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The State and Revolution
Being a dirty red, I found it amazing (and surprising) that I had never sat down with this piece. I had read sections in Marxism classes years ago, bu ...more
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Dec 08, 2008
This is by far, the most literary of the hoolie- oriented books I've read. The author Kevin Sampson (for those of you who might know, remember, care) ...more
Nov 2007
Nov 14, 2007
Tighten Up!: The History of British Reggae
This book is about Reggae in the UK, but in some very important ways it is about what happens when empire comes home. Very interesting stuff!
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Dec 05, 2007
The Changing Face of Football: Racism, Identity and Multiculture in the English Game
Excellent book. This is a VERY academic study of the issues of race and racism in English football. I love the interviews. Well done. VERY interesting ...more
Jan 2008
Nov 29, 2007
Life in the Iron Mills
I never knew Rebecca Harding Davis was from Southwestern Penna., so this is a nice surprise on a few levels. I highly recommend this short stroy. It's ...more
Nov 2007
Nov 27, 2007
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
I get what Miller was doing here and I really appreciate it in a larger overview. I wasn't really into some of the art and some of the dialogue (espec ...more
Mar 18, 2010
Mar 08, 2010
Soccer Tribe
This is one of the most interesting books on footy I've come across. It was published in 1981 and is a kind of anthropological study of Football fans ...more
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Mar 25, 2008
Love and Blood: At the World Cup with the Footballers, Fans, and Freaks
This book focuses mainlyon the last World Cup, but it does well to discuss the basics of football in an entertaining way that is very easy to understa ...more
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Dec 14, 2007
Vegan's Daily Companion: 365 Days of Inspiration for Cooking, Eating, and Living Compassionately
I put this in a lot of different shelves. That's because this book transcends being a single thing. I tend to really get into books about veganism tha ...more
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Jun 13, 2011
Daredevil, Vol. 13: The Murdock Papers
This is one of the best DD books I've EVER read. Bendis goes out on TOP here. This is his last book, and WOW. I really liked this book. Seriously enga ...more
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Mar 15, 2010
The English House: English Country Houses & Interiors
This is an interesting book in that some of the plsces featured are really more like castles in some respect. Still the elements of design are there. ...more
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Jul 30, 2009
Batman: Year One
Frank Miller// 1980s // reinventing a character without messing witht he back story. Pretty great stuff. Overall solid.
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Mar 08, 2010
The Ball is Round: A Global History of Soccer
Very comprehensive, well written mega-history!
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Feb 19, 2008
Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America (America: A Cultural History, Vol. I)
David hackett Fischer's Albion's Seed is a remarkable text. I first heard it mentioned in Dennis Covington's Salvation on Sand Mountain (It's in my bo ...more
Jan 2008
Nov 26, 2007
Outposts: Journeys to the Surviving Relics of the British Empire
Winchester is an interesting writer, to be sure. This book comes out of a conversation he apparently had with some friends over dinner back in the 198 ...more
Jan 2005
Nov 15, 2007
Daredevil, Vol. 3: Wake Up
Really gritty, solid read. Bendis does a great job of story telling here, keeping the reader kind of sad and uncomfortable through most of the piece, ...more
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Sep 13, 2009
Making Money (Discworld, #36)
I LOVE Pratchett. I'll be posting about most of his stuff on here at some point. This is the newest of the Discworld books. It follows the unlikely he ...more
Oct 2007
Nov 07, 2007
Thor, Vol. 1
I liked this book quite a bit. I'm new to the whole Thor thing, so this was a good intro. Straczynski is a good writer. He's done sci-fi (Babylon 5) a ...more
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Sep 17, 2009
Casuals: Football, Fighting & Fashion: The Story of a Terrace Cult
Thornton gives a very interesting take on the "dressers"...the casuals of the English Soccer hoolie set. The historical approach is nothing short of a ...more
Jul 2006
Nov 07, 2007
Rhetorics, Poetics, and Cultures: Refiguring College English Studies
James A. Berlin has always impressed me. His work is very approachable, yet fantasically academic. In Rhetorics, Poetics, and Cultures Berlin looks at ...more
Nov 27, 2007
Nov 09, 2007
Beautiful Ruins
The form of the novel is good, interesting and clever. I see why people like this book. In fact, I might recommend it to folks. It wasn't for me, but ...more
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Oct 16, 2013
Magic Hour
I thought this was a very interesting idea for a story but I did not like the writer's style. Overall, I say definitely give it a read and see if you ...more
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Sep 10, 2014
Daredevil: Father
Quesada is a good writer, but certainly one that deals in a more extreme form of story telling. This is a good collection - a story arc, really - that ...more
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Jul 21, 2009
Murder Past Due (Cat in the Stacks, #1)
Not bad, especially the second half of the book. The early chapers are a bit stilted (in terms of dialogue). There are elements of a woman trying to w ...more
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Jun 13, 2011
Red Holler: Contemporary Appalachian Literature
This is a FANTASTIC collection. Short stories, poetry, some graphic narratives. The forward and introduction are also quite good. Even the embossed pa ...more
Nov 06, 2013
Nov 06, 2013
Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction
This is a great little theory primer. It relys LESS on specific theorists and more on overviews of larger ideas. This is clear, interesting and well w ...more
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Jul 27, 2009
This Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
Very good stuff! Part love letter to libraries, part critical look at the future of what they are and what they do. Well written, too. Certainly worth ...more
Dec 18, 2014
Dec 16, 2014
Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights
This is a pretty solid discussion of the economic basis of why western culture treats animals the way that they do. I'm not always a huge fan of Torre ...more
Apr 16, 2009
Mar 14, 2009
Chronology (The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide, #1)
Like any Chronology, this volume is for fanatics. If you wish to know what lecture Tolkien gave on 17 July 1961, or what correspondence he engaged in ...more
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Mar 30, 2009
Thor: World Engine
I dig Thor, and the story here was pretty cool. I wasn't a big fan of the art in this book. Thor's hair, oddly enough, was really annoyingly rendered ...more
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Mar 18, 2010
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