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Great Expectations: The Sons and Daughters of Charles Dickens
I've done enough play therapy, evaluation, education and yes, parenting to explain and justify interest in how people's children turned out. This book ...more
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Mar 13, 2013
The Art of Slow Reading: Six Time-Honored Practices for Engagement
I hope that it doesn't invalidate my thoughts that I read this in under a 24 hour elapsed time, while also reading half of The Great Gatsby and sleepi ...more
Nov 09, 2013
May 29, 2012
The Self Beyond Itself: An Alternative History of Ethics, the New Brain Sciences, and the Myth of Free Will
The idea is that ethics is better understood as responding to the situation as opposed to using free will to make the best decision. Evidence is broug ...more
Jul 07, 2013
Jun 29, 2013
Helping the Fearful Child
Although it is about thirty years old, this book still has good suggestions for how to help children with anxiety. There are methods for replacing anx ...more
Jul 27, 2011
Jul 12, 2011
I enjoy reading books that were created at about the same time I was. This one gives a good picture of what Spinoza was trying to say. The Ravven ethi ...more
Jul 18, 2013
Jul 16, 2013
This is a shortish novel, and definitely worth the time to read if you help people who are in abusive relationships. The author, who H.G. Wells consid ...more
Aug 09, 2013
Aug 07, 2013
Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald
I thought that we had an original idea to do whatever we wanted in the sixties. It looks like the twenties did start the whole thing. In this book, yo ...more
Dec 15, 2013
Dec 09, 2013
A Ring of Conspirators: Henry James and His Literary Circle, 1895-1915
I really enjoyed this book. The list of characters includes several Jameses (including glimpses of some of the next generation after Henry, William an ...more
Jan 2012
Dec 31, 2011
Longfellow: A Rediscovered Life
I ran into this book in a thrift shop while shopping with my daughter. It's good stuff. Four points:
1. Longfellow is a contemporary of Tennyson. I thi
Oct 16, 2013
Oct 14, 2013
The Mouse's Tale
As a Psychologist, I'm interested in how people think and feel. I may also be related to families of British royalty. The recent royal wedding has inc ...more
Jun 22, 2011
Jun 19, 2011
Theory of Valuation: Foundations of the Unity of Science, Number 4
Being a fellow Vermonter, I have felt constrained to praise Dewey. I haven't been able, however, to read what he has written to any strong advantage. ...more
Jun 26, 2013
Jun 24, 2013
The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way
I listened to the book on audible. The author has written many articles on education. She took the ultimate field trip to visit schools in Finland, So ...more
Oct 27, 2013
Oct 25, 2013
The Letters of William James and Theodore Flournoy
These letters,documenting a 20 year friendship, are amazing. The two thinkers did not see each other much, but their letters are full of caring and in ...more
Dec 13, 2012
Dec 10, 2012
Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn
The author believes that our schools and work places have not changed to take into account the changes brought about by computers and the internet. S ...more
Aug 21, 2011
Aug 18, 2011
Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune
If you're interested in wealth, the turn of the century (no, not 2000), people's personalities/psychopathologies, and The Flintstones, this book is fo ...more
Sep 13, 2013
Sep 10, 2013
Who's in Charge? Free Will and the Science of the Brain
This book covers a number of issues. The author's work on split brain individuals is covered, including his reaction to the first data to be gathered ...more
Nov 23, 2011
Nov 15, 2011
A Serious Character: The Life of Ezra Pound
I got this book in a lot, and I'm glad I did. Pound is interesting from a psychology perspective, having spent about a dozen years at St. Elizabeths H ...more
Dec 06, 2013
Nov 24, 2013
The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness
I listened to this on Audible. It is very good. It is among the better first person accounts that I have read. It drives home the idea that serious ps ...more
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Oct 22, 2011
Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction to His Life and Work
It's hard to see how one person could have had such a mixture of ideas. His educational ideas are sound. I've used this handout http://www.waldorfrese ...more
Jun 17, 2012
Jun 09, 2012
Balzac: A Biography
This turn towards fiction is, for me, an attempt to mine the novels and biographies for insights into people and how they can be understood/helped/edu ...more
Nov 24, 2013
Nov 03, 2013
The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain from Vienna 1900 to the Present
This book has a good combination of information about neuroscience and about art. The author uses three artists who worked around the time of Freud in ...more
Apr 15, 2012
Apr 10, 2012
Axel Munthe: The Road to San Michele
Munthe is worth learning about. He was a contemporary of Freud, and was probably in lectures and demonstrations by Charcot at the same time as Freud. ...more
Jul 29, 2013
Jul 08, 2013
Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction
If you read this book, you will know more about Critical Theory than you did before reading it. The author is very experienced, and covers the area we ...more
Mar 06, 2012
Mar 02, 2012
The Freud-Adler Controversy
A professor I had in Graduate School watched Adler interview children in NYC and was impressed. I hadn't read much about him, so here we go. There is ...more
Mar 23, 2012
Mar 19, 2012
excellent; it gives a great picture of the Alcott family; the author has some bite in his writing style; tells a lot about Louisa May as a child; allo ...more
Nov 16, 2011
Nov 11, 2011
The Father: A Life of Henry James, Sr.
Would that I was articulate enough to express this. Can't you start a sentence with would (or can't for that matter)? Seriously, this book has a lot o ...more
Feb 04, 2012
Jan 15, 2012
Life and Loves of a Prodigal Daughter
This is an interesting author. Here's the dust cover for the book Although her memoirs may be the "frankist m ...more
Jun 28, 2014
Jun 28, 2014
From Under the Cloud at Seven Steeples 1878 - 1885: The Perculiarly Saddened Life of Anna Agnew at the Indiana Hospital for the Insane
There are several important characters here, Anna Agnew herself, the author of this book (Lucy Jane King), and the hospitals in which Anna Agnew spent ...more
Nov 10, 2011
Oct 28, 2011
Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case
The book Sybil came out just about when I started my career in psychology. It is interesting to reflect on how it would be different to be starting ou ...more
Nov 13, 2011
Oct 20, 2011
The Complete Letters of Henry James, 1855-1872: Volume 2
I've got the two volume set selected and edited by Percy Lubbock and published by Scribner's
this is from a letter written to Wilfred Sheridan on 08/07
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Jan 15, 2012
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