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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you write a young adult novel.
"The Hunger Games" deserves its popularity and, at first, I was wary of it. But I want
Nov 04, 2011
Apr 07, 2011
Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero
Don't go into this thinking it's going to be a smooth read. She's not a writer, never professes to be, she just has a story to tell.
It's generally fas
Dec 19, 2011
Apr 07, 2011
Eldest (Inheritance, #2)
Do you know how to properly greet an elf, or the names of half of the places Eragon visits?
Neither do I.
I'm not a patient reason, which is probably th
Nov 14, 2011
Oct 05, 2011
Dark Life (Dark Life, #1)
Some of life's greatest gifts are books you find at the library, read the summary, then shrug and say "why not?" and try it, even if you've heard noth ...more
Aug 12, 2014
Aug 13, 2014
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life (Scott Pilgrim, #1)
It was a late night, waiting for the release of some version of "Halo". My family and I went to the movies and I suggested "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the Worl ...more
Mar 10, 2012
Mar 10, 2012
The Road to Balinor (Unicorns of Balinor, #1)
Okay, so this book freaked me out and made me think about Carl Jung. I've never read this book before today, and yet I find many similarities between ...more
Jul 19, 2012
Jul 20, 2012
Moral of the Story: Don't drink and drive, kids, or a psycho lady will hold you hostage in her house and torture you for your skills.
So I decided (aft
Aug 10, 2012
Aug 07, 2012
Crank (Crank, #1)
**spoiler alert** Wow...just, wow. This book is powerful. Like, I was almost in tears at the plot twist within a plot twist.
I was originally going to
Oct 27, 2011
Oct 24, 2011
The Pearl
So I was doing laundry a couple of weeks ago and was going through my brother's basket (always an interesting adventure) when I found a school copy of ...more
Jul 18, 2012
Jul 13, 2012
Eyes Like Stars
A girl raised in a theater: Ooooh...
A theater enchanted: Keep going...
All of the plays of the world and their players are trapped due to magic: Yes ma
Sep 27, 2012
Sep 20, 2012
Song of the Wanderer (Unicorn Chronicles, #2)
So it's sad that I just gave this book a three-star rating, after how much I loved "Into the Land of the Unicorns", but it just didn't connect on the ...more
Sep 15, 2012
Sep 07, 2012
The Chocolate War (Chocolate War, #1)
Before The Review, A Condensed Version of "The Chocolate War" (Warning: Spoilers may be ahead)
Brother Leon: Let's sell some chocolates like every year
Sep 30, 2012
Sep 20, 2012
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story (Vampire Trilogy #1)
This was one of those fortunate pick-ups at the library that every reader knows; you're browsing the titles and see one that catches your eye. You tak ...more
Jul 03, 2012
Jun 24, 2012
White Cat (Curse Workers, #1)
Never thought I'd see the day when there'd be TOO many twists in a book... But apparently this is possible.
I liked the first half; it was intriguing,
Jan 07, 2012
Jan 04, 2012
Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)
**spoiler alert** The ending in one gif:

Honestly when I read the summary for this awhile ago I didn't think I'
Jul 09, 2014
Jun 26, 2014
The Bridges of Madison County
I feel very, very conflicted about this book; it touched a lot of different parts of me, some parts loving it and some hating it. So I just rated it a ...more
Jun 21, 2012
Jun 07, 2012
Lock and Key
Ugh, I just...ugh. This is what happens when you read too many books from a formula writer; you zone out constantly, hardly paying attention because y ...more
Sep 26, 2014
Sep 11, 2014
Catching Fire (Hunger Games, #2)
If you go into this thinking it's going to be "The Hunger Games", you'll be disappointed. But if you don't compare the two, you'll enjoy it more.
Ms. C
Dec 15, 2011
Dec 01, 2011
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon, #1)
"Dragoneye Reborn" Rated PG-13, for violence and sexual content. Repeat, do NOT let younger readers get their hands on this.
Okay, so I do love dragons
Feb 29, 2012
Feb 15, 2012
Fearless (Fearless, #1)
Patience is a virtue...sadly, it's also one I'm lacking severely. The plot was sluggish and it was hard to follow (even with all the fancy font design ...more
Sep 09, 2011
Sep 07, 2011
Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel (Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novels, #1)
The problem with movies/graphic novels/manga/fan art is that everyone sees the characters in their head differently, so it's impossible to please ever ...more
Feb 03, 2012
Jan 29, 2012
You Suck: A Love Story (Vampire Trilogy #2)
You ever taken a bite of something and figured "hey, this is pretty good", but when you go back for the second bite you're like "...okay, maybe this i ...more
Jul 21, 2012
Jul 04, 2012
Of Mice and Men
I wish I could find those clips of the episode of "The Middle" where Brick gives Axl a summary of this book...because even though it spoiled the book ...more
Feb 26, 2014
Feb 18, 2014
Stone Fox
We watched the movie in class in fourth grade, so the ending didn't surprise me. Didn't make it any easier.
The plot was intriguing, though I'm not sur
Feb 26, 2012
Feb 26, 2012
The Adoration of Jenna Fox
This would've been a wonderful movie ...why did I get to the ending...?
"The Adoration of Jenna Fox" was a tolerable read; I was just intrigued enough
Sep 30, 2011
Sep 07, 2011
The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future
There's stupid...and then there's stupid that works. Dav Pilkey* is a master of the second category. I read Captain Underpants back in the day (3rd gr ...more
Sep 15, 2011
Sep 07, 2011
Peter Pan
So yeah. Peter Pan has never really been one of my favorite Disney movies; I hate Peter with a fiery passion. I had to skim or skip most of his scenes ...more
Nov 18, 2012
Nov 10, 2012
So I saw this book years ago at Barnes and Noble. This was back in the middle school days when my parents still thought I was deeply disturbed for lik ...more
Jun 06, 2012
May 31, 2012
League of Strays
I feared this when I decided to join Net Galley: the dreaded Book That Doesn't Sit Well But I'm Obligated To Review. By the way, Amulet, thank you for ...more
Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012
Eliza's Awakening
Thank you Netgalley for the ARC of "Eliza's Awakening".
So, this was my first erotica story, so it's very hard to base it off of anything. I would imag
Jun 20, 2012
Jun 12, 2012
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