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Too Much Temptation (Brava Brothers, #1)
If the second one is anything like this one, WHOA!

Thank you Julie for sending this to me.

I loved this book!! This one was for the rest of us girls, th...more
Aug 11, 2008
Aug 11, 2008
Bond of Blood (Texas Vampires #1)
Laura sent me this in a box of books awhile back. I love it!!This is a series based upon a coven of vampires in texas led by Don Rapheal. I love the w...more
Dec 09, 2008
Oct 26, 2008
Ride the Fire (Blakewell/Kenleigh Family Trilogy, #3)
Wow just Wow!! Words cannot describe this book. Just you have to read it yourself and give it your own interpretation. Just, Whew I am speechless. Jus...more
Dec 02, 2008
Nov 14, 2008
Down In Texas
Ther is a warning on the back of this book. and it rights very hot read. Purvettes belly up to the bar and get this one. You won;t regret it
Nov 14, 2008
Nov 15, 2008
Dark Embrace (Rose Trilogy, #1; Masters of Time Series, #3)
Great Book!!!

Aidan is a Master of Time but he abdaoned the brotherhood 66 years before because of the death of his son by his father.

Brie works at the...more
Sep 11, 2008
Sep 07, 2008
Nick of Time
Ok I bought it just for the cover. Thought it might be decent but Nah not my style but OMGoddess the cover is really nice
Dec 05, 2008
Dec 05, 2008
The Bounty Hunter And The Heiress
Nice story! Set in the 1880's in Colorado. Evangeline is on a manhunt!! The man she is after broke her little sisters heart and stole money from her....more
Aug 21, 2008
Aug 15, 2008
Night Falls Darkly (Shadow Guard, #1)
4.5 out of 5. I really enjoyed this paranormal one and cannot wait till the next one is published.

This book is written to the times of the late 1880's...more
Dec 23, 2008
Dec 23, 2008
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
I can see why it has the following that it has but I do not believe I will continue with teh series. It's ok but for me it does not hold my interest f...more
Dec 2008
Oct 28, 2008
What Witches Want (Witchery, #2)
WHOA!! I think I am in love with Donnie and Wynn. And Wynn is a shapeshifter OOOOOO Cannot wait till I can get the 3rd book in the series. Plus all th...more
Dec 05, 2008
Jul 31, 2008
Surf's Up
Bought this for 4.98 at B&N. Some of the best books I have read I found on markdown shelves. What's up with that? But 3 short stories about hunks...more
Nov 09, 2008
Nov 15, 2008
Slave (Cat Star Chronicles, #1)
This was okay but not one that I would rush out to buy. It held my interest but it was a slow read for me. And I laughed when I figured out what snard...more
Oct 15, 2008
Aug 06, 2008
Knight's Fork (God Princes of Tigron, #3)
I just had a really hard time with this one. Wash just hard for me to read and for me to follow the story line
not set
Oct 26, 2008
Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off (Country Music Collection, #1)
I loved this one and the sex was HOT, NUCLEAR HOT.
Oct 26, 2008
Jul 12, 2008
Wolf Tales (Wolf Tales #1)
One weird book. But I did finish it. The characters were well thought out but there was sooo much sex that to me it took away from the storyline. If y...more
Dec 29, 2008
Feb 02, 2009
The Rustler (Stone Creek, #3)
3rd in the Stone Creek series. This is the story Wyatt Yarbro and Sarah Tamlin.

Wyatt is a reformed cattle rustler and train robber who after a near de...more
Oct 19, 2008
Oct 09, 2008
Lucky Charm (Lucky Trilogy, #1)
Not bad!! all about a family curse and the breaking of said curse.
Dec 05, 2008
Dec 05, 2008
Some Like It Wicked (Kincaid Highland, #1)
loved it! Would reccomend to any historical romance reader
Jan 02, 2009
Feb 02, 2009
Get Your Sexy On
WHOA!!! HOT,HOT, Hot!!!! This one is a sizzler and it has a decent storyline too
Dec 28, 2008
Dec 21, 2008
This one was okay. Good storyline but it just gave me fits to read.
Dec 21, 2008
Dec 21, 2008
Enemy Lover (Draicon Werewolves, #3)
4.5 actually. I am starting to really like the Harlequin Nocturnes and I rarely ever read Harlequins. Because to me they are all the same. But the Noc...more
Nov 10, 2008
Nov 15, 2008
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft
Great book for anyone thinking about are starting a year and a day in the Wiccan religion. Will always be on my bookshelf
Oct 09, 2008
Jul 30, 2008
Darkness Unknown (Paladins of Darkness, #5)
Really really good book from the Paladins series
Mar 10, 2009
Feb 11, 2009
Hunger and Temptation
Hot really hot!! A purvette wanna read. 2 good stories and just the imiginative use of Altoids
Feb 21, 2009
Dec 09, 2008
Surrender (MacKinnon’s Rangers,  #1)
Great read Better than the one I read earlier
Dec 11, 2008
Nov 14, 2008
Texas Ranger Takes a Bride (Western Weddings, #9)
typical Harlequin but this one was halfway decent
Nov 29, 2008
Oct 26, 2008
Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol. 1 (Agency of Extraordinary Mates #1-3)
Strange but alot of sex. A purvette book for sure
Jan 28, 2009
Dec 21, 2008
Dark Light (Harmony #5)
MMMM must read again
Jan 16, 2009
Oct 26, 2008
Kid Calhoun
not set
Aug 15, 2008
Heart of the Dragon (Atlantis, #1)
not set
Mar 16, 2009
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