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Love in the Time of Cholera
**spoiler alert** I don't like this book.

I don't like the characters. (This was going to be a list, but then I realized that this is the only reason I
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Mar 21, 2008
Excellent Women
Aside from a few differences--living in the 1950s, being British, not being a teacher, being actively involved in church--Mildred Lathbury could easil ...more
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May 13, 2008
A Room with a View
This is the first book that I've just tipped over in love with in a long time.

Having seen the movie Howard's End, and knowing that E.M. Forster wrote
Mar 2008
Mar 28, 2008
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
I bought this book after having seen the movie and, as is so often the case, the book is much, much better than the film. While I enjoyed the movie ve ...more
Apr 18, 2008
Mar 25, 2008
The Importance of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde is my backup husband, after William Shakespeare.

I don't care that he was gay; he's also dead, but I'm not really making that an issue, am
Jun 21, 2012
Mar 02, 2011
Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire: The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56
Though this is about an elementary school teacher, there are a few strategies that are applicable to high school teachers as well.

And now it's time fo
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Sep 07, 2008
Brideshead Revisited
This is a thinking book. Initially my first reaction, upon completing the book, was this: "What a bunch of assholes."

After further reflection, I stand
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Mar 25, 2008
People of the Book
A book conservator is trying to find the human story behind a very rare haggadah as she is restoring it physically.

There really is a Sarajevo haggadah
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Mar 21, 2008
I honestly don't know how Walter Dean Myers does it. How can he be such a genius? It's unfathomable.

This is the story of a teenager who is often bulli
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Aug 17, 2008
The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy (The Penderwicks #1)
As I was reading, I had to keep reminding myself that the story is contemporary, that it doesn't take place in the 1950s or the 1820s. That's because ...more
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Dec 25, 2008
New Moon (Twilight, #2)
Note 1: I just started it and I wish Bella would go away. Now, please.

Note 2: Why is Bella doing 12th grade math and reading 9th grade literature?

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Dec 07, 2008
Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1)
... I know.

So I know I'm not supposed to like Bridget Jones, with her obsessions over her weight and her single state and her constant attempts to imp
Jun 25, 2011
Jun 19, 2011
Howards End
**spoiler alert** While I did enjoy this book, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the characters. I know it's because I'm reading wi ...more
Apr 27, 2008
Apr 19, 2008
Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War
Since I've spent most of my life in the South, and since I'm a fan of Gone with the Wind, I almost always find myself rooting for the Confederates. Th ...more
Jan 21, 2011
Jan 07, 2011
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
5/4/10- rereading, because I want to

LOVED! Read in one day.

The residents of Guernsey are given the opportunity to write about books--their favorites,
Dec 30, 2014
Jun 09, 2009
Pippi Goes on Board
Pippi Longstocking was my hero when I was a little girl. Come on: the strongest girl in the world? who's richer than God? and lives by herself? with a ...more
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Jul 08, 2008
Naughty Neighbor
This is one of Evanovich's earlier works, and man, does it show. Though there are flashes of humor throughout, the plotting is inconsistent, the chara ...more
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Oct 06, 2008
The Grand Finale
Bought while waiting for my sister to finish shopping.


Girl: [stupid/clumsy/love-burned/focused:] I am stupid and clumsy and love-burned and fo
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Mar 08, 2009
The Beast
I've never met a Myers book that I didn't love, but this one just seems ... off ... to me.

I don't know what my problem with it is, exactly, but let m
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Sep 13, 2008
The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University
I grew up in a fundamentalist Baptist church, so Jerry Falwell was always an entity in my life. My family's been to Thomas Road and Liberty (back when ...more
Jul 08, 2009
Jun 23, 2009
Shakespeare Wrote for Money
Nick Hornby has discovered YA literature, which is why this is my favorite of his "What I'm Reading" collections.

In addition to declaring that (some)
Dec 23, 2009
Dec 08, 2008
Encyclopedia Brown And The Case Of The Secret Pitch
I'm reading this aloud to my freshman.

[gushy love song follows:]

"Time to practice your deductive reasoning skills," I announce, and they all sit up st
Nov 11, 2008
Oct 29, 2008
Fugitive from the Cubicle Police
So look: I know it's not cool to like Dilbert, or whatever, but I am currently dealing with an epic amount of administrative stupidity at my job, and ...more
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Sep 19, 2009
The Help
The Help takes place in Jackson, Mississippi, in the early 1960s, not exactly the most progressive place to live, in terms of race relations.

Three di
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Mar 11, 2009
A Streetcar Named Desire
read in my theater class

2013: This class liked the play, probably because I emphasized the importance of stepping outside their own experience to reme
Apr 17, 2013
Apr 23, 2010
A Child Called "It" (Dave Pelzer #1)
I read this book to my freshman reading classes, and they loved it. I chose it because it came so highly recommended, because I already had it on my b ...more
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Mar 21, 2008
Teachers Have It Easy: The Big Sacrifices And Small Salaries Of America's Teachers
Just got this yesterday and am MEGA-EXCITED to read it!!

After reading:

It's not that the ideas given in the book are impractical or fantastical, but mo
Sep 20, 2011
Jul 26, 2011
The Book Thief
March 2011. Yup, again.
edit: I put this aside for a couple of weeks because I knew what was coming and didn't want to get to that part. I finished tod
Apr 11, 2011
Mar 24, 2008
The Uncommon Reader
I love to read about other people's reading.

In this book, Queen Elizabeth II is the reader, half-heartedly picking up a book from a traveling library
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May 26, 2008
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
Bella moves out to the sticks because she's sooooo unselfish and she's making a huuuuuuuuge sacrifice so her mom can be happy. She meets the MOST BEAU ...more
Nov 13, 2008
Nov 09, 2008
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