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All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono
"so possessions are not just physical possessions. possessions are ideas. most people are choked to death by concepts and ideas that they carry around ...more
Dec 2003
Feb 17, 2008
Music and the Mind
well-written and engrossing, though more valuable in scope if you have even a rudimentary understanding of philosophy.

people usually complain that mu
Apr 2002
Feb 17, 2008
I Put a Spell on You: The Autobiography of Nina Simone
the finest female vocalist & pianist ever. her story, while not terribly well-written, is a remarkable one, and obviously a must-read for any fan. ...more
Jun 2006
Nov 28, 2007
Skywriting by Word of Mouth and Other Writings
there has not been, nor is there likely to be soon (though, nor is there unlikely to be later), a creative genius the likes of john lennon. his authe ...more
Dec 2005
Feb 17, 2008
Chronicles, Volume 1
the song & dance man is clearly the finest songwriter in the history of american music, thus, not surprisingly, the first volume of his autobiogra ...more
Nov 2005
Feb 17, 2008
Positively 4th Street: The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Fariña and Richard Fariña
while much has been written about the king and queen of folk, there is remarkably less to be found about richard fariña & mimi baez. this book chr ...more
May 2002
Feb 17, 2008
Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation
"here's a little story that must be told..."

jeff chang, hip-hop journalist (urb, village voice, spin, the nation, san francisco chronicle), has penned
Jan 2006
Nov 22, 2007
too often rock biographies seek to canonize their subjects, offering up for consecration the revelatory details of sexual conquests, pharmacological o ...more
Oct 2012
Oct 24, 2012
A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears
johnny cash's 1964 concept album "bitter tears: ballads of the american indian" is certainly one of the finest (and most underrated) records of his ca ...more
Oct 2009
Oct 14, 2009
The Last Holiday: A Memoir
before his death in 2011, the great gil scott-heron was enjoying somewhat of a resurgence in popularity and success. his 2010 album, i'm new here (his ...more
Jan 2012
Jan 14, 2012
Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove
"when you live your life through records, the records are a record of your life."™

drummer, dj, producer, and co-founder of the legendary roots crew, a
Jul 2013
Jul 14, 2013
Princess Noire: The Tumultuous Reign of Nina Simone
despite being one of the more comprehensive nina simone biographies, princess noire is nevertheless a mediocre work. taking its name from the title ms ...more
May 2010
May 12, 2010
Heart of Darkness: Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska
thirty years ago this month, bruce springsteen recorded a series of demos on a 4-track tape recorder in his colts neck, new jersey bedroom. these song ...more
Jan 2012
Jan 10, 2012
The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places
bernie krause's the great animal orchestra offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of bioacoustics, soundscapes, and the evolution of music. kraus ...more
May 2012
May 28, 2012
One Day It'll All Make Sense
common (aka common sense) is a well-known hip hop mc and screen actor. born lonnie rashid lynn, jr., common first came into rap prominence in the earl ...more
Nov 2011
Nov 10, 2011
Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain
this book left me somewhat disappointed. as one with a deep affection for music, i was rather eager to delve into musicophilia. very quickly, and much ...more
Feb 2008
Feb 15, 2008
Talk About a Dream: The Essential Interviews of Bruce Springsteen
the thing is - in life you've gotta keep yourself bare, you've gotta keep yourself trimmed down. can't start collecting a lot of junk.
compiling 40 ye
Jun 2014
May 08, 2014
The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of "Hallelujah"
in the nearly thirty years since leonard cohen first recorded "hallelujah," it has gone from largely overlooked album track to one of the most covered ...more
Nov 2012
Nov 23, 2012
Torment Saint: The Life of Elliott Smith
it hardly seems like it's already been a full decade. i can recall, all too vividly, that late october afternoon in 2003: sitting on the couch, readin ...more
Sep 2013
Sep 23, 2013
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