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I Know This Much Is True
This is a book I have been meaning to read since 1997. That's actually even before it was officially published, which might seem weird, if you didn't ...more
Apr 2008
Apr 10, 2008
The Lacuna
This is the first time I've ever really wished Goodreads had a "1/2 star" rating option. I don't want to give "The Lacuna" 4 stars, but 3 stars seems ...more
Aug 27, 2010
Aug 21, 2010
When the Emperor Was Divine
This is a slim volume that nearly reached perfection, in my estimation. How can a book be perfect? Well, in this case, it was the marriage of art and ...more
Apr 16, 2009
Apr 14, 2009
The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao
There's something compelling about this novel that starts to grow on you after 100 pages or so. I had no idea what I was getting into when I cracked t ...more
Aug 12, 2009
Aug 03, 2009
The English Patient
Now that I've finally read the book that inspired a movie I've always loved, I will probably not be able to watch the movie without mourning all that ...more
Mar 2008
Mar 04, 2008
Sense and Sensibility
I've read this book a few times before over the years, but it was refreshing to get through it again. I was struck this time by the fortitude of Elino ...more
Dec 2008
Nov 24, 2008
The Red Tent
I'm not sure if disliking this novel makes me a misfit or not, but I've only ever heard people lavishing praise on "the Red Tent," as if this book its ...more
Jul 14, 2009
Jul 06, 2009
Fall on Your Knees
There is definitely a pattern to my taste in fiction. This is a novel that appears to reveal all its secrets at the outset, but as it proceeds, the re ...more
Jul 20, 2009
Jul 06, 2009
Life of Pi
I read this book once several years ago, and enjoyed it without thinking too hard. I guess I really wasn't thinking too hard, because I totally forgot ...more
Feb 10, 2009
Feb 01, 2009
The Thirteenth Tale
Interesting book...really the first "couldn't put down" i've read in some time. That said, I "couldn't put it down" because I really wanted to know if ...more
Mar 31, 2009
Mar 28, 2009
The White Tiger
An unforgettable - if at times unsympathetic - narrator, and a peek into the underbelly of modern India turn this novel into a captivating read. By th ...more
Aug 21, 2009
Aug 03, 2009
Snow Falling on Cedars
I did enjoy this book. I wouldn't have given it 4 stars if I didn't. As always, I loved the structure of the book - it passed in and out of eras in ti ...more
Feb 21, 2009
Jan 21, 2009
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
I took a straw poll of my friends who have actually read this book, and I am pretty sure I am in the minority for giving it 4 stars. I loved it. I did ...more
Oct 27, 2009
Feb 07, 2009
The Poisonwood Bible
I just picked up a copy of this book while browsing in a 5-story book store in Zagreb, Croatia...I had to ask 4 different book shops if there was a pl ...more
Jul 31, 2009
Dec 20, 2007
In the Time of the Butterflies
THis is a lovely book that was recommended to me by a dear friend. I actually read it when I was in high school, and enjoyed it then, too.

The beauty a
Aug 20, 2008
Aug 19, 2008
Alias Grace
As befits any of Atwood's exceptional novels, this book spirals around itself in layers and layers of intriguing mystery. I read this one cover to cov ...more
Jun 03, 2009
May 19, 2009
Twilight (Twilight, #1)
i was warned....but no, I had to go ahead and read this for myself, all of the good/bad things I'd heard about these books be damned!

True: hard to put
Aug 04, 2009
Aug 04, 2009
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
A quick read, thought provoking and intriguing. However, it's a tired parable, and perhaps i'm just too logical and analytically-minded to really appr ...more
Feb 24, 2009
Feb 22, 2009
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
An excellent novel, and really piqued my interest in reading more about Chinese culture in the 1800s...what struck me the most about this book was the ...more
Feb 2008
Jan 06, 2008
What is the What
This book totally shook me up, in every possible way a book should. It is beautiful. In its spare, narrative prose; in its structure (told in the pres ...more
May 2008
May 06, 2008
Everything Is Illuminated
I am not afraid to admit that I wept near the end of this book. I didn't even like it at first, but trust me, push through. read this book. I can't pr ...more
Dec 06, 2008
Nov 30, 2008
Ahab's Wife, or The Star-Gazer
read this book if you like too-wordy drivel. the beginning was interesting and I sped through it, but i soon realized that the editor was asleep at th ...more
Jan 22, 2009
Dec 28, 2008
A Map of the World
This book is a sob story wrapped in a soap opera tucked inside a Shakespearean tragedy. It's also a mind warp, as it mostly takes place inside the hea ...more
Jun 03, 2009
May 07, 2009
The Kite Runner
I avoided this book for a long time, mostly because it was just so hyped up! But, finally, I broke down and read it...and was pleasantly surprised to ...more
Feb 2008
Feb 14, 2008
Bel Canto
I'm trying, desperately, to read this book. But i find it very slow and extremely hard to pick up. Every time I try to sit down and read, I find that ...more
not set
Jan 06, 2008
The Mermaid Chair
This book was enjoyable, but forgettable. A nice distraction on a rainy day. The story lacked any real coherence, and I didn't really feel anything fo ...more
Apr 26, 2008
Apr 10, 2008
Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories
This short story collection is among the finest I have ever read. There is a beauty to the way that Munro can make the simplest situations into the mo ...more
Feb 2008
Mar 04, 2008
The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)
entertaining, fast-paced, requires little thinking. excellent for a long train or bus ride.
Dec 28, 2008
Dec 28, 2008
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)
hands down, my fave HP book.
Jan 07, 2009
Dec 20, 2008
Heaven Lake
not set
Dec 20, 2007
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