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Jingle All The Way (Jingle, #1)
Super cute story. It was heartwarming and beautifully illustrated.
Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013
The 5 Greatest Spankings of All Time
I absolutely loved this book. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, and would love to know how much of that was fiction and how much was based o...more
Apr 26, 2012
Mar 30, 2012
I really enjoyed this book. As someone who works with children I can see the good qualities this book and series will have and I would recommend this...more
May 2012
Apr 28, 2012
I really liked this book probably one of my favorites in the series I especially enjoyed the new character Danny who uses sign language. I think it is...more
Aug 12, 2012
Aug 09, 2012
Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4)
Of all the books in the series this was my second favorite. It was fast paced despite its sheer volume and was well written. Many of the other books i...more
Apr 16, 2012
Oct 18, 2011
How to Train Your Dragon (How to Train Your Dragon, #1)
I wanted to read this book because I loved the movie. This book however was extremely disappointing and I wish I had never read it. Don't get me wrong...more
Feb 23, 2014
Feb 20, 2014
The One and Only Stuey Lewis: Stories from the Second Grade
I liked this story and the characters I felt that it was age appropriate and taught many valuable lessons that young children need to learn such as, "...more
May 05, 2012
May 03, 2012
Disney Lady and the Tramp
I bought this book because it came with a cute Lady necklace. I own a cocker spaniel so this is one of my favorite disney movies. I read it tonight to...more
Dec 2012
Dec 01, 2012
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
I thought this was a good book. Many years ago the people of Panem rebelled against the government and the games are their punishment. It had some rea...more
Jul 23, 2012
Oct 10, 2011
The Wise Woman
This book was interesting at best and pointless at its worst. I will never read it again and am dumbfounded by the decisions made in writing this book...more
Sep 19, 2012
Jun 14, 2012
Polar The Titanic Bear
I usually love anything to do with the titanic but this was all about the relationship between a boy and his bear and the journey of the bear. It was...more
Oct 06, 2013
Oct 03, 2013
Lucinda's Secret (The Spiderwick Chronicles, #3)
This one lacked a lot of the imagination and suspense that the first two books did. I hope that the characters do something more enjoyable in the next...more
Feb 11, 2014
Feb 09, 2014
The Last Unicorn
I thought that the book was ok. I have grown up watching the movie, and I felt that the adapters did a great job making the movie exactly like the boo...more
May 23, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
The story of Aldo's summer continues in this book with an exciting mystery of where the "Bogus" diamond ring disappears to. I liked this book which fo...more
May 14, 2012
May 10, 2012
Disney Comics: The Classics Collection
i could have just watched the movies. The only interesting one was snow white because it went a little more in depth about the queen, snow, and prince...more
Mar 04, 2014
Mar 03, 2014
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home (Season 8, #1)
This is supposed to continue the story where the show leaves off, but after reading it i am still left with more questions than answers. I have to see...more
Feb 02, 2013
Feb 02, 2013
Calvin and Hobbes
Watterson captures the ADD mind of a six year old boy so well I was cracking up the whole time. I fully intend to read his other collections. I read t...more
Feb 07, 2013
Feb 02, 2013
Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House, #1)
I always read a book before encouraging my niece to tackle it. She has a hard time reading and I heard about this series on tv one day so I thought I...more
Sep 09, 2013
Sep 09, 2013
The Wrath of Mulgarath (The Spiderwick Chronicles, #5)
This was such a fun and easy read. I have truly enjoyed the series. This book was definitely one of the best ones in the series. We get to see so many...more
Feb 27, 2014
Feb 20, 2014
As far as the books in the series go this one has been my least favorite but it is still a good book. I didn't like how everyone was against Aldo in t...more
Jun 14, 2012
May 14, 2012
The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)
We finally get to the prophecy that started the whole series. As a whole I really liked the series. This book inparticular was really good, minus the...more
Jun 2012
Apr 12, 2012
The Seeing Stone (The Spiderwick Chronicles, #2)
I loved seeing more of the characters and other creatures that are apart of "this" world. I love how even though the book is written for children I ca...more
Feb 09, 2014
Feb 01, 2014
Bink & Gollie (Bink & Gollie, #1)
As far as a childrens book goes it was okay. The characters were entertaining but other than the lesson of compromise I did not see anything that woul...more
May 03, 2012
May 02, 2012
Vampire Knight, Vol. 14
I loved this volume and can't wait for the next one. All i can say is Kanamae what are you thinking?!!!!!!!!! I am so ready for Yuki to realize her fu...more
Jul 31, 2012
Jul 30, 2012
Lair of the Bat Monster (Dragonbreath, #4)
This one was kind of sad. I felt bad for the giant bats and although it is complete and utter fiction i would hope they have a happy ending to their j...more
May 27, 2014
May 15, 2014
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Search, Part 1 (The Search, #1)
This was absolutely amazing! I have been dying to know what happened to zukos mother and now we get the beginning of the story. This is the best I've...more
Aug 12, 2013
Aug 11, 2013
Gulliver Mickey (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading, 27)
This book was ok. I'm sure some will like it more than others. I was never able to get into the whole Gulliver thing but one of my clients liked it so...more
Jun 30, 2014
Jul 04, 2014
Vampire Knight, Vol. 16 (Vampire Knight, #16)
Yuki is finally stepping into her role as a pureblood, zero is irritating me and what is going on with Kaname? I can't wait for vol. 17. it can't come...more
Mar 14, 2013
Mar 11, 2013
The Walking Dead, Vol. 17: Something to Fear
I don't care for this at all. A major death and its practically the same storyline as the governor. Not sure if I will read the next one because this...more
Jun 15, 2013
Jun 13, 2013
Vampire Knight, Vol. 18 (Vampire Knight, #18)
I can't wait to see how this all ends. Everything is finally coming to an end only two more volumes left. Then I hope they make another anime season!!...more
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May 08, 2014
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