portraying kids in emotional pain...thinking they deserve bad things to happen to them. I liked this one even better tha ...more
Feb 27, 2011
Jan 12, 2009
The Boy From the Basement
Charlie agrees with his father: he's a bad boy. He does bad things. So of course he must be punished. He lived in the basement where he's locked in ev ...more
May 25, 2011
May 25, 2011
Riding Invisible
Yancy is a gifted artist and a great writer. He's also a committed rider...and he has a secret. His supposedly-perfect family is living in fear, in fe ...more
Aug 06, 2011
Aug 06, 2011
Uglies (Uglies, #1)
Maybe I've reached the end of my tolerance for dystopia...but I was never captivated by this book, and I really tried. Tally buys into all the propaga ...more
Sep 29, 2011
Sep 28, 2011
Leanette recommended this one, and then it was one of the 'dark and depressing' YA novels mentioned in the Wall Street Journal commentary attacking YA ...more
Jun 11, 2011
Jun 12, 2011
What to say about CLAY? I think Brent said it best: Frankenstein meets Demian, meets The Outsiders, with a twist of the old Golem story. David and his ...more
Oct 24, 2011
Oct 24, 2011
I met Macaulay and found him sweet and gentle. This book shows an entirely different side!! My daughter found this in the picture book section of our ...more
Feb 02, 2011
Feb 02, 2011
Yellow Star
I was warned!! Ashley told me it was sad. Jennifer Roy has told her Aunt Sylvia's story here, in Sylvia's own voice. It reads and looks like a novel i ...more
May 26, 2011
May 26, 2011
This little novel in verse is flat-out amazing. Woodson writes in the voice of Lonnie C. Motion, a young boy trying to cope with the unimaginable: the ...more
Sep 21, 2011
Sep 21, 2011
Better Than Life
Just when I was feeling pretty low about teaching in general, Pennac's book reminded me of the passion I have for helping students become the readers ...more
Mar 04, 2011
Mar 04, 2011
Every woman who's read the Bronte sisters' classics sees herself as Cathy or Jane. I am, and always will be, Jane. I can remember being captivated by ...more
Oct 30, 2011
Oct 29, 2011
Bloody Valentine (Blue Bloods, #5.5)
It seems as if de la Cruz has become more interested in short fiction than truly long, involved, layered novels. I've enjoyed all her short stories, a ...more
Jan 09, 2011
Jan 09, 2011
Inside Out & Back Again
A beautiful novel in verse, autobiographical, lyrical. I remember these years,but my story was very different. Set from Tet (January 31), 1975 through ...more
Dec 20, 2011
Dec 20, 2011
This book began as a fan letter...Ross Workman, a high school student wrote to WD Myers and eventually the two collaborated on this book. A novel in t ...more
Nov 17, 2011
Nov 17, 2011
Ruined (Ruined, #1)
Still trying to decide how I feel about this book...I loved the setting...I love that Morris talks about the changes to New Orleans since Katrina. I a ...more
Mar 16, 2011
Mar 15, 2011
Out of My Mind
Melody is ironic. Melody is trapped inside a body with MS, but her heart, her spirit and her imagination cannot be contained. She loves wo ...more
Apr 12, 2011
Apr 12, 2011
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (Origami Yoda #1)
Probably not even YA -- really middle school. I saw this author at ALAN, and actually tried to create my own origami Yoda...he was pretty pathetic. To ...more
Jan 16, 2011
Jan 16, 2011
Fires in the Mind: What Kids Can Tell Us about Motivation and Mastery
Read this for an online book club, but now I've forgotten which one...but I appreciated the premise of this book: ask kids! Trust them to know what wo ...more
Jan 17, 2011
Jan 16, 2011
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Haven't seen the film -- don't want to, but this was entirely delightful. Now, I haven't read a LOT of Fitzgerald, but I don't remember an affectionat ...more
Mar 21, 2011
Mar 21, 2011
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