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Pretty Things
The weirdest thing about novels set in England or Australia or somewhere like that is you can’t hear their lovely accents. Seriously – if it wasn’t fo ...more
Apr 02, 2011
Apr 02, 2011
The Mockingbirds (The Mockingbirds, #1)
I don't think I could survive with a name like Daisy Whitney - it's a cute name, sort of like Natalie Babbitt. It doesn't seem like these people could ...more
Feb 18, 2011
Feb 25, 2011
This book is about a boy named Will who didn't have the common sense not to moon the girls' school bus and got in even bigger trouble. Here's the fron ...more
Feb 20, 2011
Feb 25, 2011
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, #1)
There are quite a few covers for this novel out there. There's the movie cover, an edition with just the green planet with a mouth and arms, and a few ...more
Jan 27, 2011
Feb 23, 2011
The Probability of Miracles
Mix John Green’s language, Going Bovine’s preposterous trippiness with the charm of a quirky chick lit book and you get Wendy Wunder’s The Probability ...more
Apr 17, 2012
Apr 10, 2012
I've always loved books about aging backwards. I've read a few now - this one, one about a space trip gone wrong, (The Constellation of Sylvie by Rod ...more
Mar 12, 2011
Feb 26, 2011
Dr. Horrible and Other Horrible Stories
When I first learned about this book, I got really excited because I love Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (for those of you who haven't watched it, it ...more
Mar 12, 2011
Feb 26, 2011
Forgive My Fins (Fins, #1)
I was pretty excited for this book. When Tera Lynn Childs's other books came out, I read and enjoyed them. I like mermaids. Who doesn't? This book see ...more
Feb 2011
Feb 24, 2011
Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)
The first time I tried to read this, I couldn't. The fact that Amy's parents aren't with her and probably weren't going to be made me. It made me so s ...more
Feb 2011
Feb 24, 2011
Matched (Matched, #1)
Dystopian romance? I think yes. I fell in love with this book, hook line and sinker, the first time I laid eyes on it. I love the cover and the premis ...more
Feb 2011
Feb 24, 2011
This book is fabulous. I know a few people who have transgendered, and I'm glad that this book gives them the representation that they deserve. Ms. Wi ...more
Feb 2011
Feb 24, 2011
Mind-Rain: Your Favorite Authors on Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Series
This book is absolutely wonderful. I don't normally enjoy reading essays, but the non-fiction arguments and beauty-oriented short stories in this book ...more
Mar 05, 2011
Feb 24, 2011
I've read Jane Eyre - this is the second adaption that I've read. As a warning, I'm not going to be super-tight lipped about plot developments because ...more
Feb 2011
Feb 24, 2011
The Actor and the Housewife
In Shannon Hale’s The Actor and the Housewife, Becky Jack, a Mormon housewife from Utah, meats Felix Callahan, a chick flick heart throb, and the two ...more
Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012
The Arctic Incident: The Graphic Novel (Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novels, #2)
This is the graphic novel adaption of the second (and my least favorite) book in the Artemis Fowl series. I haven't read the series in a while, so the ...more
Mar 12, 2011
Mar 12, 2011
The Age of Miracles
This book was recommended to me at the same time as Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, and I need to find out who recommended them so that I can find m ...more
Jun 29, 2013
Jun 20, 2013
Masque of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death, #1)
While this book came to me highly recommended,it definitely doesn't rank as a favorite. The world of plague and panic is fascinating, but I never got ...more
Jun 13, 2012
Jun 12, 2012
The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)
Kate Winters, a high school student, moves to Eden, Michigan so that her sick mother can die in her hometown. Through a complex series of mishaps, she ...more
Jun 22, 2012
Sep 15, 2011
Jane Austen: A Life Revealed
I really enjoyed this book. It was short and sweet and had plenty of pictures to flesh out the biography. The blend of historical facts about Jane Aus ...more
Jun 17, 2012
Jun 17, 2012
The Wizard Hunters (The Fall of Ile-Rien, #1)
This book has a fantastically intriguing first sentence that doesn't get resolved until the end of the book, when you are enchanted with the rest of t ...more
Jul 07, 2014
Jul 07, 2014
The Eyes of the Amaryllis
As little-kidish as this book was, it was also sort of terrifying. And before it became terrifying, it was rather boring.... I would not recommend it.
Jan 15, 2012
Jan 15, 2012
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
This book is absolutely beautiful. In the vein of magical realism, the characters were beautiful and flawed in their fantasy-enhanced world. I thoroug ...more
Aug 19, 2014
Aug 14, 2014
Princess in the Spotlight (The Princess Diaries, #2)
I feel like I missed part of my childhood by not reading these in middle school, so I'm reading them now. I didn't miss much.
Aug 29, 2012
Aug 30, 2012
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
This is the best book I've read in a long time. Think "The Mysterious Benedict Society" with a twentysomething protagonist on a mission.
Jun 23, 2013
Jun 20, 2013
The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time, #1)
Oh my god this book. Pure innocent fantasy, and it's a series, so I get to keep reading! YUS.
Jun 24, 2014
Jun 24, 2014
Fox Forever (Jenna Fox Chronicles, #3)
I read the first two books forever ago, but there are so many feels in this one! AHHH.
Jan 05, 2014
Jan 05, 2014
The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance
This book... why do I even bother reading memoirs? They never have conclusions... ever.
Oct 2013
Oct 01, 2013
Love, Stargirl (Stargirl, #2)
So adorable, but less heartbreaking than Stargirl.
Jun 02, 2011
Jun 02, 2011
AHHAHH. This book was delicious. I may have finished it within 8 hours of when I got it.
Oct 2013
Oct 29, 2013
Keeping the Moon
I totally forgot that I'd read this before...
May 16, 2011
May 15, 2011
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