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King Peggy: An American Secretary, Her Royal Destiny, and the Inspiring Story of How She Changed an African Village
Who died and made you king?
My sibs and I used to jeer that at each other when one of us was getting too big for his britches; but it actually happened
Jan 15, 2012
Jan 03, 2012
Wicked Autumn (A Max Tudor Mystery, #1)
As the first in an intended series, quite a bit of this book was devoted to a leisurely set-up so thorough that a careful reader could find his way if ...more
Nov 2011
Feb 10, 2012
Death Troupe
In this book, the play's the thing indeed, and impresario and director Jerome Barron of Jerome Barron Players has developed an unusual twist on commun ...more
Apr 15, 2012
Apr 17, 2012
Strings Attached
I was astonished at the quality and complexity of this story set in the early 1950s, and classified as young adult. Without overt sex or profanity, th ...more
not set
Feb 02, 2012
Signing Their Rights Away
After the close of the Revolutionary War the States were very loosely connected by the Articles of Confederation, which provided for a Congress of one ...more
Nov 2011
Feb 10, 2012
Dante's Wood (A Mark Angelotti Novel #1)
At 46 D. Mark Angelotti lost his vision due to an unsuspected genetic condition that struck him almost totally blind within a few months. After a year ...more
Jul 20, 2013
Jul 24, 2013
A Fatal Winter (A Max Tudor Mystery, #2)
When Nether Monkslip's studly (and single!) vicar Max Tudor, formerly of MI5, meets Lady Leticia Bayard on a train returning from London, he finds her ...more
Sep 15, 2012
Sep 19, 2012
Lion of Ireland
The carry-me-away interest that Mary Stewart and Marion Zimmer Bradley accomplished in their Arthurian novels of Britain, Ms. Llywelyn failed to achie ...more
not set
Feb 02, 2012
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
"Influential Wall Street Lawyer Disappears without Trace" screamed the headlines. The morning after Jane Win's graduation from law school, her father ...more
Dec 30, 2011
Jan 03, 2012
Fall From Grace (Martha's Vineyard, #1)
Adam Blaine is called back from work abroad to his childhood home on Martha’s Vineyard when his father Ben, a world-famous novelist, dies of a fall fr ...more
Feb 2012
Feb 08, 2012
The Games
The 2044 Olympic Gladiatorial Games event promises to be the most exciting yet. This wildly popular contest pits genetically modified beasts against e ...more
Feb 2012
Feb 10, 2012
The Alto Wore Tweed (The Liturgical Mystery #1)
This is a flat-out, fall-down funny mystery!

When Willie Boyd, sexton at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, is found dead in the choir loft, having spewed
Jun 05, 2011
Sep 05, 2011
Requiem (Kate Redman Mysteries, #2)
Newly hired Detective Sergeant Kate Redman has worked very hard to distance herself from her upbringing with her drunken, slatternly harridan of a mot ...more
Aug 15, 2013
Aug 17, 2013
The Dinosaur Feather
In most books published by Quercus readers can expect a lot of information to chew on, and this debut novel by a Scandinavian author is no exception.

Sep 2013
Sep 11, 2013
In Hull, a tough maritime city in the stormy northeast of England, DCI Philip Marlowe (his mother loved mysteries) lives year-round with his dog Alfie ...more
Jun 03, 2012
Jun 13, 2012
Johnson's Life Of London: The People Who Made The City That Made The World
I had received a free review copy of this book a while ago, but put it aside to read during the commercials and boring bits of the Olympics, thinking ...more
Aug 05, 2012
Aug 07, 2012
Under Fire
This book is meatier and the characters more substantial than the usual legal thriller. From the beginning of this well-written and edited first novel ...more
Jun 2011
Feb 10, 2012
Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, #1)
Kerry Greenwood's Corinna Chapman series about an accountant turned baker came as a welcome exception to this general dumbing down of the genre. Corin ...more
Jul 2012
Jul 11, 2012
Half a Life: A Memoir
My reaction to this book was so visceral that I hardly know how to review it.

On a beautiful weekend morning in May, shortly before his graduation fro
Apr 2011
Feb 10, 2012
Three Seconds (Grens & Sundkvist #5)
Piet Hoffman, Swedish undercover police informer, has climbed very high in the ranks of the Polish Mafia when he haplessly witnesses a murder during a ...more
Dec 2010
Feb 10, 2012
Dark Companion
Orphaned Jane Williams is living in a poorly-run group home in a very tough neighborhood when she is offered a scholarship for her junior and senior y ...more
May 30, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
Mr. Churchill's Secretary (Maggie Hope, #1)
Maggie Hope, born in Britain but raised in the US by an aunt after the death of her parents, is astonished to learn that she is the heir of a grandmot ...more
Feb 25, 2012
Feb 26, 2012
Second Person Singular
The nameless Arab lawyer who is the primary protagonist of this story has managed to build an enviable life for himself and his family in the comforta ...more
Mar 20, 2012
Mar 26, 2012
The Last Policeman (The Last Policeman, #1)
It's March 20. Next October 3 the 6.5 km. asteroid called Maia will collide with earth. The stark announcement, made by shaken and tearful scientists, ...more
Jun 21, 2012
Jun 27, 2012
The Beautiful Mystery (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, #8)
This eighth in Penny's Inspector Gamache series does not take place in her favorite village of Three Pines, but in a hidden monastery deep in the Queb ...more
Aug 20, 2012
Aug 28, 2012
The Redgraves: A Family Epic
To most Americans, actor Michael Redgrave sprang full-blown into existence in his 1938 debut movieThe Lady Vanishes, an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. In ...more
Sep 2012
Sep 02, 2012
The Virgin Cure
It was whispered among members of Victorian gentlemen's clubs that having sex with a virgin could cure a man of sexually transmitted disease. Certainl ...more
May 2012
May 02, 2012
Dead White: A Dakota Mystery
On the harsh plains of South Dakota, where snowfall is measured in yards and grudges in generations, Detective Marek Okerlund returns to his home town ...more
Jun 05, 2012
Jun 13, 2012
Twin-Bred (Twin-Bred #1)
Real science fiction is back! The SF aisles in the bookstores have been overrun with seemingly endless space opera and fantasy series for a number of ...more
Feb 21, 2012
Feb 21, 2012
Stagestruck (Peter Diamond, #11)
This book is well written and has an ingenious plot, but could not manage to sustain my interest. The kind of tension that has me carrying a book arou ...more
Jul 2011
Feb 10, 2012
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