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The Rook (The Checquy Files, #1)
This book was not for me. I was confused and still can't tell you what it was all about. It just didn't go anywhere. I found myself struggling to get ...more
Aug 09, 2012
Feb 17, 2012
The Klone and I
This book was intertaining at times.In spots it made me laugh out loud..The outlandish clothes that the klone would wear would really make your imagin ...more
Sep 18, 2011
Aug 20, 2011
Pride and Prejudice
I know this is a classic but I had a really hard time getting through this story. It was written in old English so I had to keep going back and retrea ...more
Apr 25, 2013
Mar 20, 2013
The Girl Who Played with Fire (Millennium, #2)
This was a slow starter but once it got going it kept my interest. Salander is being accused of multiple murders. she has a couple of friends that kno ...more
Nov 20, 2014
Aug 12, 2014
The Blade Itself (The First Law, #1)
This was sooo boring.. I suppose if you are into the Barbarian era, sword fights and wearing armor you might like it, but it just wasn't for me. There ...more
Jan 06, 2012
Sep 18, 2011
Dark Visions (Dark Visions, #1-3)
This is a YA story based on five teenagers who have different physics powers. One can heal by touch, one can move things with his mind, one can predic ...more
Feb 03, 2015
Aug 12, 2014
The Ritual
This book was very good! In the beginning I didn't want to put it down,it was a real page turner. The second part of the story seemed to slow down a b ...more
Feb 23, 2012
Feb 01, 2012
Savage Thunder (Savage, #15)
Absolutely loved this story. No surprise Cassie Edwards does not disappoint.

This story is about two young children who meet and have this deep connect
Jul 11, 2014
Apr 19, 2014
Shadow Bear
Loved this story. It was about a young lady who loses her family to a killer that is after her fathers map to the gold. She finds shelter in a cave wh ...more
Jan 24, 2012
Jan 08, 2012
Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3)
I was hoping this book would have had a little more story line to it. When the second book left off the way it did I thought that the third book would ...more
May 20, 2013
Apr 05, 2013
Savage Thunder (Wyoming, #2)
A very good book!! Loved it! It is full of adventure, mystery and a splash of romance to keep it interesting. I don't recall ever reading any other bo ...more
Dec 12, 2011
Nov 02, 2011
Regency Christmas Wishes
Enjoyed the short stories. Most of them took place in the 1800's. Picturing the characters in that era of clothing made me want to watch "A CHRISTMAS ...more
Nov 18, 2011
Nov 02, 2011
The Black Lyon (Montgomery/Taggert #1)
A sweet story. Didn't know if I would like it at first because I don't get much into the Barbaric era with kings, Dukes and Earls. But this one was mu ...more
Oct 25, 2012
Oct 15, 2012
The 19 Dragons
Didn't make a whole lot of sense. About 19 dragons that were being killed off one by one and each time one was killed a continent or province would fa ...more
Mar 07, 2013
Feb 15, 2013
Blood Divided (Soul Born Saga, #2)
I really enjoyed this second book in the series. It was even better than the first. It was full of adventure,twists and turns and even some unexpected ...more
Jun 06, 2012
May 06, 2012
Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
I enjoyed this story but not as much as Divergent. This one seemed to drag on until the last 100 pages. I felt there was a lot of stuff that didn't ne ...more
Oct 12, 2012
Sep 25, 2012
Revealed (House of Night, #11)
This series is slowly going down hill. It is being dragged out to loooooong. Most of the story is rehashing what we already read in the previous books ...more
May 29, 2014
Nov 11, 2013
A Walk to Remember
This was the first book I read from Nicholas Sparks. A couple of my girlfriends love his books and asked me to try one, I have to say I absolutely lov ...more
Jan 15, 2013
Dec 26, 2012
The Manhattan Hunt Club
John Saul surprised me with this story.When I read his books I'm always waiting forthe boogy man to jump out at me but this one was more like a crime ...more
Feb 09, 2012
Jan 08, 2012
Soul Born (Soul Born Saga, #1)
This story has magic, elf people, fairies, wolf men, lizard head men, just about everything. The only thing it didn't have that I was waiting for was ...more
Apr 06, 2012
Mar 15, 2012
The Grave
This story is bout a young teenage boy who has been shuffled between diffrent foster homes. while he is in school he learns that they will be digging ...more
Aug 12, 2014
Apr 19, 2014
I'm not sure how to rate this one. There are some parts of the book that are really good and some parts I just wanted to skip over. When the story was ...more
Oct 25, 2011
Aug 20, 2011
An Angel for Emily
I loved this book. It was the first Jude Deveraux book I ever read. It was funny. The angel made me laugh often. I wish I had my own guardian angel ju ...more
not set
Oct 03, 2011
Evil Eternal
Wow! What an amazing read. I haven't read a good old fashioned horror book like this in many years. It captured my attention right from the first para ...more
Oct 03, 2012
Sep 09, 2012
All That Remains (Kay Scarpetta, #3)
I really enjoyed the Kay Scarpetta Series.I have a couple more in that series to read yet. I enjoy reading the crime mysterys. I try to figure it out ...more
not set
Oct 18, 2011
Tempest (Tempest, #1)
Enjoyed this story!! I was a bit confused with the half jumps and the full jumps.Dont know what the difference is. If you are going back or forward in ...more
Feb 16, 2012
Jan 31, 2012
Born in Fire (Born In Trilogy, #1)
It was a nice cozy romance to cuddle up with on a dreary day. The story line kept me interested. I wish Nora Roberts would have went a little deeper i ...more
Oct 19, 2012
Oct 06, 2012
Beauty Dominates the Beast
Wow! This definitely is a different take on the Beauty and the Beast story that I grew up with. Lets just say Bella was not reading books in the libra ...more
Mar 20, 2013
Mar 07, 2013
Death, Island Style
I enjoyed this story.It was about a woman moving on after her mom and husband die. She buys a Christmas craft store even though she isn't very crafty. ...more
Jan 23, 2012
Jan 08, 2012
This is a nice Romance to cozy up with when the weather is yucky. It's about a young woman married to an older gentleman in the early 1940's. War tear ...more
Mar 03, 2012
Jan 31, 2012