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Rhapsody: Child of Blood (Symphony of Ages, #1)
This book is quite an interesting tale. I found it to be smoothly transitioned and mostly linear tale.

It has an interesting time travel setting. Cert...more
Dec 11, 2012
Dec 04, 2012
Hero's Curse
While there are Biblical based things in the book.. this is NOT the belief of those that are, well ... Bible believing Christians. The liberties taken...more
Mar 22, 2012
Mar 15, 2012
Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2)
Epic fantasy done right

There is something I have not enjoyed about some epic fantasy that I think stems from the fear of not finishing. Why painstakin...more
not set
Jun 01, 2014
Churched: One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess
First and foremost, "Will this book get someone saved?" - my answer -- "Dude, I have no clue - I am not positive any book will 'get' someone saved. Wh...more
not set
May 05, 2011
Time Slice
This is a pretty cool little book. Not too long. The story at the start is a bit hard to get through due to the nature of it being quite depressing, b...more
Nov 08, 2012
Nov 06, 2012
Quitter: Turning Your Job into a Dream and Your Dream into a Job
"Superman... needed Clark Kent. Being Clark was the reason he was able to be Superman. It was how he stayed real..." -Jon Acuff (or more his wife actu...more
May 13, 2011
May 11, 2011
Legion (Legion, #1)
Short and good.

A really cool idea having a guy that has hallucinations and uses them to basically solve mysteries. A whole new way to create a Sherlo...more
Oct 24, 2012
Oct 24, 2012
Ship of Magic (Liveship Traders, #1)
For a long while I have waited to read these books. I very much enjoyed the Farseer trilogy that she wrote (I read it a few years ago) and just knew t...more
Oct 12, 2012
Oct 08, 2012
Treasure Lost
This first off, was much more gritty then I thought it would be after reading reviews mentioned this book is meant for young boys. I found some of the...more
Apr 16, 2012
Apr 11, 2012
The Final Shard (The Soul Sphere #2)
To be honest I would have enjoyed this more as an actual ending to the first book instead of a book all itself.

The time between my reads must have los...more
Jan 07, 2013
Jan 02, 2013
Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
This book is good. That is what I would like to say.. alone in this review, but I won't.. I will say much more.

First of all.. I think.. that this book...more
May 02, 2012
Apr 26, 2012
Proper Gauge (Wool, #2)
I liked this one very much... Not really as much as the first but with the way the first introduced this world... I was certain you could not follow i...more
Mar 26, 2012
Mar 26, 2012
My Beautiful Idol
This is an interesting book. The content is life.. it is much like a Donald Miller novel, a storytelling of life and the confusion that can come of th...more
Mar 04, 2013
Feb 27, 2013
The Book of Lies
I would guess you could look at those five stars and wonder why I would do that.. well .. to be honest.. it is because I was really.. not expecting to...more
Jul 12, 2012
Jul 03, 2012
The Shattered Sphere (The Soul Sphere #1)
I mostly liked this.. enough to, yes, buy the next book.. so first and foremost I say that I placed the second in my wish list and will purchase it so...more
Apr 26, 2012
Apr 16, 2012
Peter Pan
I have always been curious to read the adventures of Peter Pan without the 'bloated' media versions (Disney, Dreamworks, Kids Story Books, Shrek) that...more
Aug 12, 2011
Aug 09, 2011
Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, #4)
I really enjoyed this book. I remember when I finished Brisingr I was so disappointed that I would have to wait until the next book came out for the a...more
Jan 17, 2012
Jan 04, 2012
The Pursuit of God
Certainly a good book for those that are already desiring and as well in process of 'the pursuit'. While it could be good for others to read it, I am...more
Sep 27, 2012
Sep 12, 2012
A Spell for Chameleon (Xanth, #1)
I have stayed away from Piers Anthony for a good long while. All it took was the recommendation from a friend and a few descriptive things from the bo...more
Dec 21, 2012
Dec 17, 2012
The Republic of Thieves (Gentleman Bastard #3)
So.. For starters... Do not read this if you can not get past the language... I find while reading I can skim these parts and get the idea.... Not eve...more
Jan 27, 2014
Jan 02, 2014
Fable: The Balverine Order
I went into reading this with slightly low expectations. Reason being that only ever so often does a book entertain me enough if it is based on a vide...more
Feb 08, 2011
May 05, 2011
Agatha H and the Airship City (Girl Genius)
A short book with a very good story. It really sucked me in. First it caught a friend of mine who told me I should be sure to read it. I am glad they...more
Nov 03, 2012
Oct 30, 2012
Of Thieves and Elves: A Supernovella
To be honest I would like to have given this four or five stars. The reason that I did not is because I felt that there could have been more story bef...more
Dec 05, 2012
Nov 27, 2012
Through Painted Deserts: Light, God, and Beauty on the Open Road
I read Blue Like Jazz a good while back and enjoyed the challenge that it offered in love towards others. There is a thin line is loving and condemnin...more
Dec 13, 2012
Dec 11, 2012
Shift (Silo, #2)
While I cannot say that this is better than the Wool series, it is good - and I GREATLY recommend reading Wool.. all five. If you do read those... you...more
Jul 15, 2013
Jun 25, 2013
Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time #13)
Yes.. very good book.

The one tale I REALLY wanted to be sure was told was. (Mat's special quest)

The story continues to be tying up the loose ends. W...more
Nov 05, 2012
Oct 26, 2012
Lunatic (The Lost Books, #5)
I found the start of this ... very off putting.. I think it may have been easier to stay in the right 'frame of mind' had the story stuck with the 'ma...more
Dec 26, 2013
Dec 26, 2013
Wool (Wool, #1)
This was good.

Short, sweet, and to the point. It peeked my curiosity and as well grasped my emotions - a perfect mix for a short story. It only took m...more
Mar 22, 2012
Mar 23, 2012
The Unraveling (Wool, #4)
We are now to the point where the story is just broken into pieces. It has been this way for the full five books but the end of three and in four it i...more
Apr 04, 2012
Mar 29, 2012
A Princess of Mars (John Carter of Mars / Barsoom, #1)
This is exceptionally well written, though it is written as though it was written by the protagonist. What I did not like about this is I felt I misse...more
Dec 17, 2013
Nov 11, 2013
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