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Likely the dumbest Important Book that I've read.

Yeah, it's cool that the narrator thinks he's a werewolf, but is really just a recluse pseudo-academi
May 2012
May 28, 2012
Bleeding Edge
A parable of reading. Protagonist is a fallen CFE, with her “skill set being a tendency to look for hidden patterns” (22), which is the sole necessary ...more
Sep 2013
Sep 29, 2013
Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West
All reading is transformative for the reader, even if it’s merely additive or supplemental--a cumulation of more knowledges, the text inscribed on the ...more
Aug 2013
Sep 02, 2013
The Fall of Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos, #2)
Nutshell: how-to manual that recommends radical luddite social restructuring in order to defeat slave uprising.

Abandons chaucerian structure of first
Jul 2013
Aug 10, 2013
The Virtue of Selfishness: A New Concept of Egoism
Part II of multi-part review series.

Reading Rand reminds me of teaching freshman composition at university years ago. There’s not nearly as many spell
Aug 2013
Jun 11, 2011
The End of Eternity
Nutshell: antisocial nerd, responsible for historical amendments to spacetime continuum, dicks it up for everyone in order to lose virginity.

Nov 2012
Nov 24, 2012
Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos, #1)
Framed narratives while on pilgrimage to religious site suggestive of The Canterbury Tales, but not drawing any real influence from it. Whereas Chauce ...more
Nov 2012
Nov 11, 2012
Legend (Drenai Tales, #1)
Nutshell: military dilemma comes to improbable resolution through the intervention of a surly codger who kicks half million kids off lawn.

We know we m
Jun 2013
Jun 09, 2013
Reflections on the Revolution in France
A turgid, incoherent, mean-spirited confusion of barely readable proto-teabaggery and ancient dogmatic douchebaggery. Written in the form of a letter ...more
May 10, 2012
Oct 09, 2011
Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality
A popularizer's polemic against evolutionary psychology vis-a-vis the doctrine and institution of monogamy. The book is well-humored, and the prose re ...more
Jan 2012
Jan 14, 2012
Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth, #1)
The text wants rhetorical discipline, its worst problem, and likewise evidences, at best, an amateur aesthetics.

The text moreover adopts a number of t
Jan 2000
Jun 10, 2011
Part I of a multi-part review series.

Standard libertarian dishonesty that seeks to conflate egalitarian doctrine generically with various unpleasant p
Jul 2013
Jun 10, 2011
The Romantic Manifesto
Part IIII of multi-part review series.

Nutshell: person who has read a half dozen novels and no literary theory writes treatise on literary theory.

Aug 2013
Aug 18, 2013
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)
Frame narrative wherein innkeeper tells odyssean tales of his youth, taking the form of Forrest Gump going to Hogwarts, including such fine details as ...more
Aug 2014
Nov 01, 2014
The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #2)
Ginger Potter gumps his way through Sexy Faerie Land and Randy Ninja Town.

Schoolhouse micropolitics are engaging, if not necessarily plowing new groun
Sep 2014
Nov 08, 2014
Madame Bovary
Nutshell: bucolic twerp, well read in romance novels, gets bored with bourgeois husband, has affairs, bankrupts estate, dies.

A tremendous narrative. O
Dec 2012
Dec 31, 2012
The Drowned World
Nutshell: though global warming wins, cagey survivors succumb only to evopsychomachia.

Global warming is merely the Luca Brasi of a villainous sun, wh
Jun 2014
Oct 18, 2014
How the North Won: A Military History of the Civil War
Very persuasive. Strictly a military history, from the opening of hostilities until the surrender of the remaining confederate armies. Very much a nec ...more
Feb 2014
Mar 01, 2012
The Anatomy of Fascism
Very effective. Attempts a wittgensteinian, as opposed to a platonist, definition of fascism, drawing its operative principles from the laboratory of ...more
Dec 2013
Dec 31, 2013
Lord of Light
Nutshell: douchebags leave earth, acquire technological immortality, and then, completely reasonably and necessarily, re-enact Hindu mythology.

This co
Jun 2013
Jun 29, 2013
Notes from the Underground
Nutshell: proto-hipster suffering from hepatic encephalopathy throws tantrums and advances retrograde polemics.

Some of Dostoevsky's ugly politics leak
Dec 2012
Dec 14, 2012
Behemoth: The Structure & Practice of National Socialism, 1933-1944
Corollary to Lemkin’s Axis Rule in Occupied Europe. Like Lemkin, Neumann is European attorney in exile in the United States during WW2, writing about ...more
Jan 2014
Feb 01, 2014
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Like Mary Shelley, McCullers is wunderkind.

Set in late ‘30s great crisis, when “times is hard for everybody” (40-41), and by damning contrast with Ca
Oct 2013
Oct 06, 2013
The Lathe of Heaven
Nutshell: oneironomist enacts well-intentioned revisions of spacetime continuum, up to and including genocide and war.

Title refers to a chapter epigra
Jul 2014
Oct 25, 2014
The Naked Sun (Robot, #2)
Nutshell: superstar earthling detective imported to dyslibertopian planet to investigate murder.

Libertarian dystopia is Solaria, a planet of 20,000 hu
Nov 2012
Dec 02, 2012
SCUM Manifesto
Not sure if this is serious or not. If serious, it’s one of the worst books ever written. If an elaborate satire, then very effective. Object of the s ...more
Feb 2014
Mar 02, 2014
The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches (Keeper Martin's Tales, #1)
I’m all for self-published authors, so it’s not really politically or aesthetically pleasant for me to beat up on a guy who’s just trying to make it. ...more
Nov 2014
Nov 28, 2014
Fourteen Byzantine Rulers: The Chronographia of Michael Psellus
Suetonian/procopian memoir, touching on the late Macedonian dynasty, the whole of the Doukai, and the beginning of the Komnenoi. General thesis is tha ...more
Jan 2014
Dec 31, 2013
The Quantum Thief (Jean le Flambeur, #1)
The ultimate in nerd-boiled, maybe.

Protagonists are an Arsene Lupin and an Auguste Dupin, plus a Finnish soldier with a sentient ship (soldier and shi
Oct 2013
Nov 02, 2013
Modernism and Fascism: The Sense of a Beginning under Mussolini and Hitler
Simplified: offers first a definition of modernism and then a definition of fascism that arises out of the definition of modernism.

Herf, in Reactiona
Feb 2014
Feb 01, 2014
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