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Annie John
Follows Annie John as she journeys through childhood and works her way through adolescence. Annie must learn about herself and her changing body while ...more
Nov 18, 2011
Nov 20, 2011
The Night Dad Went to Jail: What to Expect When Someone You Love Goes to Jail
This book was interesting and a little odd. I grabbed it because the title stood out on the shelf and because it seemed like it could definitely be go ...more
Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012
Horseman (The Hollow #1)
Aimee, her brother Shane, and their father have just moved to Sleepy Hollow to make a fresh start. However, as soon as they cross the town line, weird ...more
Nov 07, 2012
Nov 07, 2012
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Miller's work explains the events that lead up to and evolve from Batman's return to crime-fighting. After taking some time off, Batman is much older ...more
Feb 28, 2012
Feb 29, 2012
I Took My Frog to the Library
A girl takes her frog to the library, but things don't work out so well. She takes other animals too, but they have some issues behaving in the librar ...more
Jun 03, 2014
Jun 04, 2014
Ah Ha!
What an amazing book! The entire book is told through variations of "Ah ha"s (Aaah! Ah Ha! Ahhh.) The frog just can't seem to have a relaxing day and ...more
May 22, 2014
May 23, 2014
Bridge to Terabithia
Jess, fifth grade, is the middle child with four female siblings, thus forced to do much of the household work while the others are allowed to shirk f ...more
Nov 17, 2011
Nov 20, 2011
Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8)
Adam's ex-wife is running from an extremely creepy stalker and she decides to stay with Mercy and Adam until he's caught. Thus, not only does Mercy ha ...more
May 19, 2014
May 20, 2014
What Makes a Baby
What a great idea! This book is designed for any child who is interested in learning about how babies are made. It's not overly graphic--it has a litt ...more
Jun 12, 2014
Jun 12, 2014
Tom is a good kid living in a bad neighborhood, and one day that catches up to him. Someone throws an iPhone of the top of a 30 story building and Tom ...more
Jul 16, 2012
Jul 18, 2012
Kate is pushing herself to the limits as she prepares for graduation and as she waits anxiously for her response from MIT, the only school she applied ...more
Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012
I Was a Teenage Fairy
Barbie's mother is obsessed with the need for her daughter to have the modeling career that she always wanted. Her mother pushes her so hard that Barb ...more
Dec 05, 2012
Dec 05, 2012
The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2)
Percy is having terrible dreams about his friend Grover being captured and held hostage by an evil Cyclopes. While he's trying to figure out what this ...more
Dec 29, 2012
Dec 31, 2012
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Mr Fox steals from three farmers in order to feed his family and they are sick of it. They decide to hunt down the fox and his family to make him pay ...more
Dec 17, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Sisterhood, #1)
This book follows four friends as they spend their first summer apart and they share a pair of "magical" pants to keep them all connected. Carmen goes ...more
Oct 03, 2012
Oct 05, 2012
Beezer lives in a world after the cataclysm, an event that no one really knows about and no one is quick to explain. Beezer lives in a tough sector an ...more
Feb 22, 2013
Feb 27, 2013
Wyatt goes to stay with an old lady who lives in a small town all alone. His mother used to be friends with her daughter Danielle, but Danielle disapp ...more
May 30, 2014
May 30, 2014
Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, #1)
Mercy is a walker and the only one of her kind that she knows of. Even though she tries to keep her head down, she still has contacts in the werewolf, ...more
May 19, 2013
May 23, 2013
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Vol.2
Miles has gotten all of the permission that he needs--a personalized suit from Nick Fury himself--to embrace his identity as Spider-Man. However, his ...more
Feb 10, 2013
Feb 13, 2013
The White Darkness
Sym has always had an interest in the Antarctic and the explorers that were lost there long ago. She even has an imaginary friend in the form of Capta ...more
Oct 15, 2012
Oct 16, 2012
Team Human
Mel isn't necessarily against vampires--she just likes them to stay on their side of town. This philosophy gets a little complicated when Mel's best f ...more
Jan 20, 2013
Jan 21, 2013
Messenger (The Giver, #3)
Six years after the events of _Gathering Blue_, Mattie lives with Kira's father in the village for refugees. He is a lot more tame now and uses his sk ...more
Jan 31, 2012
Feb 03, 2012
Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl, #1)
The social circles of New York's Upper East Side are all in a tizzy because Serena is back from boarding school in Europe. She mysteriously seems to h ...more
Oct 04, 2012
Oct 05, 2012
Boy Meets Boy
Paul is perfectly happy with his life until he meets Noah, the new boy in town who suddenly becomes the center of his life. They have an instant conne ...more
Jan 07, 2012
Jan 07, 2012
Marly's Ghost
Ben is heartbroken and hates all things surrounding love and Valentine's Day ever since his long-time girlfriend died of cancer. He makes a point to b ...more
Jan 02, 2013
Jan 04, 2013
My New Friend Is So Fun! (Elephant & Piggie, #21)
Gerald and Snake are happy to know that Piggie and Brian Bat have finally met and they're hanging out, but then they worry that they may no longer wan ...more
Jun 04, 2014
Jun 04, 2014
Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, #4)
Mercy is still working through her experiences from the last book, which would be enough to deal with without their being vandalism at her shop includ ...more
May 30, 2013
May 31, 2013
The Chocolate War (Chocolate War, #1)
Centers mainly around Jerry and his struggle with fitting in. He attends a private school and has just started his freshman year when the book opens. ...more
Nov 06, 2011
Nov 06, 2011
Winter of Fire
Creates a world set in the future that is divided into two races-—the Chosen and the Quelled. The world is in a state of extreme cold and firestones n ...more
Nov 15, 2011
Nov 20, 2011
Autism Spectrum Disorders
This book is meant to be a general introduction to the discussions surrounding autism spectrum disorders. However, there isn't much in depth discussio ...more
Dec 11, 2012
Dec 11, 2012
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