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if, as roberto bolaño surmised in his speech accepting the prestigious premio rómulo gallegos prize (for the savage detectives), literature is indeed...more
Jul 2008
Jun 24, 2008
Traveler of the Century
traveler of the century is an exquisite, dazzling work of fiction. its author, andrés neuman, is a young argentinian writer, born in 1977, whose relat...more
Jan 2012
Jan 01, 2012
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
anyone that employs the phrase "a bird the color of feces" in their writing should be, for evermore, prohibited from publishing anything. i once hear...more
Mar 2003
Nov 23, 2007
Annihilation (Southern Reach Trilogy, #1)
the first volume in jeff vandermeer's southern reach trilogy, annihilation (to be followed by authority and acceptance in may and september of this ye...more
Jan 2014
Jan 28, 2014
All the Names
"You know the name you were given, you do not know the name that you have," reads the epigraph of All the Names, a gorgeously written and captivating...more
Nov 2004
Nov 22, 2007
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
2013 will likely prove to be a very busy year for neil gaiman. with the publication of the ocean at the end of the lane (his first adult work since 20...more
Mar 2013
Mar 23, 2013
The Seamstress and the Wind
though most of césar aira's books tend to be slim affairs, they make up with inventiveness for whatever they may lack in length. the prolific argentin...more
Apr 2011
Apr 14, 2011
wow. for as arduous as mikhail shishkin's maidenhair (Венерин Волос) may have been to get into through the first hundred pages, its symphonic rewards...more
Mar 2013
Feb 26, 2013
the tenth work of césar aira's to be translated into english (each published by new directions), conversations (las conversaciones) is another slim no...more
Apr 2014
Apr 13, 2014
The Passion According to G.H.
published while in her early forties, the passion according to g.h. (a paixão segundo g.h.) is a mesmerizing, unsettling, and sometimes vertiginous wo...more
Aug 2012
Aug 21, 2012
Talking to Ourselves: A Novel
if you somehow managed to overlook the 2012 translation of andrés neuman's breathtaking traveler of the century (and woe betide all whom continue to d...more
Jan 2014
Jan 04, 2014
The Dark
the third of sergio chejfec's works to appear in english translation, the dark (boca de lobo) is a rich, sometimes rueful rumination on a relationship...more
Sep 2013
Sep 09, 2013
If on a Winter's Night a Traveler
for those with an amorous affair with books, this may, perhaps, be the ultimate love letter to the reader. calvino's novel, or more precisely, his boo...more
Apr 2004
Nov 22, 2007
Bobcat and Other Stories
despite this sort of thing not really being my bag, i was encouraged after a few stellar recommendations from friends. generally, i have a strong dist...more
Jul 2013
Jul 21, 2013
Woes of the True Policeman
unlike most writers, for whom each work of fiction is a realm only unto itself, roberto bolaño freely shared characters, settings, storylines, and maj...more
Oct 2012
Oct 13, 2012
This is Not a Novel
the late david markson, even after his passing in 2010, will likely never achieve the wide acclaim he deserves. his experimental fiction couldn't poss...more
Sep 2013
Sep 08, 2013
The Elephant's Journey
shortly after he began writing the elephant’s journey in 2007, josé saramago was stricken with pneumonia and would conclude the year hospitalized in l...more
Aug 2010
Aug 24, 2010
a slim, bibliocentric novella about a book proprietor and his infatuation with the elusive young woman who thieves his wares, severina is an enticing...more
Dec 2013
Dec 23, 2013
The Infatuations
"what happened is the least of it. it's a novel, and once you've finished a novel, what happened in it is of little importance and soon forgotten. wh
May 2013
May 26, 2013
Georges Perec and the Oulipo: Winter Journeys
a few years before his death in 1982, french novelist and notable oulipian georges perec published "le voyage d'hiver," a short story wherein a litera...more
Jan 2014
Jan 13, 2014
Almost Never
perhaps like roberto bolaño before him, daniel sada may well be on his way to achieving posthumous fame amongst english-language readers of literary f...more
Sep 2012
Sep 17, 2012
"the funeral march has begun, and it is futile for those of us who remain loyal to the printed page to protest and rage in the midst of our despair."...more
May 2012
May 15, 2012
At Night We Walk in Circles
accolades can be as much a curse as a blessing for a young writer, given that expectations for literary output of increasing merit run high. peruvian/...more
Sep 2013
Sep 12, 2013
A Man: Klaus Klump
the world sometimes amputates the arms of men who are on the exterior side of the window. look at the world, the world's got a blade.
the first volume...more
Apr 2014
Apr 11, 2014
Everything Happens as It Does
winner of the 2013 (or 2012, depending on your source) contemporary bulgarian writers contest, everything happens as it does (tova e kakto stava) is a...more
Sep 2013
Sep 08, 2013
Raised from the Ground
one of the late nobel laureate's earlier novels, raised from the ground (levantado do chão) was originally published in saramago's native portuguese i...more
Aug 2012
Jul 28, 2012
The Complete Cosmicomics (Penguin Translated Texts)
collecting all of calvino's cosmicomics writings, the complete cosmicomics features 34 stories spanning some twenty years (or rather, billions, really...more
Feb 2012
Feb 21, 2012
The Silence and the Roar
published in its original arabic some seven years before the syrian civil war began in 2011, the silence and the roar (al samt wal sakhab) is the firs...more
Nov 2013
Nov 29, 2013
césar aira : literature :: coen brothers : cinema

you may never quite know what to expect going into it, but you can always be sure of a singular, enga...more
Aug 2013
Aug 19, 2013
The Tunnel
dark and dizzying, ernesto sábato's debut novel is a chilling existential thriller that became an important work in the canon of latin american litera...more
Aug 2011
Aug 06, 2011
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