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The Reluctant Midwife
it was amazing
I enjoyed this book very much. I listened to the first part, while I worked out at the YMCA on the cardio machines. Today I had an appointment with an ...more
Jun 04, 2015
Jun 03, 2015
Lilac Girls
This book is a historical novel, but the author researched some of the people and events in her story. She follows the lives of Caroline, who is a soc ...more
Nov 04, 2016
Nov 07, 2016
The Piano Tuner
it was amazing
This book was the first book by Daniel Mason, a young man in medical school. The surgeon in this book, is working in the jungles of Burma. He gets the ...more
Jan 2014
Dec 30, 2013
Forgetting Tabitha: The Story of an Orphan Train Rider
really liked it
This is an interesting book on the orphan trains, that were used to take orphans, or half orphans from New York City, to homes west of New York. It de ...more
Oct 04, 2014
Oct 02, 2014
Under the wide and stary sky
really liked it
This book is a historical fiction of the life of Robert Louis Stevenson, from the time he meets and falls in love with his wife, Fanny, who was a marr ...more
Jul 28, 2014
Aug 05, 2014
The Butler: A Witness to History
did not like it
I was really looking forward to listening to this book. I had watched the TV series: Back Stairs to the White House, many years ago. It was an excelle ...more
May 27, 2014
May 27, 2014
Candle in the Darkness (Refiner's Fire #1)
it was amazing
This book made me think a lot about my southern friends. I lived and went to school in Texas, and Tennessee, and I worked in Alabama and Texas. I used ...more
Feb 20, 2015
Feb 18, 2015
Jimmie Barnes
liked it
This book takes us through many years of black history. Jimmie Barnes is supposed to be 132 years old, and a former slave. His poppa fought in the Civ ...more
Jan 06, 2014
Jan 06, 2014
Come to Zion - The Wind and the Waves: Volume 1
it was amazing
I read that I could ask my public library for books they don't have. I requested four books by LDS authors, and they got them for me. I love Dean Hugh ...more
Aug 22, 2014
Aug 16, 2014
Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple
really liked it
I have wanted to read this book for along time. Gloria has made announcements of her books on our Hills site over the years. I read on good ...more
Nov 13, 2012
Nov 08, 2012
Threads: An American Tapestry
really liked it
The historical elements of this book really bogged me down, and I had to take a lot of breaks from reading it. After saying that, I keep running into ...more
Feb 24, 2013
Feb 02, 2013
Snow Treasure
it was amazing
I read several favorable reviews on this book a few months ago. I put this book on hold at our Public Library, and just got word to pick it up a coupl ...more
Jan 15, 2014
Jan 13, 2014
The Orphan Mother
really liked it
The story takes place around the time of the Civil War, and the start of reconstruction, after the war is over. There is a former slave, who works as ...more
Nov 2016
Oct 24, 2016
The Help
it was amazing
I really enjoyed this book. I stayed up way too late last night listening to The Help. It's historical fiction. I lived in the south during part of th ...more
Mar 23, 2012
Mar 20, 2012
Little Men (Little Women, #2)
really liked it
I bought the amazon collection of Louisa May Alcott's writings. I'm only 14% of the way through her works. This book is a continuation of the Little W ...more
May 05, 2013
Apr 18, 2013
Maid to Match
liked it
I could do without so much of the way the two lovers felt when they were around each other. I liked the descriptions of the mansion, the clothing, the ...more
Sep 25, 2014
Sep 25, 2014
Little Women
it was amazing
I bought the works of Louisa Alcott from for $1.99. My Kindle gives me the percent read of the whole collection. I'm into the second book, ...more
Apr 16, 2013
Aug 28, 2011
Stones from the River
it was amazing
I learned even more about World War II from this book. It showed how the war was felt by those living in one town in Germany. It is told from the pers ...more
Feb 12, 2013
Jul 30, 2012
Uncle Tom's Cabin
it was amazing
I have thought about reading this book for many years, and have had a hard cover book on my shelf since 1991. I downloaded a Kindle version, and final ...more
Apr 22, 2012
Feb 22, 2012
The Diary of a Northern Moon
really liked it
Gloria has used her interest in genealogy in her novels. She uses family names, and perhaps some elements of facts. She has her main character searchi ...more
Feb 03, 2013
Feb 01, 2013
Whisper My Secret (Whisper My Secret #1)
really liked it
It sounds as if the author is trying to imagine her mother's story, after learning she had three other children, before having a large happy family. T ...more
Jan 15, 2014
Jan 11, 2014
Escape to Zion
it was amazing
This book is historical fiction, and I enjoyed listening to it. It's a store about indentured servants, slaves, conversion to the Church of Jesus Chri ...more
Jun 08, 2016
Jun 09, 2016
The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963
it was amazing
This is a good historical novel. Lavar Burton does a great job narrating. The story takes us from Flint Michigan, and the family life in that city; to ...more
May 31, 2015
May 23, 2015
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
really liked it
This book takes place sometime in a future Chicago Illinois. Sixteen year olds are required to pick a faction. Five factions were set up by society, w ...more
Jul 13, 2012
Jul 09, 2012
An Old-Fashioned Girl
I have the complete works of Louisa May Alcott on my kindle. This book was dragging a little for me, until I decided to listen to part of it, with my ...more
Mar 11, 2015
Jan 27, 2015
Johnny Tremain
it was amazing
I enjoyed this book much more than I expected. It really put me into the time of the Boston Tea Party, and the start of the Revolutionary war. It gave ...more
Nov 06, 2012
Nov 05, 2012
Far Horizons (The Emigrants Trilogy, #1)
really liked it
This book made me want to learn more about Scottish emigrants, and the settlement of Canada. The author used the names of her ancestors, and historica ...more
Mar 11, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror
really liked it
I have been a Dr Who fan for many years. I had not heard this Dr Who before listening to this book. The Tardis lands into the French Revolution. Dr. W ...more
Oct 23, 2013
Oct 24, 2013
Another Country (The Emigrants Trilogy)
liked it
This book is the second in a trilogy. It deals with a close knit Scottish family, who travel to Canada, and the USA in search of a better life. It nee ...more
Mar 20, 2013
Mar 19, 2013
When the Elephants Dance
really liked it
May 24, 2012
Apr 19, 2012