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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (Harold Fry, #1)
it was amazing
Harold Fry has never done the unexpected, having spent the last 65 years living a quiet sheltered life. Retired for the last six months Harold shaves ...more
Jul 27, 2012
Jul 13, 2012
The Good People
it was amazing
Aussie author Hannah Kent exploded onto the literary scene in 2013 with the evocative historical fiction novel, Burial Rites. Not only did it win nume ...more
Oct 06, 2016
Sep 05, 2016
Into the Darkest Corner
it was amazing
Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes is one of the most spine chilling and riveting novels ive read in a long time. The story centres on Cather ...more
Apr 17, 2012
Apr 02, 2012
A Little Life
it was amazing
I wen't into A Little Life knowing that it would be an all mighty challenge. At a daunting 720 pages long and with a heavy duty story line, I knew it ...more
Jan 16, 2016
Dec 01, 2015
You (You, #1)
it was amazing
Just when i thought it was not possible for another book to match the sheer darkness and full on mind screwing of Into the Darkest Corner, along comes ...more
Nov 12, 2014
Nov 01, 2014
The Midnight Watch
it was amazing
Most of us here know about the tragic events of April 14 1912, when the worlds most luxurious ocean liner the Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk in th ...more
Mar 2016
Feb 23, 2016
Second Life
it was ok
To say i had high expectations for this book would be a big understatement. I like many people here fell in love with S.J. Watson debut novel Before I ...more
Apr 27, 2015
Jan 06, 2015
The Girl in the Red Coat
liked it
**spoiler alert** My initial impression of this book after reading the blurb was that it would be an intense thriller. While this premise did not mate ...more
May 10, 2015
Apr 27, 2015
The Couple Next Door
really liked it
Goodness me this book's great. For anyone who follows my reviews, you would know that recently I have had a love/hate relationship with thrillers. My ...more
Aug 16, 2016
Aug 01, 2016
I See You
really liked it
If ever there was a book that shows how a quality ending can change your perspective on a story than this is it. Following on from the superb I Let Yo ...more
Sep 10, 2016
Jul 06, 2016
A Time to Run (Constable Sammi Willis, #1)
it was amazing
I must say that Thrillers/crime novels and I have had a good run this year. Other than the odd disappointment (I'm looking at you Second Life), it see ...more
Jul 25, 2015
Jul 07, 2015
it was amazing
How was it possible to be afraid and in love, Therese thought. The two things did not go together. How was it possible to be afraid, when the two of t ...more
Dec 26, 2015
Dec 15, 2015
The Perfect Girl
really liked it
It is fair to say that this an "it" book. You only have to look at the front cover to see the dreaded (for me at least) line, "for anyone who loved Th ...more
Mar 19, 2016
Feb 17, 2016
The Bookshop Book
it was amazing
It is no secret that in recent times with the advent of the internet that the humble "independent bookstore" has been under attack like never before. ...more
Jan 08, 2016
Oct 18, 2014
The Natural Way of Things
it was amazing
Ten young women wake up in what can only be described as hell. With their heads shaven, they are taken to an isolated area that is surrounded by an el ...more
Oct 13, 2015
Aug 25, 2015
The Noise of Time
liked it
There is an old saying that goes, 'art for art's sake', but in British author Julian Barnes latest novel we see what can happen when art is used for p ...more
Feb 27, 2016
Feb 16, 2016
Where They Found Her
it was amazing
After being thoroughly impressed by author, McCreight's debut novel Reconstructing Amelia, to say the pressure was on for book number two was an under ...more
May 30, 2015
Apr 20, 2015
Pretty Baby
really liked it
Heidi Wood has a good soul. Charitable by nature, she works for a non-profit organisation helping migrants and takes in stray cats. She will shock her ...more
Aug 2015
Feb 15, 2015
really liked it
When Bert Cousins arrives unannounced at a party for a friend Fix's daughter Franny, he has eyes for his colleague's wife Beverley and after kissing h ...more
Sep 22, 2016
Aug 26, 2016
To Capture What We Cannot Keep
liked it
This is a sweeping story of love and drama under the dreamy backdrop of late 19th century Paris. 1887 and Emile Nouguier, An engineer working with Gus ...more
Dec 07, 2016
Nov 06, 2016
Hidden Bodies
liked it
I was not that long ago engrossed in a wonderful story about the Titanic, when a mysterious figure came up to me and said, "you like your stories with ...more
Mar 04, 2016
Feb 16, 2015
Please Don't Leave Me Here
it was ok
Please Don’t Leave Me Here is described on the back cover as "a riveting psychological thriller". This is a big call for Melbourne-based writer Tania ...more
Aug 18, 2015
Jul 28, 2015
The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden
it was amazing
What do you get when you combine a South African woman named Nombeko who is born into the slums of Soweto only to be smart enough to make fools of her ...more
May 07, 2014
Apr 09, 2014
The Fictional Woman
it was amazing
I have a question for you. Do you label women in your everyday life? I think it is safe to say that all of us have done such a thing on numerous occas ...more
Jan 09, 2015
Dec 27, 2014
The Girl on the Train
really liked it
Every morning Rachel takes the 8:04am train from her shared flat to central London. It's a slow and long trip that allows her plenty time to take in t ...more
Feb 20, 2015
Dec 27, 2014
Saving Sophie
liked it
I am trying hard to think how to describe this book in a sentence and the best I can come up with is "two steps forward, one step back." There is noth ...more
Nov 22, 2016
Nov 12, 2016
Dead Again (Rural Crime Files #2)
it was amazing
Sandi Wallace returns with the unlikely crime-solving pair of police officer John Franklin and journalist Georgie Harvey with an even grittier, funnie ...more
May 28, 2017
Apr 30, 2017
The Witches: Salem, 1692
really liked it
In 1692, while much of Europe was reeling under the murderous deeds of the Inquisition, it would be on the other side of the Atlantic were the Puritan ...more
Jan 03, 2016
Dec 12, 2015
Moth Girls
it was amazing
Five years have passed since Mandy's friends Petra and Tina went into a mysterious house of an old accountant and was never seen again. All these year ...more
Jul 13, 2016
Mar 05, 2016
really liked it
A mother and her child on holidays in Spain. A young man in the same holiday resort, a terrible incident and misunderstanding that will tear two famil ...more
Jul 04, 2015
May 17, 2015
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