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Reaper's Gale (The Malazan Book of the Fallen, #7)
Done. Finally. This one took me awhile. I learned a few things with this book. Number one, I didn't have the stamina for a marathon Malazan reading. I...more
Dec 24, 2011
May 22, 2011
The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1)
Okay, deep not sure how to review this.
First of by the end this very nearly got a five out of me. I certainly didn't dock for any real f...more
May 31, 2012
Dec 25, 2011
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)
Oh boy. How to start? I read this book back when it first came out. Long before joining goodreads (okay feels longer than it actually was) and before...more
Nov 30, 2011
Feb 26, 2011
The Crystal Shard (Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #4)
An elf, a dwarf, and a halfling walk into a bar...wait you've heard this one before?
Yeah, okay. There's nothing truly original here. Nothing we haven'...more
Feb 16, 2012
Feb 24, 2011
The Children of Húrin
I liked this much more than I expected I would. At first I thought it would be a complicated telling of an epic legend, so and so the son of so and so...more
Jan 16, 2012
Jan 05, 2012
The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, #1)
I have read, both here and in the introduction of this book, that this first installment of The Dark Tower series is different than the others which a...more
Feb 24, 2012
Feb 15, 2012
Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5)
This series is consistently entertaining. And with each book the writing is better. Not many series you can say that about.

Dresden is one of the most...more
Jan 27, 2012
Jul 30, 2011
Fool's Errand (Tawny Man, #1)
Here is the start of the second, and so far last, trilogy written by Hobb starring Fitz and Fool. Fitz has been living with his adoptive son Hap and h...more
Mar 15, 2012
Jun 04, 2011
Sheepfarmer's Daughter (The Deed of Paksenarrion, #1)
First half low to mid three stars.
Second half mid to high three stars.

I liked it. It just wasn't a book that "spoke" to me. I found it a little clinic...more
Jan 31, 2012
Sep 16, 2011
Hogfather (Discworld, #20)
Don't read this book, or review, if you believe in Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, or any of their associates....okay, is it safe to c...more
Dec 04, 2011
Feb 26, 2011
Dragons of Autumn Twilight  (Dragonlance: Chronicles, #1)
Tanis, Flint, Tas, Caramon, Raistlin, Tika, Goldmoon, Riverwind, Sturm,....names that seem like old friends. Actually they are easier to remember than...more
Dec 16, 2011
Feb 24, 2011
Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1)
Dystopian world. Ageless despot. Entitled nobles. Rebellion of slaves and the lower class. Charismatic leader. Spunky heroine...I know this really sou...more
Mar 22, 2012
Mar 03, 2012
The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer, #2)
Oct 12, 2012
Sep 21, 2012
The Black Prism (Lightbringer, #1)
Sep 20, 2012
Feb 28, 2011
A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1)
Oct 04, 2012
Oct 01, 2012
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