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25 Things to Say to the Interviewer, to Get the Job You Want: Being Qualified Isn't Enough
The tone of this 'book' is very low-brow, insensitive, cliche and wince inducing. Dare I say obnoxious?

It may be perfect preparation for some 'corpora...more
Jun 27, 2012
Jun 27, 2012
This Time (Richard III, #1)
This book is very amateurish but I have given it 2 stars because it is about Richard III by someone sympathetic to the Ricardian cause.
Dec 10, 2012
Dec 09, 2012
Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero
This book is presented as being about September 11th, but is also a memoir about growing up white, middle-class and blind in the mid-20th century USA....more
Feb 07, 2013
Feb 06, 2013
The Marriage of Meggotta
This fictional account of the sad fate of two 13th century children of English nobility is well researched and movingly written. Society versus the in...more
Nov 27, 2011
Oct 15, 2011
The Bat (Harry Hole, #1)
I have not read any other Nesbo books so have no comparisons to make, which is lucky since many of his fans seem not to have liked this one. I enjoyed...more
May 13, 2014
May 11, 2014
A Famine of Horses (Sir Robert Carey, #1)
Historical fiction always whets my appetite for learning more about the real people and events of the time, and this book has done so even more than m...more
Jun 10, 2012
Jun 01, 2012
Angle of Repose
I felt extremely uncomfortable reading the personal letters of Mary Hallock Foote despite Stegner having received permission from her grandchildren to...more
Nov 19, 2012
Nov 05, 2012
Years of discontent: Doctor Frank L. James in Arkansas, 1877-1878 (Memphis State University Press primary source publications)
This is not a memoir, per se, because Dr James thought he was keeping a private journal for just a couple of years. It contains a lot of measurements,...more
Oct 09, 2012
Sep 24, 2012
The Devil in Ermine
I am not sure why e-books are so badly proofread, but this one falls into that category, as well. Many, many typos, repeats of words or even phrases,...more
Apr 14, 2014
Mar 30, 2014
My Mother Was Nuts
I have to admire Penny for her talent, persistence, humor, adaptability and sheer nerve in facing life's situations. The book could have used some bet...more
Dec 10, 2012
Dec 03, 2012
Let's Face It: 90 Years of Living, Loving, and Learning
My interest is in the ageing process, so I would have bought this book no matter who had written it. Kirk Douglas is really good company, as he ambles...more
Apr 20, 2013
Apr 13, 2013
The Uncommon Reader
This book was mentioned in The End of Your Life Book Club, which I recently read. It is delightful, engaging and clever. I listened to it being read b...more
Dec 09, 2012
Dec 07, 2012
Growing Up Lutheran: What Does This Mean?
This book offers a respectful insight into an earlier time (1950s and 1960s) of a religious subculture of the American Midwest by two women who were r...more
Feb 15, 2002
Nov 29, 2011
The Boleyn Inheritance
I listened to this on audiobook and was completely knocked out by the wonderful performances of the three readers who brought to life Jane Boleyn (Lad...more
May 12, 2013
Jul 23, 2011
People of the Book
A book featuring heroic librarians is my idea of a truly great book! My respect for the profession has greatly deepened. Geraldine Brooks wrote an art...more
Jun 05, 2012
Jul 22, 2011
One for the Road: An Outback Adventure
Horwitz is a wonderful travel companion, and can make the worst experience worth going through with him as he points out with appreciation the ironies...more
Feb 20, 2013
Jul 23, 2011
Pontoon: A Novel of Lake Wobegon
There are some great one-liners in this but the material grew tedious. That said, I think the audio version would be worthwhile - as long as it was re...more
Dec 02, 2011
Nov 26, 2011
The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever
This is an important and fascinating book worthy to be taken seriously by all literate people. The issues debated will never be settled, and the vario...more
Dec 23, 2011
Dec 18, 2011
Outlander (Outlander, #1)
My only qualm is the homoerotic sadism of Captain Jonathan Randall that is rather lovingly detailed in all his scenes. I would personally have preferr...more
Nov 24, 2011
Jul 22, 2011
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Horrendous premise. If this is what young people's heads are full of I pity them. I listened to this in order to be "in the know", but found it stomac...more
Aug 2012
Jul 30, 2012
Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford
The title is just a come-on because the 'true story' of Jane Boleyn is not known. I will not blame the author for that, however, as it was probably ou...more
Aug 18, 2012
Aug 22, 2011
Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us
Excellent in-depth look at the last few decades' history of public health efforts in relation to processed food manufacturers. The background informat...more
Oct 14, 2013
Sep 13, 2013
What's Toxic, What's Not
Excellent American reference book for how to be aware of possible toxins at home, work, school, etc. Very well researched and written for laypeople to...more
Apr 11, 2012
Apr 11, 2012
It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet
I am a late-comer to the Herriot books, but am utterly enchanted by the 1930's rural Yorkshire setting and the poignant, gently comic stories about th...more
Jul 04, 2012
Jun 19, 2012
Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim
Sedaris is finally just a bit too creepy for me in this one, and it will be the last of his books that I read. His treatment of the hapless mouse was...more
Oct 26, 2013
Oct 22, 2013
Good Morning, Holy Spirit
I am not a Pentecostal and do not watch televangelists, but I enjoyed reading this award-winning book shortly after it came out. There was a sweetness...more
Jan 1992
Aug 21, 2011
We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea (Swallows and Amazons, #7)
Having to stop and look up every other word, because it was a technical nautical term no ordinary person would ever have been exposed to, was very tir...more
Oct 2012
Sep 28, 2012
A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander, #6)
Jamie and Claire are dealing with the coming revolution, and the change of sides they must carefully make when all their relatives and many clansmen a...more
Aug 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2011
Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World
I am stunned by the scope of this book. There was so much to take in that I feel I need to start at the beginning and listen to it all over again. I w...more
Sep 28, 2012
Aug 23, 2011
Weight Training for Dummies
I got this in December and by mid-January had injured my shoulder joints, and am still getting physiotherapy 9 months later. Dummy is the truth, I sho...more
Jan 15, 2011
Sep 25, 2011
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