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Stars and Stripes Forever (Stars and Stripes, #1)
There are books surely that are fun to hate and this is one of them. By far the worst example of alternate history out there Harrison, uncharacteristi...more
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Jul 25, 2011
The Boys from Brazil
I've never read of a more ludicrous plot than that of The Boys from Brazil: the heinous Dr. Mengele (director of the human experiments at Auschwitz) w...more
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Sep 01, 2011
Reclaiming Parkland: Tom Hanks, Vincent Bugliosi, and the JFK Assassina
I read Bugliosi's cinder block back not long after it first came out. I had not lived through that time period in history and since the book featured...more
Oct 22, 2013
Oct 15, 2013
BioShock: Rapture
I did not care for this book, not because of the writing style, or any grudge against the author, but because of the book itself. I am a fan of the Bi...more
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Aug 01, 2011
Kennedy: The Classic Biography: Deluxe Modern Classic
I do not intend to write a review necessarily on this book. Instead I wish to meditate on President Kennedy, with this book as its best symbol. My rea...more
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Oct 29, 2013
Hear No Evil: Politics, Science, and the Forensic Evidence in th
Thomas actually does what Vincent Bugliosi attempted to do in his Reclaiming History: that is he takes what evidence is available and as an expert in...more
Nov 16, 2013
Nov 10, 2013
Reclaiming History: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
I have no doubt about Vincent Bugliosi's credentials, that he is certainly a talented prosecutor is apparent from the Manson trial as well as his othe...more
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Jan 01, 2013
Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
In writing a review of this book I thus toss myself into the so-called "controversy" rather reluctantly. But I enjoyed it well enough to feel that I h...more
Aug 20, 2013
Aug 16, 2013
Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil
The redeeming aspects of this book is its exploration of just how ubiquitous petroleum products are in our civilization, and how that fact makes it mu...more
Aug 05, 2013
Aug 05, 2013
In the Drift
What began as an interesting premise was then diluted into a very dull fix-up of interrelated stories all taking place in a world where the crisis at...more
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Nov 24, 2011
The Declaration of Independence
I find it hard to write a review on this selection of Jefferson's works not for any fault of the editor, and certainly not the introduction by Michael...more
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May 10, 2012
My Boy Jack?
This was an OK book, with some excellent analysis at the end to question whether or not John Kipling's body has truly been properly marked. But, until...more
Jul 12, 2014
Jul 11, 2014
Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle
I always feel terrible after reading Chris Hedges, but this is why I read him. It’s well enough to see any number of New York Times Bestsellers in non...more
Apr 29, 2014
Apr 29, 2014
Shakespeare by Another Name: The Life of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, the Man Who Was Shakespeare
Here. Let me distill for you the essence of this book, a phenomenal piece of shit that masquerades as history: William Shakespeare could not have writ...more
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Jul 23, 2014
Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us
I gave this book two stars for Marrs' preface which struck me as a very honest advice: don't trust me [Jim Marrs], and don't trust everything you read...more
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Oct 17, 2012
Nero: The Man Behind The Myth
Logically much of Nero's excesses were probably apocryphal, though Holland in this book takes thing to an extreme in trying to rehabilitate the fifth...more
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Aug 09, 2012
Before Watchmen: Comedian/Rorschach
This is your proverbial bad prequel. Everything, and I mean everything that you needed to know about The Comedian and Rorschach is told in Watchmen, a...more
Dec 28, 2013
Dec 28, 2013
Castro's Bomb
Contrary to previous reviews I have read on this work: this is a ridiculous piece of alternate history and nothing more.
My critique of this question i...more
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Jul 20, 2013
Ayn Rand Nation: The Hidden Struggle for America's Soul
I despise Ayn Rand, and it's a very difficult thing to find works that critique her, without being bashed by Randroids who are so commonplace online....more
Nov 27, 2012
Nov 27, 2012
Sulla the Fortunate: Roman General and Dictator
Sulla already is facing an uphill battle with my sympathies by virtue of being the biggest douche-bag this side of the Common Era. I find it incredibl...more
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May 07, 2013
Johnny Got His Gun
In regards to this review there are two sections of my life, both very different from one another: the time before I had read this book, and the time...more
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May 16, 2012
The Gamekeeper's Night Dog (Gamekeeper Series, Book 1)
I fear that the reviews, and ratings have been so far too kind to this novel, quite honestly I felt that it wasn't really so much a work that didn't m...more
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Nov 18, 2012
The Revolutionary Career of Maximilien Robespierre
It is far safer to admire and to praise Mussolini than it is to list one virtue of Robespierre it seems. Far too often Robespierre is simply filed awa...more
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Apr 17, 2012
Amerikan Eagle
Huey Long, who is ultimately the villain behind this work once said that if tyranny comes to America it will come waving an American flag. Alan Glenn,...more
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Jul 27, 2011
The Marne, 1914: The Opening of World War I and the Battle That Changed the World
I debate the stark originality that the back cover led to make of this book when I picked it up. Quite clearly Herwig has read Tuchman's The Guns of A...more
Jul 07, 2014
Jul 06, 2014
Bond of Secrecy: My Life with CIA Spy and Watergate Conspirator E. Howard Hunt
There are two reasons I rate this book three stars: one is that St. John Hunt is not a very good writer; the narrative is unfocused, and cliche ridden...more
Mar 09, 2013
Mar 09, 2013
Bloody Treason: On Solving History's Greatest Murder Mystery : The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
I confess I did not finish this book. I read about half and frankly that was all I needed. As much as the research may look intimidating and factual w...more
Aug 29, 2013
Aug 29, 2013
Beneath Gray Skies
My primary feeling I had after reading this book was while I liked the premise I was never convinced that this wasn't an amateur novel. The writing is...more
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Jul 25, 2011
The Terror Conspiracy Revisited
I cannot accept this book, nor can I accept many of the claims of the 9/11 Truther Movement. I have deep sympathy for them, as it is imperative to alw...more
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Jun 06, 2013
The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: War of the Worlds
I was really disappointed by this book for two textual reasons and a score of stylistic concerns. The first in my edition is on page 41 when Challenge...more
Jul 30, 2013
Jul 28, 2013
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