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Pride's Prejudice
A fun contemporary re-telling of Jane Austen's masterpiece. Half the fun of reading this is picking out which modern characters are based on Ms. Auste ...more
Aug 16, 2013
Jul 16, 2013
The Assassin's Mark
Although The Assassin's Mark reads superficially like a murder mystery (there was that unfortunate accident at the hotel..), I think the greater myste ...more
Apr 15, 2013
Mar 14, 2013
A Flight of Raptors (Paws & Claws, #2)
I entered the Goodreads First Reads giveaway for A Flight of Raptors expecting a cozy mystery read featuring the Three Dog Detective Agency solving ...more
Jul 09, 2013
Jun 27, 2013
The Pinecone: The Story of Sarah Losh, Forgotten Romantic Heroine--Antiquarian, Architect, and Visionary
I received this as a Good Reads giveaway, and though I found many things of interest in this book, I was surprised at how little Sarah Losh appears in ...more
Jul 23, 2014
May 21, 2014
Always a Cold Deck (The Harry Reese Mysteries, #1)
I've read this series backwards, from Kalorama Shakedown and Crossings, so it's good to get back to the first book in this amusing mystery series set ...more
Jan 25, 2014
Jun 26, 2013
A Charm of Powerful Trouble
Murder as an anniversary present? Only Emmie would think that's an appropriate gift, and it turn out in this amusing tale that she's right.

I love this
May 16, 2014
May 10, 2014
Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening: How I Learned the Unexpected Joy of a Green Thumb and an Open Heart
I received this memoir from GoodReads as a First Reads giveaway. I thought it was a lovely recounting of a unique friendship between a middle class wh ...more
Feb 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014
The Harvest Killings
This promising debut novel was a Good Reads giveaway. The Ugandan setting was a real plus for this novel which allowed for a few unexpected plot twist ...more
Sep 24, 2014
Jun 29, 2014
Lookaway, Lookaway
My land, what a read! Even the structure of this Southern novel is a sly poke at the ambitions and failed dreams of the characters. Each chapter is to ...more
Jul 21, 2013
Jun 27, 2013
Equal of the Sun
I was really excited when I received an Advance Reader copy of Equal of the Sun by Anita Amirrezvani as a GoodReads First Read. I had read and loved h ...more
May 02, 2012
Apr 04, 2012
Kicking The Habit
A very cute mystery about an ex-nun (although she never did take her final vows!) and a handsome ex-Army Ranger detective assigned to nun-sit her afte ...more
Jan 05, 2014
Dec 26, 2013
Christmas at Harmony Hill: A Shaker Story
I was happy to win this book as a GoodReads First Read because I love Christmas stories, and the idea of it being a Shaker story intrigued me. I have ...more
Dec 05, 2013
Oct 30, 2013
Shades of Gray
In this paranormal romance there's only one shade of gray and it's a malevolent one. Paige Malone, best-selling crime writer, has bought a haunted hou ...more
Dec 19, 2013
Nov 04, 2013
The Dovekeepers
I read a blurb somewhere on GoodReads that said this book was "about Masada". That was enough for me to ignore the cover and enter the First Reads giv ...more
Jun 08, 2012
Dec 17, 2011
The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken: A Vish Puri Mystery
I received "The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken" as a GoodReads First Reads giveaway. I had previously read "The Case of the Missing Servant", and s ...more
Oct 02, 2012
Jul 20, 2012
The Uninvited Guests
I received The Uninvited Guests as a GoodReads First Read. What a great book to add to your summer reading pile!

It begins as what seems a straight-fo
May 30, 2012
Apr 13, 2012
The Merchant's Daughter
Thanks to the good folks at Zondervan Publishing for sending me Melanie Dickerson's The Merchant's Daughter in a First Reads giveaway. Aimed at a Youn ...more
Jun 21, 2012
Dec 01, 2011
What in God's Name
What if God got bored with the human race and decided to destroy the world, and take up something really interesting, like opening a new restaurant? W ...more
Aug 21, 2012
Jul 01, 2012
My Thomas: A Novel of Martha Jefferson's Life
My Thomas is author Grimes' own love letter to Thomas Jefferson, a man of strong convictions, principles and contradictions. Using the device of his w ...more
Apr 18, 2014
Feb 08, 2014
The Salinger Contract
If you're not a J.D. Salinger fan (like me!) don't be put off by the title. You'll miss a great read. I thought twice about entering the Giveaway for ...more
Sep 25, 2013
Aug 28, 2013
Double Daggers
I won this book in a GoodReads First Reads giveaway. The idea of a curse tied to a coin minted in ancient Rome by Brutus to commemorate his part in th ...more
Jan 20, 2014
Dec 21, 2013
Classified (The Godmothers #6)
A number of my friends are Fern Michaels fans, so I was glad to dip into this book as a GoodReads First Reads. Unfortunately, the thing I liked best a ...more
Oct 28, 2013
Sep 16, 2013
A Foreign Country
Thomas Kell isn't enjoying his forced retirment from Britain's MI6 Intelligence Agency. Nor is he particularly pleased when his former boss calls him, ...more
May 29, 2012
Apr 26, 2012
The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress
Tammany Hall and speakeasies, mobsters and showgirls all play prominent roles in this juicy tale based on the real life disappearance of New York Supr ...more
Mar 12, 2014
Nov 11, 2013
Kalorama Shakedown (The Harry Reese Mysteries, #3)
I must admit to having a weakness for mysteries served with a generous helping of humor, and Kalorama Shakedown fills the bill admirably. Even better, ...more
Oct 07, 2013
Jul 24, 2013
Blood of Tyrants (Temeraire, #8)
I've read His Majesty's Dragon and Blood of Tyrants so far in this series, and I've loved them both. I'm anxious now to go back and read the interveni ...more
Aug 10, 2013
Jun 21, 2013
A Cruise to Die For (Alix London, #2)
Cruising on a glamorous mega-yacht amidst the scenic Greek isles with a fabulous art collection about to be sold at a private auction AND being paid f ...more
Nov 13, 2013
Aug 21, 2013
How to Murder a Millionaire (Blackbird Sisters Mystery, #1)
A perfect summer read, except for those who wind up dead in this Philadelphia society-set murder. Born with silver spoons in their mouths, life has la ...more
Jul 15, 2013
Jun 27, 2013
The Almond Tree
I won this book from GoodReads, and I was interested to read it based on some comments from a friend who had visited Israel earlier this year on pilgr ...more
Jul 12, 2014
Feb 17, 2014
The Arrangement (The Survivors' Club #2)
This book has a much stronger story line than the first outing in this series. The characters are sympathetic and the dialogue more believable in a si ...more
Oct 17, 2013
Jun 14, 2013
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