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Ex-Heroes (Ex-Heroes, #1)
Ernest Cline, author of READY PLAYER ONE describes EXHEROES as The Avengers meets The Walking Dead - and that's pretty much it. Thumbs up!
Mar 2014
Feb 26, 2014
The Bookstore
A better title would have been, "A Twenty-Three Year Old Art Student at Columbia Gets Pregnant by a Guy Who Is a Caricature of a Complete Jerk, and Sh ...more
not set
Aug 07, 2013
The Art Forger
I know little about Fine Art although I have a lot of appreciation for it. The passages in The Art Forger that detailed color and light and value, and ...more
not set
Sep 17, 2013
The Distant Hours
This book seemed to run on forever, and the ending was a big reveal with one tragic happening, and another tragedy, and let's twist the knife again fo ...more
Nov 21, 2014
Nov 13, 2014
Help for the Haunted
I loved this book. It was a great palate cleanser after Night Film and The Goldfinch, two books that, lawsy, I thought would never end.
not set
Jan 21, 2014
So Much Pretty
So many people are wild about this book but I am not one of them.

I had issues with elements of the book and also with some of the scenes, graphic and
Jul 15, 2011
Jul 13, 2011
The Secret Keeper
Qualify everything I'm about to say with this first: I rarely read historical fiction because I don't care much for it. I read The Secret Keeper becau ...more
Mar 07, 2013
Mar 04, 2013
The Interestings
I hate to make the obvious joke, but The Interestings is not all that ... interesting.

I first heard of the book when NPR had a story about it and an e
not set
Jun 07, 2013
The Goldfinch
I don't know, man. I finished this book tonight and I've got to let my thoughts percolate a bit. Anyone else?
not set
Dec 05, 2013
If I'm So Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight?: Tools to Get It Done
Ugh, the title. It does this book such a disservice. Doesn't it sound like some kind of fad-diet, custom-made for the talk show circuit?

It's anything
not set
Mar 07, 2013
Mighty Ugly: Exercises and Advice for Getting Creative Even When It Ain't Pretty
Excellent! I liked everything about it.
Sep 04, 2014
Aug 26, 2014
The Flinch
You know how if you say a word over and over, after a while, it starts to sound funny? (I'm serious - try it.)

That's how the word "flinch" is in this
not set
May 21, 2013
He's Gone
This book started off really strong, with an intriguing set up -- a woman wakes up at home, hungover, and her husband isn't there. She isn't too alarm ...more
not set
May 25, 2013
Dare Me
Imagine Amy from Gone Girl in high school, captain of the cheer squad.

It was excellent.
not set
Jan 24, 2013
The Brief History of the Dead
I've read three books by Kevin Brockmeier (Booktopia Oxford 2012 author) and loved, loved, loved two of them. This one, and The View From the Seventh ...more
not set
Jun 19, 2013
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Yes. I needed several days afterward to process it
Jul 11, 2013
Jul 03, 2013
This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike.
This was excellent.
Jan 31, 2014
Aug 29, 2013
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life
"Households that have lost the soul of cooking from their routines may not know what they're missing: the song of a stir-fry sizle, the small talk of ...more
not set
Sep 16, 2011
Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality
I'm biased because a dear friend, Susan Cushman, has an essay in this book. Other writers whose work I enjoy - Rheta Grimsley Johnson, Mary Karr, Beth ...more
not set
Jun 11, 2012
The Fever
I enjoyed Dare Me, the first book I've read by Megan Abbott. I liked The Fever well enough; it was well written but the conclusion didn't seem to be a ...more
not set
Jun 25, 2014
When She Woke
When I went for a stretch of more than an hour or two of not reading WHEN SHE WOKE, I found myself thinking about it, itching to get back to it, wonde ...more
not set
Aug 18, 2012
State of Wonder
It pains me to say this because Bel Canto is one of the most beautiful books I've read. I have met Ann Pachett and she is lovely. But State of Wonder ...more
not set
Jul 06, 2011
Divergent (Divergent, #1)
Made me super-tense, all the while most of the characters never felt quite real. {spoiler} Beatrice sees both of her parents murdered, which should ha ...more
not set
Jul 16, 2014
Night Film
Just finished. Well. That's several hours of my life I won't have back.

Good grief this book is creepy. And I don't for a minute believe that Scott wou
Dec 2013
Nov 26, 2013
Shovel Ready (Spademan, #1)
3.5 stars is more accurate. It's an intriguing premise - New York City at some time in the future, abandoned by many, burnt out. It was bleak although ...more
not set
Jun 02, 2014
Zone One
I thought I had no interest in (another) zombie and/or apocalypse book but Zone One was a good read. I like Colson Whitehead's writing style; it's a l ...more
not set
Jun 11, 2014
One Fifth Avenue
I had to put this book down. I was glad because I was embarrassed to be reading it. At first it was like some awful decadent book Judith Krantz book f ...more
May 24, 2011
May 19, 2011
Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1)
This is YA, which I don't read that often. (Although maybe I should read YA more often; I loved Thirteen Reasons and The Hunger Games series.) I reall ...more
Feb 10, 2013
Jan 28, 2013
The House at the End of Hope Street
I liked this book so much! I read it in one day, yesterday, when I was home and not feeling well. I curled in my favorite comfy chair by a window and ...more
not set
Jul 20, 2013
A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1)
I started this book only yesterday and already I'm totally sucked in! This afternoon I'm making peanut butter fudge for my dad for Father's Day and a ...more
Jun 22, 2011
Jun 18, 2011
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