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Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)
Probably my favorite book this year! Kresley Cole always does a magnificent job with her books, and with this new series she couldn’t go wrong.

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Oct 30, 2012
Fluency (Confluence, #1)
Alan (Bergen) and Jane are the protagonists and we get to see this story through their eyes. Flency is a slow paced sci-fi with much adventure and hin ...more
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Mar 23, 2015
I loved how the author mixed the witches with werewolves and created a story where they weren't just co-existing of helping each other, but depended o ...more
Sep 30, 2011
Sep 23, 2011
Dead of Winter (The Arcana Chronicles, #3)
Great characters but lacking on plot development.

I have to begin this review by saying I’m a huge fan of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, a
Jan 06, 2015
Jan 06, 2015
All the Pleasures of the Season
I loved reading All the pleasures of the season. It’s a fantastic read and perfect for the holiday season, when we need a quick – and strong- romance ...more
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Dec 18, 2011
Soul Mate
This story has more than it appears at first, It was totally different from what I expected it to be.

I really liked Katlyn, but I couldn't connect wi
Apr 2012
Apr 02, 2012
Outlander (Outlander, #1)
This unprecedentable series by Diana Gabaldon shows how you can turn such a canonical plot into a book with complex characters and surprises.

The autho
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Jan 25, 2015
The Master (The Game Maker, #2)
The Master is the hot sequel to The Professional. This time we have an introspective hero and a crazy latina heroine who tries to seduce this bad guy ...more
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Jan 14, 2015
Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid (Kellington, #1)
Different, passionate and sweet! This book was a surprise. One of my friends recommended it and I wasn't disappointed.

At times I really liked how we
Sep 30, 2014
Mar 28, 2012
The Rake And The Recluse : REDUX
I adored the experience reading this serial novel. All the parts of this novel were so captivating and impressive not only for the gorgeous illustrat ...more
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Mar 23, 2012
Time of the Fairies: Afterlight, End of the World
Time of the Faeries is such an ambitious project! Congratulations, J. Corsentino for all the hard work!

The images are gracefully treated and the story
Sep 14, 2011
Sep 14, 2011
The Dome (The Dome Trilogy, #1)
I bet you're wondering: why am I reviewing a sci-fi title? I read about romance and I love sci-fi, I'm a big fan of Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica a ...more
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Jun 02, 2011
In Total Surrender (Secrets, #3)
Interesting plotting and development. A unique and delightful new approach to a historical romance novel!

I have to admit that I had some trouble with
Sep 30, 2011
Sep 25, 2011
Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark, #11)
**spoiler alert** My review line: I wasn't a big Regin fan, but Aidan's story has it's originality, making it possible to introduce great new characte ...more
not set
Mar 01, 2011
My Vampire Cover Model (Cover Models #1)
My Vampire Cover Model is a fun and fast read made with a great idea.

Who wouldn’t enjoy to be in Deanna’s place? This novella is involved with romance
Aug 16, 2012
Aug 13, 2012
A Woman of Love  (Honour, Love and Courage Series)
The beginning of story felt rushed but satisfying enough for a quick sexy read. The author could’ve spent more time describing the characters before t ...more
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Apr 20, 2015
The Norse King's Daughter (Viking I, #10)
I had so much fun reading this book!

The Norse King's Daughter is written with viking expressions and slang, which is a bit weird at first but you af
Oct 06, 2011
Sep 27, 2011
Platinum Passion (Gods of Love, #1)
"What really got me excited to read this title was the greek gods being incorporated as humans, each with a character in the series will represent an ...more
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Mar 23, 2012
When You Wish Upon a Duke (Wylder Sisters, #1)
When You WIsh Upon a Duke has a very natural, although anti climatic, story romance readers will appreciate.

The lack of a proposed obstacle in the beg
Oct 07, 2012
Sep 19, 2012
Shifting Passions
Xakara *
Read the full review at:

Nathan and Lena have been best friends, lovers, neighbors, and now that he's dating
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Jun 07, 2011
Annabelle, The American: The Real Duchesses of London

"I really liked the beginning of this book but after a few chapters the characters still hadn't captivated me. I lost a bit of interest after the midd
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Sep 20, 2011
A Wild Night's Bride (The Devil DeVere #1)
Fun, sexy, clever! Those are the three words I would use to describe this book! The plot is terrific, the adventurous romance Victoria Vane presents i ...more
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May 14, 2012
What a Lady Requires (The Eton Boys Trilogy, #3)

I haven’t read any other books in this series and I didn’t find anything that would indicate it can’t be read as a standalone novel.

What a Lady Requir
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Apr 20, 2015
Vampire Dreams (Victorian Erotic, #1)
Gabrielle's writing is focused on actions and dialogs, making it a fast paced read with "OMG" moments.

After the "OMG" moment, when our hero and hero
Jun 28, 2011
Jun 06, 2011
Almost a Bride
Almost a Bride had a rather interesting premise that got lost in the middle of way.

The book cover might seem like a romance comedy or a light, funny
Jul 04, 2012
Jun 08, 2012
Every Scandalous Secret (Scandalous Lady, #3)
Complete review and interview with Gayle:

And it's true, this book has so many secrets!

Every Scandalous Secret has fantastic twi
Oct 07, 2011
Oct 05, 2011
Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (The Cynster Sisters Trilogy #1)
So, so, so GOOD. I loved the adventure and the "unexpected" love!

Heather is a very likeable but flawed character. She believes that having a career
Aug 30, 2011
Aug 27, 2011
The Devil You Know (The Devil DeVere #3)
Surrender to DeVere!

I'm loving to have the chance to follow this series while it's still being written. I just heard that Victoria Vane (AKA Emery Lee
Aug 02, 2012
Jul 01, 2012
With this Kiss
I really enjoyed reading Julia and Morgan’s story! It was full of mystery elements and captivating characters. The pacing was good and it had an amaz ...more
not set
Mar 23, 2012
Tell Me More
**spoiler alert** I was hoping for Mr. D to be Patrick and all would live happily ever after. The main characters, especially Jo, go trough a lot of d ...more
Aug 30, 2011
Aug 01, 2011
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