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Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality
This was a great book. This is the third book I've read about H.P. Blavatsky, and I'm currently also about a third of the way into 'Isis Unveiled', an...more
Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013
The always eclectic Colin Wilson puts together a ton of different strings of occult, paranormal and esoteric philosophy, happenings and beliefs in thi...more
Feb 20, 2013
Nov 27, 2011
Foucault's Pendulum
I think you have to read through this first and then go back and reread it to really appreciate it. I just finished my first read through and thought...more
Jan 22, 2013
Jul 02, 2011
The Egyptologist
Great book. Great read. Exploring the ideas of truth, documentation, interpretation, self-creation, integrity, and legend and immortality through an e...more
Jul 18, 2011
Jun 28, 2011
Creative Mythology (The Masks of God, #4)
Just started re-reading this one. I got about halfway through last time and found so much good stuff in it last time that I thought I'd see what I pic...more
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Jan 13, 2012
Beneath the Paving Stones: Situationists and the Beach, May 1968
My True Theory of Gaming

As I’m reading the first essay or pamphlet in this book, about the student riots in Paris ‘68, and also I’ve just gotten a res...more
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Apr 05, 2012
Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron
Definitely a complex book. I haven’t read too much of his oeuvre, but a good chunk of what I have read is very dreamscape in nature. This one pretty m...more
Aug 14, 2012
Aug 14, 2012
The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity
The Christian Conversion,
Paganism's Suppression and Conversion by Christian Authorities
Why did the Church fight Paganism so vehemently?

I know the stor...more
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Jan 06, 2013
Millennium Rage
A pretty good compendium of millennium issues, cults, anti-government groups, racist groups, all kinds of doomsday prophets, and any other group or is...more
Aug 24, 2013
Aug 24, 2013
The Interpretation of Dreams
A good book. I enjoyed especially the intricate logic used to justify his view of how dreams and the unconscious function. Some really ingenious theor...more
Jul 07, 2013
Jul 07, 2013
Armageddon in Waco: Critical Perspectives on the Branch Davidian Conflict
This is a textbook of information on the incident in Waco, with a surfeit of voices on the real issues that were involved and were sadly ignored. The...more
Sep 11, 2013
Sep 11, 2013
The Death-Ray
Don’t have much to say about this one. What can I do but appreciate Daniel Clowes? Reading and looking at his stories gives me access to the world of...more
Nov 16, 2012
Nov 15, 2012
The Meaning of Heidegger: A Critical Study of an Existentialist Phenomenology
As I understand it, Heidegger's deal is understanding the world in relation to impending death, i.e. existentialism and phenomenological focus, Sein u...more
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Jan 23, 2012
Transmetropolitan, Vol. 1: Back on the Street (Transmetropolitan, #1)
I like this comic. It is 'edgy'. I like it because it rails against the world it sees as the problem, while simultaneously inventing all sorts of new...more
Oct 06, 2012
Oct 07, 2012
The Heavenly City of the Eighteenth Century Philosophers
This book is about Eighteenth century philosophers, with Enlightenment ideals, coming out of the superstitious times where religion ruled, trying, wit...more
Jan 05, 2013
Dec 23, 2012
Software (Ware, #1)
Wasn't too impressed with this. Has a lot of great material to work with, but it's way too short. It's like all that cutting edge culture-tech that wa...more
Aug 28, 2013
Aug 28, 2013
Taking on the Trust: The Epic Battle of Ida Tarbell and John D. Rockefeller
Well written, good information. Overall very good... could have had a little bit more, especially toward the end in proving how Tarbell's journalism e...more
Jan 20, 2013
Jan 09, 2013
Ex Machina, Vol. 1: The First Hundred Days (Ex Machina, #1)
Interesting story so far. The writing and art is good, and for five issues (I think that's how many are in this collection) it has ranged suprisingly...more
Oct 21, 2012
Oct 25, 2012
Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul
Really good book with an interesting format. The main portion of each chapter is poetic, lyrical, and features dreamlike sequences of Galileo as guide...more
Sep 28, 2013
Sep 06, 2013
Minds Over Matter
Good book on artificial intelligence from a few years back, a little dated but gives probably a better perspective because of it. Covers several topic...more
Oct 15, 2013
Oct 15, 2013
Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism
"Generally speaking, the mystics do not seem to conceive of God as the absolute Being or absolute Becoming but as the union of both; much as the hidde...more
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Mar 27, 2012
Modernism: The Lure of Heresy from Baudelaire to Beckett and Beyond
A good overview, with good critical sense, only complaint is it's not long enough, not in depth enough. I wanted more detail and more minor characters...more
Oct 23, 2013
Sep 19, 2013
Brainwash: The Secret History of Mind Control
Great book. Covers a lot of material, goes in depth on many topics and manages to tie it all back in. Definitely a keeper. Don't know if it's entirely...more
Aug 31, 2013
Aug 14, 2013
The Detective in Film
Reading in conjunction with listening to the series of lectures from The Teaching Company: Detective Fiction: The Killer, The Detective, and Their Wor...more
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Mar 27, 2012
Pearl Harbor as History: Japanese-American Relations, 1931-1941
Maybe I should start with the three books this one claims it is a non-biased version of, since I don't really know anything about the topic and this i...more
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Apr 27, 2012
Prisoners of Culture: Representing the Vietnam P.O.W
Great book. Read if you're at all interested in P.O.W. stories, and the story of how their stories are told, why they're told, and who is co-opting th...more
Oct 12, 2013
Oct 12, 2013
The Cambridge Companion to Galileo
Is physics theory a reflection of the social construct of the time period it's being proposed in?

If a particle physicist seeks the use of an accelerat...more
Mar 13, 2013
Apr 07, 2012
Mystery and Its Fictions: From Oedipus to Agatha Christie
This books has a good premise but didn't really deliver on it as well as it could have. If it were a little more ambitious, and maybe either a lot lon...more
Jul 17, 2012
Jun 06, 2012
Madame Blavatsky's Baboon: A History of the Mystics, Mediums, and Misfits Who Brought Spiritualism to America
There is a way, ladies and gentle men, whereby, your spiritual strivings and meditational meanderings, appear… as a way of seeming as if all your spir...more
Jun 19, 2012
Aug 31, 2011
The Will to Power
I was just starting to reread this book and this passage totally reminded me of what I posted the other day here
. This book is really just a compilati...more
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Jul 02, 2011
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